F Secure Anti Virus Review

F Secure Anti Virus

F Secure Anti Virus provides fast scanning with minimal system performance impact and protects against malware. In addition, the suite features tools like DeepGuard ransomware protection and web traffic scanning.

F-Secure excels in both real-world and malware reference sample tests conducted by AV-Comparatives, using Security Cloud and its behavior-based “DeepGuard” identification program to detect ransomware or any other potentially hazardous changes on devices.


F Secure Anti Virus is one of the top antivirus programs available today, capable of protecting against viruses, malware, spyware and infected email attachments as well as data theft and phishing attacks. Easy installation makes this program very user friendly while its outstanding malware detection rates and superior customer support make it stand out.

F-Secure uses a cloud-based antivirus engine with 100% detection rates even against zero-day threats, as well as DeepGuard, which analyzes running applications to identify suspicious patterns. Furthermore, F-Secure also offers protection from ransomware attacks via an exclusive feature that prevents it from spreading onto additional files on your computer.

F-Secure provides an impressive lineup of features, such as identity protection, password management and parental controls. Its ID protection feature monitors your credit report for fraudulent activity and alerts if it becomes involved in a data breach; while its password manager provides core functions like generation, auditing and auto-filling of passwords. Furthermore, F-Secure also features an online portal to manage all devices and security settings at once.

As this software does not come equipped with its own firewall, it works in tandem with your Windows Firewall to offer additional protection. Blocking unsafe websites and filtering outgoing network processes through Windows Firewall are just two features offered by this program; plus it monitors browsing habits to identify suspicious websites as well.

F-Secure earned an outstanding rating from SE Labs when it comes to malware detection, blocking almost all threats before they could infiltrate computers, including phishing attacks and botnets; its record was less stellar for ad blocking tests however.

One drawback of this program is its limited level of customization compared to its competitors, such as lacking an easily customizable search bar or toolbar for quickly accessing features quickly. Furthermore, its user interface can become somewhat cluttered due to an abundance of notifications being displayed from time to time and no advanced firewall is provided by this application.


F-Secure provides consumer cyber security software solutions for Windows, Mac and Android devices. Their offerings include antivirus programs, VPN access and password managers – along with ID protection to monitor online activities in order to prevent identity theft and parental control apps. In addition, this software also offers cloud storage & backup features, device management portal and many extras!

As soon as you install the program, you’ll be asked to create an account and install. Installation itself is quick and painless – when completed you’re taken directly to your dashboard where your subscription or trial begins and access can be gained to its core features.

An important strength of this program lies in its malware detection engine, earning top marks across three tests run by AV-Test on real world and malware sample-scanning tests performed against Norton, McAfee and Panda products. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t offer as many extra features as some other suites we reviewed.

Banking protection does not rely on a secure browser to encase online activities and protect privacy while you handle money online, like other programs do. Ransomware protection only kicks in if an attacker attempts to encrypt your data.

Another drawback of the settings interface is its similarity to Microsoft’s default configuration, making navigation difficult. We would have appreciated a more distinguishable and user-friendly front end.

Otherwise, this program is well designed and intuitive to use. The family controls are excellent; instantly setting time limits and filtering content for kids of various ages is seamless; its bedtime feature closes down non-system apps on Android and iOS devices without shutting off the entire device; adding new children is simple – only minor inconvenience comes from daily reminders about renewal dates for subscriptions which may become annoying over time; otherwise this security suite deserves serious consideration; particularly if you want an alternative to the established security software providers like McAfee or McAuditor!

User interface

F-Secure Antivirus offers an intuitive user interface, making it simple and straightforward for you to execute updates, manage quarantines and whitelists, schedule scans, and execute Family Rules to customize features for each household member. Even though F-Secure’s user experience has some shortcomings, its overall simplicity makes it worthwhile.

This program detects malware such as viruses, Trojans and ransomware through signatures, searching your PC for specific code. Furthermore, DeepGuard’s identification system hunts for any suspicious changes to your computer that may indicate potential rootkit infections or more sophisticated threats like these.

Password managers like 1Password and Dashlane provide secure environments in which to store and retrieve passwords, but their offering falls short in meeting most users’ security needs.

F-Secure VPN is another impressive feature that provides fast connections, strong encryption, and a wide variety of server locations. Notable among its many advantages is its ability to protect users against online banking attacks – offering users valuable peace of mind.

While this software lacks some of the advanced features found in its competitors, it nonetheless provides solid protection from common cyber threats. The streamlined antivirus engine ensures a quiet experience without slowing down your computer, protecting against low-level threats like ad-supported programs and toolbars as well.

Parental controls in this program are straightforward and effective, providing options to set internet “bedtimes” and limit daily usage. Furthermore, you can create separate profiles to manage usage on each child device and gain control of them directly through F-Secure website resources or FAQs.

Customer support options offered by F-Secure include live chat, phone assistance and a community forum with quick responses; unfortunately no email support is offered and its live chat services adhere to specific phone hours, unlike Norton which operates around-the-clock. Nonetheless, F-Secure remains an efficient device protection choice with outstanding customer support – plus potential buyers can take advantage of a free trial to evaluate it fully before purchasing their device protection solution.


F-Secure Antivirus software offers unmatched anti-malware protection with minimal impact on PC performance, thanks to an intuitive user interface and range of functionalities such as ransomware protection and parental controls. Furthermore, F-Secure comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, making this an excellent choice for multi-device use.

F Secure is a Finnish cyber security company offering products for consumers and businesses alike. Their product lineup features antivirus software, password managers and VPN services; with F-Secure Business Suite being their signature product and designed specifically to protect businesses against cyber threats through workstation protection, email protection and central management platforms.

F-Secure provides mobile applications designed to keep Android and iOS device users secure. Their apps include password managers, privacy cleaners and file scanners; with its password manager providing automatic save and fill capability as well as import/export feature and convenient password generator feature – plus they also include the feature that enables users to lock their devices!

Since late 2016, the company has expanded its footprint through acquisition of companies specializing in digital vulnerability assessments and phishing protection, maintaining a public blog to monitor mobile malware threats, as well as research and development centers located worldwide.

F-Secure products feature multi-layered protection protocols supported by an international team of cybersecurity experts and are sold in more than 100 countries around the globe. Its offices can be found in the US, UK, Denmark Finland Malaysia with products sold globally across these regions and managed services provided for various industries – aerospace banking construction insurance software/technology telecom and telecommunication companies are some of the sectors they service with annual revenues estimated to reach $56 Million with its headquarters being situated in Helsinki Finland; with branch offices throughout North America Japan with stocks traded publicly traded on Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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