Evernote Review

Evernote is one of the best-known note-taking apps, known for its wide array of features and user-friendly interface. Available on computers, smartphones, and tablets alike.

Evernote offers an excellent way to store notes, photos, audio recordings, documents and more – as well as offering a powerful search function.

Users can create tasks and use it to take meeting notes during or after meetings, sync up calendar events and offer advanced task management features for paying customers.


Evernote offers many features designed to help users organize, manage and stay focused. These features include a notepad for quick writing sessions; capture documents and images for storage purposes; clipper functionality to store articles and web content from various websites; an extensive search function; reminder functionality for quick writing sessions; the application is compatible with most major operating systems.

Evernote offers integrations with other applications, such as Google Drive, as well as offering a free mobile version of its desktop software. In addition, users can share files with other Evernote users via email or public links; and their mobile apps offer various features, including automatic sync of all notes and a single screen interface that displays all their information at once.

Users can tag each note, making it easier for you to sort and find notes quickly and efficiently. Simply click the “Add tag” button and add one, once tagged it will automatically appear on your home dashboard and can also be accessed using the navigation menu on the left side of the app.

Evernote can store much more than notes; it can store photos, audio clips, documents, tables and sketches; it even supports files saved to Google Drive! Furthermore, Evernote enables you to attach your calendar for meeting reminders; share notes through public or private links and manage them all from one central platform.

Evernote does not feature a task management feature, making it harder for teams to collaborate on projects. However, basic checklists can help keep track of tasks. You can also link both personal and business Gmail accounts with Evernote so your home dashboard displays calendar events as well as to-do lists.

Evernote’s search algorithm makes finding specific words or phrases in any document or note easy and efficient, especially when revisiting previous projects. This feature saves time since you don’t need to go through every notebook to locate what you need; alternatively, Evernote offers its clipper feature which lets you take snapshots of entire webpages into specific notebooks for later reference.


Evernote is one of the more well-known note-taking apps out there, yet has struggled to keep pace with rivals like Microsoft OneNote. At one point in time, Evernote was valued at over one billion dollars and led its industry. Unfortunately, eventually though it lost its way and was purchased for much less by an obscure competitor; since then it has struggled to find its niche and keep pace with rivals in various aspects.

Though Evernote may have its drawbacks, it remains an effective tool and an appealing option for most users. Unfortunately, its price can still be prohibitive to some; whether Evernote suits your needs and budget ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and requirements; casual note takers will find the free tier adequate while power users may need more features than what are provided free-tier. If that is the case for you consider subscribing if needed.

Evernote offers three pricing plans – personal, business, and premium – each offering their own set of features. The basic personal plan syncs across two devices and allows 60 MB monthly uploads with 25 MB maximum note size capacity to help create and store clippings, notes, files, receipts, images.

The business plan adds search capability to the basic personal plan, allows you to turn notes into presentations, and allows an unlimited number of users. Finally, premium plans provide advanced search and organization features such as tagging notes, searching PDFs for versions history, version control tracking, as well as adding tables or outlines directly into notes.

Evernote has faced one of its largest challenges to date in making their product useful to both individual users and team users alike. Evernote Spaces provide an informal collaborative workspace, but its effects remain uncertain at this point.

Evernote currently offers a student discount for its premium plan. To take advantage of this offer, just visit their student discount page where you will be asked to enter your school email address and click a verification link before being eligible to unlock 40% off an annual subscription plan.

Customer support

Evernote is an organization and productivity tool that lets users capture notes, photos, documents, web pages, recipes and more – from home chefs looking for recipes to corporate creative teams planning projects. Its cross-platform app keeps users organized while sharing ideas.

Evernote offers support via email and live chat for basic account holders, while its paid accounts offer live support with Zendesk tracking customer support to make communication between customer and representative easier and increase the chance that a query will be resolved successfully.

Evernote doesn’t provide telephone-based customer support for free account holders, which limits its potential reach and may sway some users towards competitors that provide this option instead. To find out more about Evernote’s support options and customer service capabilities, you can visit the company website for further details.

Evernote provides customers with extensive resources beyond email and live chat for customer support, such as how-to guides, FAQs and tutorials. Furthermore, there is an active community forum where they can interact with other Evernote users to discuss any queries.

This company has above-average email response times, delivering first replies in 30 seconds or less. Their customer support representatives are well trained, using macros to streamline some processes further and decrease response times even further.

Evernote customer service representatives can help resolve many issues, from incompatibilities between the app and your hardware or operating system to suggesting workarounds and solutions. Unfortunately, however, serious issues are unlikely to be solved through customer support alone.

Evernote excels in its integration with other apps. Your email can easily send emails directly into Evernote, while its mobile apps are compatible with workplace tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, Evernote notebooks sync across devices. PDFs can be imported using OCR for searching purposes while web pages can also be saved as clips for quick retrieval later.

Overall rating

Evernote is an impressive note-taking app with a comprehensive feature set, designed to keep track of all of your projects and to-do lists. The software makes organizing information straightforward by providing features like taking notes, scanning documents, clipping web articles, recording audio or taking photographs – all accessible from any device accessed centrally from one centralized location. Users can even set due dates for tasks they share.

App is compatible with desktops, mobile devices, and the web, integrating with third-party apps like email and calendar programs as well as featuring an advanced search function that recognizes handwriting, images, and attachments. Unfortunately, some of its more useful features are reserved exclusively for premium subscribers.

Evernote offers a free plan that provides basic note-taking capabilities and allows users to sync two devices, making it ideal for casual users who just need basic note taking capabilities. However, for advanced note taking capabilities you may wish to upgrade. Evernote premium plans provide web clipper, document scanning and task management features as well as shortcuts for frequently used notes – great options if you require advanced functionality!

Evernote stands out as an indispensable collaborative platform, enabling users to work on projects and share information with others in real-time. Thanks to simultaneous editing capabilities, team members can work on one note simultaneously – thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, Evernote comes equipped with its own chat feature so users can communicate directly with other Evernote users.

Evernote offers seamless integrations with other business tools. Through plugins and add-ons, Evernote integrates with programs such as Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive, Salesforce, Slack as well as its compatibility with most browsers and operating systems – even offline!

Evernote can be prohibitively costly for smaller businesses. Notion has more cost-effective business plans starting at $45 per month and offers advanced task management and teamwork features like team wiki.

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