F Secure Anti Virus Review

F Secure Anti Virus

F-Secure’s malware scanning engine performed exceptionally well in my testing. It quickly identified known threats by analyzing their code, while also performing real-time behavior analysis and real-time traffic monitoring.

I really appreciated the color coding system in search results, similar to Norton and McAfee. It makes it easy to identify links that might be dangerous while at the same time notifying users when potentially dangerous ones have been found.


F Secure Anti Virus is a light security suite with strong protection, an intuitive user interface (UI), and excellent support. While not offering as many features as other programs do, F Secure’s simplicity makes it ideal for home networks of any size; subscription or trial options offer protection for unlimited computers and mobile devices alike.

F-Secure’s Virus Scan and Backlight technologies quickly detect malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits, backdoors, Trojans and worms. Furthermore, F-Secure provides real-time protection to protect devices against threats as they come in through your device, along with quarantine areas for suspicious files that might infiltrate. Furthermore, their Backlight technology also detects hidden riskware in your system that might have gone undetected until now.

Other helpful tools of KEY include a firewall, automatic update system and anti-spam component. In addition to protecting passwords and sensitive information in an online vault, this program also helps encrypt them securely using password management features like strong and unique password generation as well as autofill at log-in pages for you. KEY password manager helps organize all of your passwords using strong algorithms which auto-fill when log-in pages appear; additionally it keeps an online dashboard which tracks all your digital activities for you to monitor them all from one online dashboard!

F-Secure Parental Controls offer an easy solution for parents seeking to manage their child’s computer activity. Their web portal enables parents to set a child profile, block specific content or time limit apps. Their internet “bedtime” feature limits usage on a daily basis in 15-minute intervals; making the solution ideal.

This security suite’s phishing and banking protection are of equal quality to Norton or McAfee. Their browser-based Safe browsing proactively scans websites for malicious code while their phishing detection detects dubious sites with suspicious behavior, while banking protection activates when visiting financial websites and screens them for unsafe behaviors proactively – it even uses color coding search results so users can easily distinguish safe from suspicious or harmful links.

F-Secure security solutions for business customers come packaged together into an attractive bundle, providing additional advanced features not included in consumer versions of its product. For example, this version enables control over each employee mobile device so you can monitor and block any activities which could compromise company data or systems; adding an extra layer of protection across your network.


F Secure Antivirus offers basic antivirus protection without any extra software or services, for an affordable price. But other free products often outshone its performance in terms of protection and usability; if you’re willing to spend more, F Secure offers two advanced plans with all the security features you could possibly want.

Internet Security and Total plans provide excellent protection for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. While the former includes all of the basics such as antivirus protection and public Wi-Fi protection; respectively; both plans provide protection for up to 25 devices at a time with 30-day money-back guarantees.

F-Secure Control Center, their free security tool, enables users to conveniently manage all aspects of their protection in one central place. Featuring user-friendly software that makes updating antivirus, managing quarantine/whitelists lists and scheduling scans easy – plus adding and removing devices for individual users directly through its website – managing protection has never been simpler!

F-Secure provides businesses of any size with an enterprise suite solution tailored to their security needs, offering central management tools and protection for all devices including servers. Featuring multi-layer protection protocols that help comply with corporate security policies and ensure compliance, this suite also addresses industry requirements such as automotive, banking, insurance and software/technology sectors.

F-Secure provides excellent antivirus protection and offers numerous additional security features well worth their price tag. Their anti-malware detection is capable of identifying a wide array of threats with an impressive detection rate, they have a VPN service to provide fast internet connections reliably, can detect malicious websites quickly, customer support via phone and email and offer free trials before purchasing their products – an invaluable opportunity to test before buying!


F-Secure installs quickly and easily, yet is lacking in features. All advanced antivirus protection can be found in more expensive F-Secure Safe or Total products.

Once installed, users are presented with a user-friendly dashboard, with clearly labeled options organized into categories such as “Viruses & Threats”, “Secure Browsing & Banking” and “People & Devices”. There is also access to quarantine storage and blocked websites lists – plus protection against ransomware which locks files hostage for a fee if released – though only folders you select to protect are safeguarded; you can toggle this feature off in settings area if desired.

F-Secure software scans regularly and monitors systems in real-time for malware, making a real-time detection engine available that can quickly spot threats; manual virus scans should still be conducted periodically as an additional security measure. It uses various detection engines – Kaspersky Extended Base Engine Blacklight Libra and Hydra are among them – but only now do F-Secure offer their lightweight versions as a service to users.

This software boasts an effective password manager with features like auto-save and auto-fill, simple importing, and an efficient password generator. While lacking some of the advanced features found in standalone programs such as 1Password or Dashlane, it still makes an attractive option for those searching for an efficient password manager. Another helpful addition is VPN protection to secure data connections against identity theft; parental controls could be improved with other solutions available from different providers; though customer support might not always be readily available 24/7/365 due to an extensive knowledgebase and forums which offer help resolving issues quickly.


F-Secure Antivirus offers excellent real-time protection and top-tier support systems, making it a top choice for home users looking for light antivirus protection. Unfortunately, however, some advanced features are missing from its offering. In addition to standard signature-based detection, F-Secure’s DeepGuard deep behavior-based scanning engine monitors files and applications in real time to detect new or unknown malware intrusions; its DeepGuard engine performed admirably in c’t magazine’s January 2008 comparative test by blocking all 12 tested threats without using traditional signature-based detection technology!

F-Secure provides advanced protection from ransomware – malware families which encrypt files and demand payment in exchange for their release – with its antiransomware feature, making this an extremely helpful and releasable feature. F-Secure includes a password manager to safeguard you against identity theft and financial fraud; its interface offers easy navigation but lacks advanced features found in standalone password managers such as Dashlane or 1Password.

Safe Banking is another convenient feature designed to secure your information while online. This software disconnects untrusted applications from the internet and keeps them offline while visiting websites requiring personal or financial data entry, and also prevents other apps from connecting when browsing a trusted site, and blocks websites until you close them down.

The desktop interface of Avira AntiVir AntiVirus Pro is user-friendly and features clear labels. The Viruses & Threats tab displays scan and protection history with dates when each ran and whether any harmful activities were discovered. There are two manual scan options, either quick scans to specific Windows system files or full computer scans; both run quickly requiring only 19 minutes initially to check 50GB executables before dropping down to 14 minutes on subsequent runs; unfortunately there’s no option to schedule weekly full computer scans – an unfortunate oversight in Avira’s software design.

Customer support options include live chat, phone assistance, a community forum and user guides – though these features are comprehensive; unfortunately email support remains absent, creating an important limitation to customer experience.

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