ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review

ESET doesn’t offer all of the extra tools found in its competitors – no file shredder or junk file cleaner for instance – but some unusual options are hidden away under Tools menu, including log files, an application to watch running processes, and an option to download a bootable system-rescue utility.

Detects and blocks malware

ESET NOD32 Antivirus uses both signatures and machine learning to identify malware, with machine learning being especially adept at uncovering previously undetected threats by examining code and behavior, with ESET NOD32 constantly updating its massive database to stay on top. As a result, ESET NOD32 excels in German-based AV-TEST evaluations by effectively detecting not only widespread but also new “zero-day” attacks; its scanner was even able to stop 100% of known malicious software with only two false positives recorded!

NOD32 offers several layers of security, including a firewall to shield your router from hacker attack and an antivirus scanner with on-demand deep scans and rootkit detection that can be activated either by system threats or notifications of suspicious activity generated by NOD32 itself.

HIPS (Honeypot Intrusion Prevention System), on the other hand, constantly monitors running processes, files and registry entries for suspicious patterns that could signal malicious attack – helping eliminate lockscreens, ransomware and other threats with evasion techniques such as lockscreens. Furthermore, security suites offer cleaning up of UPX files (compressed programs) before sending them for analysis in an online sandbox environment.

Users have the power to configure both real-time and on-demand scanning settings, and change individual components of a product as necessary. They can also view log files and monitor activity for technical support or diagnostics purposes.

NOD32 offers additional features, including Removable Media Control to prevent USB flash drives from spreading malware; Gamer Mode to temporarily suspend notifications and tasks when playing; Internet Security Training to teach safe online practices; and Social Media Scanner which safeguards Facebook by scanning private messages and posts for signs of malware.

NOD32 Antivirus’ interface resembles that of most security applications, with an easy-to-use dashboard displaying your current status and offering one-click system scans. Under its Tools menu you’ll also find file shredding tools, junk file cleaners and an option to download its bootable SysRescue cleaning tool – features you might not expect in such an app!

Monitors your PC

ESET NOD32 Antivirus continuously monitors your computer to detect and eliminate threats such as viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits and more. With Real-Time Protection intercepting files and blocking attacks from viruses such as worms trojans rootkits and more. Protects both web browsing and emails by scanning communications between PCs and remote servers and blocking potential phishing and spam attacks. NOD32 Control Center allows users to manage key modules and fine-tune settings through an intuitive directory tree menu system. Expert-level options provided include everything from scanning a list of objects (boot sector, network drives and archives) to testing specific email protocols and digging for nested zip files (zips within zips).

Comprehensive computer scans typically take 40 minutes. This time is shorter than average among competitor products and on par with those of our top-performing antivirus suites; Bitdefender Total Security was our highest rated product in this category and took nearly an hour to scan our test machine.

Once it has finished, the software presents a summary window displaying how many scanned and infected items have been found and cleaned up. Clicking “show log” provides more detail for analysis; once saved as text file it can also be submitted directly to ESET technical support for review if your system needs investigation.

As well as offering a basic virus scanner, the program also features two additional scanning tools – Smart Scan and Removable Media Scan – designed to protect important files. While Smart Scan scans specifically for those files you care most about while Removable Media Scan provides coverage of USB flash drives and CD/DVD media.

ESET Internet Security’s comprehensive package also features an advanced gamer mode, parental controls and Webcam Protection that prevents unwelcome apps from accessing your webcam. In addition, its Connected Home Monitor scans your home network for potential vulnerabilities while its anti-theft feature helps locate lost laptops or phones. ESET can be purchased for $50 annually per device up to two systems or $140 for 10 systems.

Blocks phishing attacks

ESET NOD32 Antivirus offers reliable protection from phishing attacks. It scans the Internet for known phishing websites and blocks them, alerting you of any attempts at fraudulence before providing sensitive data unwittingly. Furthermore, this antivirus protects removable drives by scanning for malicious programs and encrypting sensitive files to keep sensitive files secure.

Rootkits, malware that hides deep in an operating system to avoid detection, can be detected and removed using this program. It tries to find them by comparing components in your system against known good files; if anything doesn’t match, a log is generated and sent off for further analysis by IT specialists. Furthermore, SysInspector is included within this software package that lets you inspect contents such as master boot records, operating system registry entries, drivers services for signs of malware activity.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus excelled at our real-world protection test, successfully finding and eliminating every threat we presented it with, earning top marks. It’s also a great choice if you want to safeguard multiple devices at the same time since it supports Windows and Android OSs alike. Furthermore, upgrades may be purchased for Chromebooks/Android devices or network security measures like Wi-Fi routers/cameras etc.

However, some features of the program are difficult to use. To schedule a scan for example, we had to go through 15 rather cumbersome steps – an excessively long and time-consuming process when competing products provide similar functionality in just one or two clicks.

Other parts of the program share its level of complexity. While there are various customization options, most are hidden away within menus or require further investigation before being understood. Furthermore, bonus tools such as file shredding and junk file cleaner are absent here.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus offers a robust selection of features at an attractive price point – ideal for Windows users looking for maximum protection on all of their devices and offering additional mobile device security options as well as plans suitable for businesses or larger households.

Protects your privacy

Connected Home Monitor scans devices connected to your network for open ports or weak router passwords that could allow someone else to spy on you, while it encrypts USB sticks and CDs so data from mobile gadgets doesn’t get stolen. Other extra features include password manager encrypting passwords to protect them against theft from websites via autofill, as well as webcam protection that asks permission before accessing a camera – these features are great, though competitors such as Norton offer better webcam protection and virtual private network (VPN), while parental controls are more limited in terms of control features compared to what Norton provides.

ESET’s resizable dashboard displays your current security status and makes launching full system scans simple with one button press. In addition, its sidebar offers quick access to other tools and settings within the app; even novice security users should feel at home navigating its user-friendly interface – I especially appreciated how windows could be resized or arranged to optimize screen space usage, while its visual representation of lab tests proved immensely helpful.

ESET successfully identified 100% of the widely distributed malware we presented it, but missed several more sophisticated exploits that other programs catch.

LiveGuard Advanced is another premium feature, employing cloud scanning technology to detect previously unknown threats known as zero-day attacks and enhance overall antivirus performance. Unfortunately, however, this feature isn’t included as part of its standard package.

Advanced Security for Windows or Cyber Security Pro for Mac provides excellent value. Covering up to 10 devices, it comes equipped with excellent tune-up utilities and password manager features as well as licenses to cover more or fewer devices if required. However, their pricing structure can be confusing: although most plans cost the same upfront fee is assessed when covering different operating systems.

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