ESET Internet Security Review

ESET Internet Security

ESET Internet Security is a top-rated suite with enough powerful features to satisfy most users, scoring highly in AV-Comparatives tests throughout 2022 for protecting against malware threats.

Anti-phishing protection can be overzealous; to make exceptions you need to go into the desktop client and add them. Furthermore, this suite does not contain password managers and VPN services which are found in competitors.


ESET stands out among its competition with one of the highest quality full scans and near-perfect malware detection, as well as an effective system to block ransomware from locking your files. Furthermore, its system protects against rootkits – sneaky infections that hide within harmless software before activating to cause damage and potentially steal any personal information stored on your computer (like passwords or bank details).

The company’s firewall is another impressive feature. Offering three modes – interactive, policy-based and learning – this firewall helps manage network connections and protect against threats effectively. We would recommend most people utilize interactive mode as it enables them to set whether incoming/outgoing connections should be allowed or blocked by default; for more advanced users there’s policy-based mode which lets them create rules to block unrecognized connections; finally learning mode leverages machine learning technology to build network preferences which can then be saved and used going forward – perfect!

Parental controls are another valuable addition to this product, providing parents with a tool that can limit time spent online as well as monitor and block over 20 categories of websites so their kids only view what you allow them to. Parents can also access activity reports so they can keep tabs on what their children are up to on the internet.

Anti-Theft technology provides important features, including the ability to locate stolen devices via their IMEI numbers and remotely lock. You can even wipe data remotely and prevent thieves from gaining access to any personal information stored on your phone or tablet. Plus it includes password manager and file vault for extra protection.

ESET LiveGrid feedback system is another innovative security feature, allowing customers to provide information about malware, phishing attacks and other types of attacks they encounter directly to ESET’s research team for use in creating protection features in its products.

ESET plans come with one license that can protect up to 10 devices; however, their pricing structure can be confusing: Each plan offers Windows packages at one price while charging extra for Mac and Android software – making it hard to compare costs among plans easily. In addition, ESET does not permit multiple purchases per operating system like many competitors do.


ESET provides an impressive variety of security features at an economical price, making it an excellent option for people on a tight budget who still require protection. Their best offer is their Advanced Security package which contains everything in the NOD32 Essential Protection plan plus extra tools to keep you safe online. They even offer free trials with 30-day money-back guarantees so it may be worth giving ESET a try if cost concerns prevent you from doing so!

Although ESET may not come out tops in laboratory tests, it remains a reliable malware protection suite. It offers excellent malware detection without producing many false positives or being difficult to use; its only real drawback being slower performance compared to competing software packages.

Pricing at this company is typical of its industry; single device licenses cost $60 while family licenses run $100; however, students and military personnel qualify for discounts. Furthermore, its software works invisibly in the background without needing user intervention – perfect for people without much technical know-how who wish to protect their system efficiently with minimal CPU/memory usage impact and no noticeable slowdown!

ESET goes beyond traditional antivirus protection to offer multiple additional safeguards, including a heuristics scanner that inspects files for common patterns and indicators of malicious activity, making up for deficiencies in malware detection engines by inspecting files for patterns that indicate potential danger or fail to detect threats altogether. Furthermore, their suite features network defense against attacks targeting your home network, exploit blocker that keeps an eye out for applications which could lead to abuse, exploit blocker that monitors frequently used applications for activity that could compromise them, as well as memory scanner that searches your RAM in search for any potential danger.

ESET stands out from its rival AV suites by not including a password manager as part of its protections, unlike some others such as Norton or McAfee. Although its bundled password manager may be adequate, standalone options like Dashlane may provide better results; you may be better served signing up with another tool instead if using ESET with password management features. Furthermore, its privacy policy can be somewhat vague; one section specifically covers EU citizens while another does not.


ESET’s installation process is relatively straightforward. After selecting your language (the installer automatically selects an appropriate dialect based on where your computer is located and region settings), you can begin configuring antivirus, parental controls, and anti-theft security tools like Parental Control and Anti-Theft. Next up: ESET’s Customer Experience Improvement Program which collects anonymous usage data over time – optional participation here but recommended if using product for extended periods of time.

Once installed, ESET Internet Security features a modern user interface with generously-sized sections and buttons, along with switches controlling everything within the app. All essential tools and settings can be easily accessed via its main window while additional information about current section can be seen on its right-side side of screen for easier navigation on touchscreen devices.

On first launching ESET software, it will perform a scan to look for potential threats on your computer and prompt you with a pop-up to quarantine or delete anything found. This feature helps protect you against accidentally deleting files or installing malware; additionally it gives you access to ESET settings so you can enable automatic removal of detected items.

As soon as your computer has been connected to our secure network, our main window opens with a dashboard displaying its overall health status as well as any threats or issues it’s currently detecting. Green icons indicate healthy computers while red indicates ones needing additional attention. You can also see a detailed list of detected files, programs or connections blocked at the bottom right-hand corner.

Advanced users will appreciate ESET’s large Settings cog that allows them to tailor how antivirus and other security tools operate. Some settings may be complex and may take some research before being fully understood; clicking or tapping any “i” button next to an option in the Settings window will provide helpful tips and explanations. ESET also displays clear, concise notifications when significant events take place on your system or in the background.


ESET Internet Security offers a comprehensive set of tools for protecting PCs and mobile devices, featuring a strong antivirus engine, useful security extras and outstanding customer support – making it an excellent choice for anybody seeking comprehensive protection without getting in their way. There are three tiers in ESET’s package – Essential, Advanced and Premium; each offers different features from parental controls to data encryption and even corporate users can take advantage of additional features available specifically to their package tier. Additionally, they have business edition available that offers additional capabilities.

User interface of PC Tuneup Pro is straightforward and user-friendly, featuring a modern design that is both minimal yet effective. All tools and options are organized neatly within main sections of window while details appear on right. A special touch is that dashboard displays a color-coded indication of current state of security of computer – green representing no problems and red for serious ones.

Configuration options allow for endless customization options, from gamer mode that disables specific processes and settings, webcam protection and email and spam monitoring, all the way down to firewall selection between traditional policy-based mode or interactive one – both will manage outgoing connections (but you can always dive into settings to disable).

ESET Internet Security will notify you as soon as anything goes amiss with your system, detailing what has occurred and how best to address it. In the event of a security breach, an event log provides additional insight into all activity occurring on your device and helps identify what has been compromised.

Customer support at this company is excellent and includes multiple channels, such as email and live chat. Furthermore, their knowledge base offers answers to commonly asked questions while free webinars provide additional benefits to customers.

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