ExpressVPN Review


ExpressVPN stands out among leading VPNs by enabling users to set up a router so all their devices can use its services without separate apps or separate signup processes. Furthermore, their software has undergone security audits by Cure53 in order to keep you safe online.

British Virgin Islands jurisdiction allows them to avoid mandatory data retention laws, and they don’t participate in intelligence-sharing alliances either. Furthermore, they boast one of the longest refund windows available within their industry.


ExpressVPN stands out from its competition thanks to its impressive list of features. Not only does the provider offer DNS leak protection; they run their own zero-knowledge 256-bit encrypted DNS service across all servers – no DNS leak tests were ever detected using either desktop or mobile apps by third parties! In addition, all connections use military grade encryption technology that helps prevent data from being intercepted if their VPN connection becomes compromised.

Private Internet Access’ vast network of 3,400+ servers spans 94 countries. While this may not be as expansive as some providers (Private Internet Access offers 2965+ servers, for instance), it should cover most locations. Furthermore, they provide geo-location spoofing features which will mask data sent by WiFi signals, mobile phones or GPS devices to websites you visit in order to maintain anonymity.

Split tunneling is another useful feature that lets you select which apps go through the VPN connection and which don’t. This feature can help keep certain programs running even when the VPN is inactive or protect specific devices such as printers and gaming consoles that can’t use one directly.

ExpressVPN also features a mobile kill switch to block traffic if VPN connection drops, as well as a threat manager that filters out ads, trackers and malware.

ExpressVPN stands out from other providers by not placing any restrictions or speed limits on its subscription plans, making them an excellent option for people who stream or download a lot. Furthermore, their seven-day free trial should give enough time for you to decide whether or not ExpressVPN suits your needs.


ExpressVPN may be among the more expensive VPN services on the market, yet its long-term plans provide tremendous value. Right now you can sign up for its 12-month plan at $6.67/month with our special 49% discount (plus three free months!). Plus they accept several payment methods (such as Bitcoin!) so it is more difficult for others to monitor your activities online.

ExpressVPN boasts an excellent array of features, such as fast speeds and multiple device support. Furthermore, with servers located all around the world – such as China – ExpressVPN provides an effective means of bypassing firewalls and restrictions on internet use in that country. In addition, this company uses obfuscation to hide VPN traffic and prevent government agencies from intercepting it.

ExpressVPN stands out by its diverse server selection and unrivaled privacy policies, along with an exhaustive FAQ page and no log policy that doesn’t track connection times or your choice of server – plus frequent IP refreshment ensures it is nearly impossible to link back your internet activities back to you!

Your ISP does not store records of which websites or programs you visit, nor any usage logs beyond a small amount for security. But even so, someone could potentially use this data to identify you if they can link your connection to an individual computer or network.

ExpressVPN stands out with its split tunneling feature, enabling users to route traffic through both their VPN and local network simultaneously, helping increase speed while protecting from malware. It works seamlessly with streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu; plus more independent audits than many of their competitors have taken place over time.


ExpressVPN’s encryption technology is impressively strong. Combining AES 256-bit with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication, its nearly impossible to crack. Military forces and banks use similar levels of protection, so your personal information should be safe with ExpressVPN. Furthermore, their Obfuscation feature protects your privacy further by concealing VPN activity from internet service providers and government watchdogs who might otherwise block its usage.

Software from this company is regularly upgraded, with apps for most popular devices available for download. One recent update for iOS includes Network Protection which helps reduce data leakage. Mac apps were also modified to take advantage of Apple silicon M1 and M2, providing improved performance while decreasing battery usage.

Another fantastic feature is ExpressVPN’s capacity to connect up to five devices at the same time, so that you can have one VPN running on your laptop while also accessing content using mobile and desktop apps from various locations. You could even connect a router directly – though I recommend first checking compatibility lists on their website first!

ExpressVPN stands out among top VPN services by being highly compatible with Netflix and other major streaming platforms, thanks to its active server monitoring which ensures if one IP address is blocked by streaming services, an alternative will quickly replace it – plus they keep an up-to-date list of supported platforms on their website!

Whenever you have questions or issues with ExpressVPN’s service, contacting live support via chat or email is your best bet. They also have an extensive collection of troubleshooting guides available that may assist with solving common problems with their VPN service. With one of the longest refund windows in the industry and 30-day risk-free trials available – ExpressVPN offers it all.


ExpressVPN stands out as an accessible VPN that’s easily used across devices. They have apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux as well as dedicated router apps – plus additional browser extensions providing extra features like WebRTC leak protection and geolocation spoofing.

ExpressVPN stands out from the competition in many ways, one being its incorporation in the British Virgin Islands – an especially privacy-friendly jurisdiction without data retention laws. Although they don’t collect personal information themselves, ExpressVPN may need to comply with warrants issued by foreign courts in some instances; and does not participate in the 14 Eyes alliance which shares information between countries.

This service may not be cheap, but it does come packed with features not found with its competitors. For instance, when joining untrustworthy networks (such as public Wi-Fi ), such as using it automatically connects you to VPN services as soon as the network connection becomes active. Furthermore, it allows up to five ‘App and Website Shortcuts’ shortcuts so frequently used apps launch immediately once connected.

Kill Switch technology automatically blocks all traffic if VPN connection is lost, making this feature available on desktop and mobile apps as well as Network Protection on routers. ExpressVPN stands out from many VPNs by having an easily understandable privacy policy with clear ‘zero logs’ claims; its industry-leading encryption technology that has proven impenetrable by hackers; audited regularly by independent companies such as Cure53 and F-Secure to further ensure it provides complete protection.

Customer service

ExpressVPN is an award-winning virtual private network (VPN) service that protects online traffic from being monitored or intercepted, interference, and censorship. Offering fast connections and numerous helpful features; supporting multiple devices and operating systems so users can utilize this service from their laptop, mobile device, router etc.

If you need assistance with your ExpressVPN account, customer support is available by email and chat 24/7. Furthermore, their FAQ section contains comprehensive answers and guides which may assist with any issues that may arise; additionally the live chat feature of the company offers 24/7 help for any concerns that arise.

ExpressVPN stands out from its competition by not locking certain features behind specific plans; all customers receive the same features at a uniform cost. Furthermore, ExpressVPN offers discounts for longer subscriptions that could help save significant sums of money over time.

ExpressVPN stands out by not keeping logs of your activity; its servers are designed to delete data as soon as it’s no longer needed, guaranteeing your privacy at all times. Furthermore, independent third parties regularly review its privacy policies; in addition, ExpressVPN uses a bug bounty program to identify and fix vulnerabilities within its software.

ExpressVPN also makes itself easily accessible through social media accounts such as Twitter and Reddit, where its representatives are always ready and willing to answer your queries or offer assistance when needed. Furthermore, these channels also encourage interaction among their followers which helps create a sense of community within the app’s users – creating loyal customer relations through engagement and maintaining high standards in customer care.

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