eScan Internet Security Suite Review

eScan Internet Security Suite

Protect your data, privacy and identity with eScan Internet Security Suite’s multilayered real-time protection and home network security features.

The program’s website gives off an outdated impression with claims of compatibility with Windows 10, while its user interface is functional but doesn’t look particularly appealing.

Although eScan does not warn users about potentially malicious websites, it can detect malware as it downloads and prevent it from infiltrating their PC.

Real-time Protection

eScan Internet Security Suite is an antivirus program that scans your computer for viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers, hackers and spammers. In addition to email protection and firewalling features, its web and parental control tools enable parents to block inappropriate websites for young children or teens and integrates seamlessly with TeamViewer for remote assistance services.

This software can detect and prevent malware attacks on your PC and files from becoming encrypted by ransomware, protecting USB devices from infection as well as webcams and external hardware from potential infections. Furthermore, its cloud protection feature monitors your system continuously for any threats which arise so that appropriate actions may be taken quickly to safeguard data loss.

eScan’s impressive feature lies in its ability to detect and block new malicious software on your system that it has never come across before. Its intelligent heuristic algorithms keep up with new malware infections, protecting you against unknown threats while even finding rootkits and other forms of stealthy malware that evades antimalware programs.

As an added feature, this product enables you to specify folders which should be scanned for potential viruses. It then creates an individual file for every threat and monitors them daily to detect any changes or deletions – an invaluable feature for anyone concerned about online privacy.

Although comprehensive suites may seem costly, their value lies in protecting you against cybercriminals who could target your files or identity. Plus, these suites often include features not found in standalone antivirus products – like secure browsing and vulnerability scanners – making the investment worth your while.

When selecting a software suite, it is crucial that you thoroughly research its reviews and individual modules as well as price. Consider whether or not there are features you do not require that come at an increased price point. When buying more costly suites, ensure they fully integrate with existing hardware and software while remaining easy to install and operate without interfering with antivirus programs or programs already present on your computer.

Cache Technology

eScan Internet Security Suite is an advanced antivirus software solution that offers comprehensive protection from malware, viruses and spyware. The product also comes equipped with a firewall, parental controls, endpoint security and advanced web protection; real-time threat detection helps guard against ransomware attacks such as hacking, phishing and spamming; while multiple layers of defense provide multiple layers of defense including cloud protection and dynamic behavioral analysis to keep data safe.

It features a new on-demand scanner equipped with cache technology for faster scans with minimal impact to system performance, as well as USB scanning capability. Furthermore, its Virus Monitor and Antivirus Engine use MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL), Non Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP), and sophisticated Heuristic Algorithms to identify malicious code that attacks systems, including backdoors, rootkits, spyware screen scrapers trojans keyloggers etc. It protects against phishing spam offensive language abuse.

eScan Management Console serves as a central dashboard for system administrators to perform operations like installation and updates on all machines in an organization network, while providing remote technical support for antivirus software.

eScan Internet Security Suite’s Advanced Parental Control feature enables you to set limits on which websites your children can visit, such as blocking sites with adult content or only permitting categories that are appropriate for them to visit.

Additionally, eScan Web Protection features can prevent users from gaining access to websites with offensive content as well as prevent transfer of viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other types of unwanted applications via USB/Firewire portable storage devices such as Flash drives or Portable Hard Disks.

Other features include being able to password-protect the program, scan memory, registry and services for errors, create an eScan Rescue ISO image file, view logs, enable gaming mode and use virtual keyboard. Furthermore, you can configure different firewall settings including zone rules, expert rules, application rules, trusted MAC address list as well as local IP lists to further tailor and control application and USB controls based on individual needs.

Asset Management

Asset Management in eScan Internet Security Suite allows administrators to keep a tight lid on all devices connected to the network, including unauthorised USB drives that may contain sensitive data. Administrators can also block folder creation on USB drives and/or prohibit execution of executable files – this may help stop malware infections from spreading across other computers in their network.

Software such as this can prevent users from accessing sites containing objectionable material, making this feature especially helpful if you have children who may visit unsuitable websites without your knowledge or consent. Furthermore, its auto backup and restore feature helps safeguard valuable files should your computer be compromised by viruses or malware, while advanced anti-spam filtering blocks unwanted e-mails.

Administrators can manage eScan from any network location via its centralized web-based administration console, cutting costs by streamlining tasks such as deploying modules, updating licenses, custom (un)installing/upgrading the software and enabling/disabling its features for individual users. It also features SSL technology for encrypted communications between server and client computers that protect against man in the middle attacks.

eScan’s most remarkable capability lies in its ability to detect malware in memory, which is especially helpful when antivirus programs cannot spot emerging threats. This feature is especially important for businesses handling sensitive data as eScan can identify threats before they pose a danger.

At AV-Comparatives’ real-world protection test, eScan successfully identified every sample thrown its way – outscoring competitors such as Bullguard, ESET, Lavasoft and McAfee in terms of detection rates.

MicroWorld eScan is an adequate suite, but not one of the best on the market. It could use more user-friendly navigation, and its interface could use some updating. Furthermore, its price of $56 per PC or $104 for five PCs may not provide value for your money as other solutions do.

Outbreak Prevention

While most antivirus programs use signature files to identify viruses, eScan Internet Security Suite employs complex heuristics that can identify new threats. This technology enables it to stop the spread of phishing attacks, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers and other forms of malware before it infiltrates computers, while simultaneously blocking web attacks such as spam and phishing in real-time.

eScan Internet Security Suite provides an alternative approach that updates virus definitions automatically on all devices within a network, keeping networks secure and up-to-date even while their administrator is away. In addition, its outbreak prevention feature prevents virus distribution before reaching any computers on a network.

This feature uses Cisco’s Email Security Appliance (ESA) to monitor current virus outbreaks in real time and use this data to block transmission to other email recipients – helping businesses protect themselves from large-scale viruses that would be difficult or impossible to contain without real-time threat mapping.

eScan Internet Security Suite stands out with its cloud security service that safeguards endpoints against cyberattacks, enabling administrators to monitor all devices in real-time as well as access detailed reporting on all activities on client systems in an easy-to-read format.

eScan is an outstanding option for PC and other connected device protection, offering comprehensive defense from malicious software of all kinds. It features file antivirus, web and parental control, privacy settings and dynamic phishing filters – plus its advanced cache technology makes heuristic detection more effective than competing solutions in blocking attacks.

This program can be accessed across multiple platforms and works seamlessly on Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android and Linux operating systems. Users can further protect themselves with our online anti-theft portal which lets them remotely lock a device, locate it on a map and even back up data and contacts from their phone.

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