F-Secure Anti Virus Review

F Secure Anti Virus

F-Secure is an ideal option for business users looking to secure all devices on a network, featuring VPN and password manager functionality.

F-Secure performed exceptionally in my malware tests. I particularly appreciated its cloud-based scanner’s ability to keep pace with newer variants while being easy for me to understand and navigate the user interface (UI).

Virus & Threats Scanner

F-Secure provides an effective antivirus solution with strong protection, although for extra ransomware protection and browser security you’ll have to upgrade. Parental controls are only available through Android apps and require device administrator access in order to block apps or place time limits.

This program utilizes two engines for malware detection, to ensure it can catch even advanced threats. Its behavioral detection detects and kills deceptive processes immediately, while its antivirus scan detects and removes spyware or similar types of malware through deep code analysis – thus being able to discern whether programs may pose threats.

Our tests revealed that the primary virus scan took less than five minutes to analyze files on our test system, making it an impressively fast scan. Meanwhile, the more comprehensive full scan took over four hours and examined approximately 160,000 files; nonetheless, this timeframe still beats typical antivirus scans which typically last much longer.

As an additional measure of protection, this program can stop malicious software from stealing passwords or credit card details from the browser by monitoring web traffic and blocking suspicious sites before they reach devices. Thus preventing unauthorized access to computer systems even if accidentally clicked upon during online browsing sessions.

F-Secure provides a useful tool for reporting suspected malware samples to their company, which opens a website where you can attach files or enter URLs easily – this makes sending suspicious files quick and efficient!

Your device’s safety can be monitored from its dashboard, which displays your current protection status, lets you check for updates, and provides a history of recent activities. It is divided into three areas: Viruses & Threats; Secure Browsing & Banking; People & Devices. People & Devices provides tools for managing family devices including setting bedtimes on children’s F-Secure SAFE Android accounts.

Banking Protection

F-Secure can protect you against ransomware, spyware, infostealers and phishing attacks by monitoring both your computer and mobile devices for suspicious activity – alerting you of dangerous links on social media and blocking websites known for hosting malicious code; in addition, mobile applications could potentially store sensitive data which must also be checked for malware or possible storage locations.

Banking Protection provides an extra layer of safety during online shopping and banking sessions, blocking any connections that aren’t verified as banking sites and warning users when there’s danger lurking on an untrustworthy site. F-Secure’s security program comes equipped with this useful feature to prevent Trojans from accessing your online bank account and diverting transactions for criminal purposes.

F-Secure ID Protection includes a password manager to safely store all of your login credentials across devices and access them at any time. This feature helps protect against identity thieves by blocking keyloggers and online snoopers from hacking your user accounts by stealing passwords stored locally on the computer. Furthermore, F-Secure ID Protection’s dark web monitoring adds another layer of protection by keeping an eye on personal data breaches and alerting you promptly of any breaches in security that might occur.

All these features are included in the Total subscription plan, making it an excellent way to protect both home and business computers against viruses, phishing scams, malware attacks, ransomware attacks and banking Trojans. In addition, you can install free versions of antivirus software onto mobile devices for basic online protection.

Free security software offers a user-friendly experience, without overwhelming them with options and notifications. However, some features may be hidden by multiple options while others lack clear descriptions – proving difficult for newcomers.

This security program may not feature as user-friendly an interface as other products do, but it still makes use easy and takes your privacy seriously. Furthermore, you can tailor its settings to block certain types of content – abductions, drug or alcohol abuse, pornographic material or gaming websites being among them.

Parental Controls

F-Secure Anti Virus is a straightforward antivirus program with great parental control features and comprehensive malware protection, including ID protection and password management features. Furthermore, this program also boasts VPN connectivity and data breach monitoring functionality; unfortunately it does not include credit score monitoring or identity theft coverage like other top antivirus products do.

The program features a simple yet elegant design, without being overcrowded or complex. The main dashboard has plenty of white space that’s easy on the eyes while using blue to give it a serious security-oriented appearance.

F-Secure Anti Virus’s parental controls are among its top features, enabling parents to set screen time limits and filter inappropriate content, monitor web surfing activity by their children and block unsafe apps and sites remotely from one central profile – helping ensure all children remain safe online.

F-Secure also features an awesome gaming mode to optimize performance for an unhindered and uninterrupted gaming experience, without interfering with games and automatically postponing updates, scans and notifications to provide more seamless gameplay. Furthermore, F-Secure comes equipped with a device finder feature so that parents can keep an eye out for lost or stolen phones belonging to their children.

F-Secure provides more than parental controls and device tracking; its valuable tools also include password managers, system optimization, PC cloud backup, smart firewall monitoring all network traffic entering or leaving your computer, blocking hackers from gaining access to sensitive information; blocking websites if it detects suspicious activity such as when browsing banking sites; real-time virus protection which constantly updates their database; blocking viruses in the wild before they cause damage – are just a few features included with F-Secure security solutions.

F-Secure Total is an ideal choice for anyone seeking an all-encompassing cybersecurity package that can protect all their devices and family members, from computers to smartphones, from laptops to servers and tablets to smart watches and beyond. Boasting strong malware protection, reliable VPN, excellent support team and an all-in-one program so it’s easier than ever to manage these tools efficiently.

Device Management

F-Secure’s scanner quickly identified and removed malware samples during our tests, with perfect detection rates for prevalent and zero-day threats. Furthermore, DeepGuard behavior-based system detected ransomware and blocked suspicious applications’ activities – two major cybersecurity threats today which pose particular risk to consumers because hackers encrypt files, photos and documents which cannot be opened again after encryption by hackers. F-Secure offers protection from ransomware via their “Ransomware Protection,” a feature which monitors specific folders and blocks access.

Device management enables you to keep an eye on and manage connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and IoT devices. You can restrict access to websites or applications that you do not wish for family members or children to visit; this way you can prevent them from downloading harmful applications or content. Settings of this security suite can be managed via a web portal on PCs or smartphones but its interface may be less intuitive than some competitors’ suites so it may require switching back and forth between programs and portals just to make simple adjustments.

F-Secure provides various plans, each offering different features such as antivirus protection and internet security tools like VPN and password manager, that cover up to seven devices simultaneously. Starting at the basic F-Secure Antivirus plan and ending with F-Secure TOTAL which offers internet security as well as VPN technology – each plan can be found below and annually paid annually billed annually billed.

The premium suite’s extra features include password management from a secure vault, browser and banking protection, tracking protection, parental control apps, identity protection that alerts you of potential identity theft on the dark web by monitoring up to 10 email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, driver’s license numbers, credit card or bank account numbers – as well as how-to guides, troubleshooting articles, subscription services and subscription options; plus an FAQs section which answers many frequently asked questions or address concerns related to its product.

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