Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of those rare PC games that is both an absolute joy for longtime fans as well as surprising newcomers who never expected it would be this entertaining. This success can be attributed to its carefully balanced formula which makes driving big rigs both rewarding and exhilarating.

ETS2 Italia expands the European world with an exquisite reproduction of Italy, its modern industry and traditional architecture, its vibrant cities and world-famous landmarks to explore.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 sets a new standard in simulation games with its miles-long open roads, multiple trucks and cargo options to choose from, an advanced truck customization system, business management elements and extensive career mode. Plus a simple but effective skill system, iconic landmarks to visit and hundreds of cities you deliver too, ETS2 will keep you hooked for hours upon hours!

ETS2’s gameplay can be imperfect, however. Moving cargo from point A to B requires full attention; failure may result in losing cargo, breaking traffic laws, or colliding into other vehicles. Furthermore, some of its mechanics can be counterintuitive: how to unlock garages or upgrade driver skills may not come naturally to players.

Modding community of ETS2 provides an abundance of extra content to make up for some of its shortcomings, making the ETS2 experience unique and personal. Mods are easily installed – many feature short manual installation guides and list which versions they work on; scenery mods, winter season mods and handling model customization options make ETS2 experience truly individualistic.

Graphics may not reach Crysis-level quality, but they’re certainly immersive enough for what this game aims to accomplish. From beautiful countrysides to intricately detailed streets of several European cities – your world is realistically recreated within this game, while its map keeps expanding as missions are completed successfully.

Playing Euro Truck Simulator while listening to music or podcasts is an incredible relaxing experience, while its driving AI may be somewhat underwhelming; still, this simulator delivers an entertaining and captivating simulation well worth its cost of admission. SCS Software looks set to deliver another worthwhile installment with their forthcoming Heart of Russia expansion; featuring licensed trucks from real life manufacturers along with an expansive world to explore and an abundance of content, making Euro Truck Simulator the go-to choice for truck simulation enthusiasts everywhere.


Euro Truck Simulator 2’s primary objective is to offer trucking fans an immersive, detailed, and engaging experience. From its impressive collection of vehicles and cargoes to its many career paths available, ETS2 boasts numerous exciting gameplay features that set itself apart. Furthermore, its realistic vehicle handling simulation requires players to account for factors like fuel consumption, tire wear and engine maintenance in order to maintain peak condition of their trucks.

With hundreds of jobs to select across Europe, this game provides ample opportunities to transport cargos between various cities and towns that have been carefully recreated to replicate reality as accurately as possible. The in-game world spans 33 European countries with diverse landscapes, roads and cities carefully replicated to give an immersive representation of reality.

SCS Software has carefully reproduced a diverse selection of licensed trucks in this game, such as some of the most iconic commercial vehicles currently on the market as well as older models.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 features an impressive variety of trucks, as well as additional equipment that can be purchased and upgraded using in-game currency earned through successful job completion. This additional content can help enhance both the look and performance of a player’s truck as well as provide more storage space inside its cabin.

Though it would be ideal if the game allowed players to interact with more intricate components found within a truck cabin such as buttons, switches and gauges, its gameplay remains satisfying and engaging.

Though it lacks additional features, the game still stands out as one of the top trucking simulators currently on the market. While its graphics may not match those found in Crysis, they provide an immersive and enjoyable trucking simulator experience.


ETS 2’s graphics may not reach Crysis standards, but they’re still immersive enough to transport players into another world. Trucks are rendered in HD with realistic textures and engine sounds for maximum realism. There’s also an impressive variety of licensed trucks to drive in this game with staggering customization options; dealers are located throughout the map offering vehicles, parts, cosmetic upgrades and driver aids to make driving safer and smoother.

Though the driving experience is impressive, many players feel that it could be enhanced further with new scenery. New roads and bridges as well as buildings would provide greater opportunities for exploration while adding cities or towns could add cargo missions for players to complete in their game play.

Euro Truck Simulator has quickly become one of the most beloved simulators. With its variety of content and customizable options, both beginning players and simulation enthusiasts alike will find what they are looking for within its gameplay. Furthermore, SCS Software have proven their dedication to producing games of highest quality with frequent updates and downloadable content updates.

ETS 2 recently saw an important update with its introduction of force feedback allowing players to use PC controllers more effectively with its physics system. Currently in beta and set to go live shortly for all players – this update should make an improvement to players that enjoy simulation aspects of ETS 2, but are frustrated by how unresponsive steering wheel feels.

ETS 2’s Winter Roads mod, which adds snow-covered roads and a more chill atmosphere to gameplay, has quickly become a fan-favorite download. Furthermore, this mod features an exclusive vehicle for purchase at Volvo dealer in game. This vehicle boasts dynamic speedometers and digital screens unique to each model of truck in ETS 2.

ETS 2 also features several downloadable additions such as the European Radio Stations mod, with more than 600 distinct stations across Europe. In addition, this mod offers authentic tire noises that change with acceleration or average speed; more prominent trailer coupling sounds; and overall improvements to the game’s sound system.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an upgrade of 2008’s groundbreaking truck simulator game that gained wide acclaim and became one of the best-selling titles of its genre. Boasting advanced physics, licensed trucks and an immersive driving experience across an authentic representation of Europe, players take on various tasks while transporting cargo between cities.

Sound in this game is both realistic and immersive, featuring famous musicians as soundtrack performers. Additionally, there are various ambient sounds including wind buffeting in the cabin, engine noises that mimic real engines running, tires settling into various terrains heard through cab speakers, as well as trailer coupling/uncoupling occurring simultaneously with each move of the truck.

There are a variety of mods that can improve the audio in a game, including European Audio Pack which offers high-quality natural sounds including wind and rain effects. Regular updates provide more sounds to add as the mod is compatible with all versions of the game.

ETS2 Real Sound Pack mod enhances the default sounds to make them more immersive, including more realistic tire sounds and road noise that vary with vehicle speed, a Nokia phone ringtone sound for Hurry up/Late music to reduce stress while driving, more realistic horn and engine sounds, as well as softer reverse beep. Furthermore, this mod features detailed AI traffic vehicle sounds such as unique loading screen effects as well as more accurate door close and seat belt click sounds for greater realism.

Reworked audio can be downloaded from Steam Workshop. This mod is specifically tailored for use with the Animated Gates and other map mods, featuring lower volume garage door and adviser message sounds and quieter photo camera sounds for screenshots, as well as improvements in key swinging in interior views as well as realistic fuel pump sounds with retro/historic ding sounds for refueling, retro/historic ding sounds for lane-keeping alert warning, as well as improvements to interior view key swinging sounds and improved interior view key swinging sounds that play back more realistic fuel pumps sounds with retro/historic ding sounds; these features allow easier screenshots, quieter photo camera sounds for screenshots as well as improvements related to key swinging as well.

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