ESET Internet Security Review

ESET Internet Security

ESET’s user-friendly desktop interface makes ESET simple to operate. Plus, advanced diagnostics tools make this antivirus program suitable for tech savvy individuals.

The password manager rates each password you enter based on length and complexity, as well as securely storing credential sets from log in pages on your computer.

Security features

ESET security suite features a robust list of features, such as anti-virus, malware protection, advanced parental controls, password manager and VPN services. In addition, network monitoring tools and system cleaner are provided. Furthermore, its anti-theft tool helps locate missing devices on a map display while remote locking functions lock your computer remotely – it even has call filter that blocks unknown and hidden numbers!

ESET Remote Device Control makes managing all the devices connected to your home network simple with one centralized dashboard, offering detection and prevention against unauthorized access for computers, smartphones, tablets and routers as well as scanning vulnerable routers and connected devices for vulnerabilities. You can even manage call blocking, filtering and muting for added protection.

ESET Internet Security allows you to tailor its settings according to your individual preferences, with an intuitive learning mode that automatically generates firewall rules based on your activity. Interactive and policy-based modes make finding an optimal balance of security and performance simple; plus there is even an interactive server load indicator for swift selection.

Antivirus protection on this device was near-perfect in my tests. Ransomware detection is particularly impressive as it prevents attackers from encrypting files and demanding ransom. You should still back up files regularly and avoid suspicious links or attachments to keep a secure network environment.

ESET’s interface may not be as user-friendly and intuitive as some of its competitors’, but it remains functional. The main screen is uncluttered, highlighting features that require setting up. You also gain quick access to your favorite features through quick links on this screen. In addition, ESET displays a summary of your security status at the bottom of its main window while its settings menu allows easy management of passwords, email addresses and other personal details.

Norton provides features not found in competitive products, such as a VPN, advanced dark web monitoring and password manager. In addition, there is also an exceptional call filter and anti-theft tool. However, its parental controls do not compare favorably.


ESET provides an impressive set of features at an attractive price point, including various plans and a free trial period – plus it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Known for their reliable malware detection and outstanding customer support, Trend Micro security suite software is easy to use and understand, though its coverage falls short compared to some other suites; lacking parental controls or firewall features but providing password manager and encryption tools as part of its suite – though still considered an excellent choice by Windows users.

ESET Internet Security goes beyond traditional antivirus protection to include numerous other security features. These include rootkit detection and removal, webcam monitoring and protection from ransomware attacks as well as detection of any unauthorized network access to your device as well as tracking down and recovering lost laptops. Furthermore, its built-in VPN feature helps bypass restrictions like geoblocking streaming services and slow internet speeds to provide added convenience.

Are You A Gamer? Take Advantage Of the GAMMER MODE If so, the GAMER mode offers additional protection by blocking notifications or scans from interrupting your gameplay, helping find optimal gaming settings and providing optimal settings to support them. Available for Windows devices worldwide and can be purchased online.

ESET Internet Security stands out from competitors by its emphasis on multi-device protection. While other products only protect one device at a time, limiting their features. In contrast, ESET can protect multiple platforms such as Mac and Android simultaneously for optimal protection – an excellent choice for families with multiple devices.

ESET stands out from other security companies with its limited extras. For instance, it doesn’t provide file shredding capabilities – something which may be important to people trying to protect sensitive files – however it does provide system clean-up tools and an internet security browser which are more secure than their competitors. ESET boasts an extremely high malware detection rate as well as features many of its rivals offer (for instance a webcam protector for iPhones).


ESET provides a free trial version, providing an ideal way to experience their software before purchasing one, two, or three year subscription plans with varied security features such as password management, data encryption, parental controls and banking protection. In addition, you can purchase an advanced home network scanner which helps identify open ports on routers while scanning computer for vulnerabilities.

Eset’s user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, clearly informing you if any new features require setup and providing access to its main tools quickly and efficiently. Eset’s Network Inspector tool stands out as particularly impressive; it can detect vulnerabilities not reported by your router itself and locate all devices on your Wi-Fi network, check connection statuses, identify unsecure passwords and detect vulnerabilities not even reported by the router itself! Adding password manager support across household devices gives Eset another bonus; shared passwords with household members, creating master passwords securely as well as installing mobile apps and browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox and Safari devices!

As soon as you install ESET for the first time, its installation process will require that you enter a user name and password exactly as provided to you. After entering this data, downloading will start immediately and once complete installation has taken place, an icon will appear in your Windows notification area for easy access to ESET.

As part of the installation, you can choose your language and installation type before clicking Next to continue the installation. After completion of installation, ESET Smart Security 4.0 will begin scanning your computer automatically before moving on to step two – installing additional components of ESET Smart Security 4.0.

If any issues arise during the installation process, customer support is available via email and live chat; however, these options are somewhat hidden on their website and less easily accessible than competitors’ offerings. That being said, I found their support staff extremely helpful during my tests; their knowledge base is expansive.

Customer support

ESET Internet Security is a comprehensive software package with features designed to protect against malware and ransomware, providing easy use via an uncluttered and straightforward user interface with its most vital tools conveniently displayed on its home screen. In addition, this security suite features an expansive knowledge base as well as mobile password management apps; ESET’s advanced diagnostic tools provide users with insight into what exactly is running on their computers as well as any potential issues which need attention.

Customer support team is responsive and quick in their assistance to users, quickly helping to solve issues as soon as they arise. Recognizing the frustration caused by losing important data or personal information, they prioritize quickly solving any issues users might be experiencing. Beyond technical knowledge, the team also boasts in-depth knowledge regarding cybersecurity threats ensuring customers enjoy a safe digital experience.

Eset provides phone, chat and email support as well as social media messages via their user-friendly website interface. Be sure to provide as much detail about your query or issue as possible so customer support representatives can quickly identify its cause and offer solutions.

If you contact customer service, it is essential that your product information and operating system versions be available. Also be ready to provide any error messages you have encountered – this will allow the representative to accurately diagnose your issue and offer the most precise assistance possible. Furthermore, be prepared with questions for them when meeting with them directly.

ESET customer support representatives are on standby 24/7/365 to provide swift and comprehensive answers to your inquiries about subscription or onboarding problems or help getting you protected against cyber threats and malicious software. They offer immediate solutions with exceptional results – offering expert guidance in a quick and timely fashion.

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