ESET Internet Security Review

ESET Internet Security

ESET Antivirus Software offers one of the highest quality full scans of any product on the market today and boasts excellent malware detection. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface adds another bonus feature.

But in AV-Comparatives testing this year, Avast missed some threats while its anti-phishing protection could become overzealous and pricey compared to competitors providing similar protection.


ESET Internet Security, like most security programs, provides a full array of protection tools, including antivirus software, web and firewall protection and anti-theft security. In addition, gamer mode and anti-phishing tools are provided. ESET’s anti-phishing protection claims to keep banking details safe by automatically switching users over to secure browsers when visiting financial websites.

Antivirus protection is also at an all-time high and regularly tested, with firewall rules using traditional rules as well as advanced behavioral monitoring to effectively manage outgoing connections. Antiphishing tools are updated to reflect any new techniques being used by hackers; including protection against homoglyph attacks which attempt to fool end-users by replacing characters with similar appearing ones.

The user interface of our program is easy to comprehend and use, with clear notifications and settings that make it suitable for those without tech expertise. In addition, there are some power user settings and information which may be of particular interest for experienced users.

ESET stands out among competitors with its ransomware protection, keeping files free from malware that encrypts them until a fee is paid. Unfortunately, many competitors – especially cheaper alternatives – don’t provide such features.

ESET provides a sufficient range of support channels if any issues arise, from email and telephone to customer service center support and even a customer care hotline that’s always accessible. While more phone support options would be welcome, ESET still offers enough to satisfy most people.

ESET’s anti-theft tools can track your computer if it gets stolen and send an alert with its location. Furthermore, ESET provides parental controls and password management features which may prove helpful; although other providers offer more comprehensive solutions.

ESET could make strides to improve its file scanning capabilities. When connecting a USB device, ESET displays a pop-up asking whether to scan now or later and, if chosen, takes an interminable time to finish its scans compared to some rival security programs that detect and block malicious files quicker.


ESET stands out among security suites by allowing you to purchase only those licenses you need – from one for Windows, macOS or Linux devices up to unlimited-device plans with its premium Smart Security program.

Internet Security offers protection for computers running Windows, macOS and Android devices and protects data against ransomware attacks. It features malware protection, password manager and data ransomware protection as well as firewall support for ARM-based Windows tablets as well as gamer mode to prioritize gaming over notifications. Furthermore, this software can monitor home networks to monitor any threats coming in through them including Bluetooth connections.

ESET Internet Security and Smart Security Premium, like many top antivirus programs, feature a UEFI scanner to identify any changes in hardware before your operating system boots up, as well as memory scanners to identify malware hiding in RAM memory. Both also include exploit blockers to monitor commonly abused apps for any signs of hacking activity.

ESET differs significantly from its top suite competitors like Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norton in that it doesn’t feature VPN capabilities – this can be an issue considering many consumers use them to keep their home Wi-Fi secure on public networks. Furthermore, there are features missing such as network monitors that create customized profiles when connecting to new networks; such as Bitdefender’s network monitor which creates special ones when joining public Wi-Fis.

Overall, ESET performs admirably in laboratory tests. It boasts an outstanding detection rate and rarely registers false positives; during German AV-TEST’s November-December 2020 testing round, its scanner caught 100% of known malware tests as well as all new zero-day infections – this marks a strong result and similar to what ESET had recorded previously; yet still below competitors’ top scores.

Only its price prevents this product from being the top pick; at $130 annually for five PCs, it’s more expensive than some of the top suites which cost roughly $100 for four PCs.


ESET’s interface is user-friendly and simple for beginners to comprehend; yet advanced users will appreciate its many settings and settings that offer added protection and monitoring options. In addition, ESET gathers an impressive amount of data about your computer as well as protection statistics that you can use to identify patterns or areas of concern on a computer system.

After installing the software, you can activate it using either your License Key (printed on CD/DVD or downloaded from website), or by connecting to an existing ESET account. If you do not yet have one set up, enter email address and password associated with ESET account before tapping Continue.

Once the Installation Wizard starts up, you will be asked to choose your language of preference; later this can be altered via the Settings menu of the program. Furthermore, system extensions and the Customer Experience Improvement Program participation may also be requested as well as confirmation; you can always opt-out at any time.

ESET Internet Security installers come in two formats – Live or Offline. A Live installer downloads additional files required to complete installation; while Offline installers don’t require internet connectivity or downloads.

If you are using an Offline installer, follow the prompts to download and install all required files. When that process has completed, run the installation file to start the setup process. On the first page of the Installation Wizard, choose your preferred Product language; on the second step select preferences for ESET Live Grid and Detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications; once chosen click Add Proxy Configurationss for Web Access Protection to complete your setup.

Once setup is complete, you’ll be taken directly to the Product Activation window. In the Activate with Username and Password field, enter your License Key that was given to you from Licendi. Make sure that it matches exactly as printed with no extra hyphens added for accuracy.

Change the default settings of ESET Internet Security by clicking Settings and choosing from the drop-down menu. Customize which folders are scanned by the program, as well as set frequency of automatic updates and configure log settings or disable notifications or sounds.


ESET provides an impressive support system with email and live chat (though its phone numbers appear better suited for corporate inquiries). Furthermore, its client includes various troubleshooting tools as well as dynamically updated support content.

ESET stands out with its anti-ransomware functionality. Ransomware is malware that sneaks onto computers and encrypts all your files until a fee is paid in order to decrypt them – ESET detects and blocks this before it even has the chance to run.

Other features include a password manager, parental controls and banking protection. The software provides protection from threats related to phishing scams, social engineering attacks and malicious websites as well as scanning for and removing spyware or any unwanted programs that have gotten past other antivirus solutions.

ESET provides on-access and on-demand scanning, meaning it will check files and folders every time they are opened, while its file activity monitoring feature alerts you of suspicious behaviour in files or folders, prompting a full scan to take place when required.

ESET provides proactive protection from known viruses, worms and trojans while its advanced heuristics detect never-before-seen malware as well. Furthermore, web access protection lets you monitor communication between your device and remote servers; plus antispam protection adds another layer of defense.

ESET stands out by its ability to analyze and remove rootkits – malicious programs designed to hide from security programs – from your system. Rootkits are one of the hardest types of malware to detect and eliminate; ESET utilizes both heuristics and behavioral analysis methods in order to locate them quickly.

ESET provides an intuitive user interface, making it simple and straightforward for desktops and tablets alike to use it. However, some features can be complex to set up and use; I needed 15 clicks just to schedule a scan, whereas rival products like Avira do this quickly and effortlessly.

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