Far Manager – A Norton Commander Clone

Far Manager

Far Manager for Windows is an orthodox file manager often called a Norton Commander clone, offering an intuitive text-based user interface optimized for keyboard use, though mouse support is also present.

Multilingual, easily configurable user menus, tree views, file search tools and compare folder tools are just some of the many features provided by this application. In addition, its functionality can be further extended with plugins offering archive support, FTP client functionality or temporary panels – each offering additional capabilities that extend its features even further.


Far Manager is an excellent file management program that offers users a powerful set of text mode tools for working. Unlike its Windows Explorer counterparts, Far Manager features a Norton Commander-like layout with keyboard support (although mouse support is also offered) for navigation and configuration of shortcuts for nearly all actions. Far Manager also includes built-in viewers/editors for text files as well as binary archives – making Far Manager the ultimate text mode workhorse!

This program allows users to synchronize local and remote files, use FTP-servers, navigate virtual folders, perform advanced searches in the file system, work with complex compound masks comprising substitution symbols and templates as well as work with complex compound masks consisting of substitution symbols and templates. Furthermore, the software can manage multiple copies of identical files simultaneously; support various archiving formats; rename groups of files using advanced syntax renaming; display different colors for file names in directory trees etc; it also converts texts between national code pages and works with NNTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 clients as well as manipulating its Recycle Bin contents!

Another advantage of the tool is its compatibility with plugins, which extend its functionality with additional tools like network browsers and temporary panels. You can download these plugins directly from their official website and install them via an easy interface – some popular plugins include:

The file manager offers numerous features and customizations, such as showing a digital clock in the right corner of its main window, activating screensaver after a custom period of inactivity, viewing copying speed data, using autocomplete in edit controls and enabling/disabling confirmations for certain actions. Furthermore, users can customize color settings for files panels, dialogs, warning messages, menus, command-lines and more.

Far Manager stands out by its ability to capture console output and display it in its own window, which can be especially helpful when running lengthy console programs. Unfortunately, you cannot scroll console output using Ctrl+Up/Down; only 25 lines of the output remain visible at a time.


Far Manager is a two-panel file manager that operates in text mode with an intuitive and user-friendly user interface for most of its functionality. However, its standard functionality can be extended through external DLL modules called plugins that plug into it (made possible by an API called the Plugins API). Far Manager currently features archive file support, FTP client access, temporary panel (sandbox) virtual file systems support as well as process list display manager print manager filename case converter and various editor plugins that format wrap and alter text documents among many others.

Far may initially appear overwhelming, but those willing to put in time and effort will discover it to be an extremely useful file manager that far surpasses Windows Explorer or other GUI file managers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, its free nature makes it popular choice among those involved with programming contests which encourage command line and text-based file managers.

Far Manager boasts multiple keyboard shortcuts that make working with it simpler, and its user interface can be fully customized; additionally, there are tutorials and guides that provide guidance on how to take full advantage of each feature of this software.

Far Manager remains one of the best options available for those seeking text-based file and directory management. Available to download directly from its official website, installation is generally straightforward and once setup can be used with any version of Windows operating systems.

Far Manager boasts several impressive features, such as: an interactive command-line console with aliases and autocompletion; support for multiple languages; an easily configurable multilingual interface; file sort groups with color highlighting, multiple viewers for text, hex, binary files and images, plugin support and integration with version control systems. Also unique among file managers, Far Manager is available under the BSD license for distribution and modification without restrictions or license fees imposed on users or modifications to its code.


Far Manager is a text-based program that enables users to effectively organize files and file archives on their Windows computer. With advanced user tools available and plugin support for expansion purposes, Far Manager works across most versions of Windows OS. It can be downloaded both as an x86 and x64 download for easy access.

FAR stands out from many similar programs by being free and open source, meaning it can be accessed and modified from anywhere around the world by its users. Furthermore, this program supports multiple languages and includes tutorials designed to help newcomers learn its functions more quickly.

The interface of this program is old-school and utilizes command line, but does support some mouse operations like drag-and-drop. Experienced computer users should find this design unfussy to use; newcomers may find it daunting initially.

Far Manager stands out from its competition with several features that make it particularly useful, including its customizable layout and appearance, shortcut creation for commonly used commands, powerful macro scripting language to automate tasks quickly, and time saving macros that save users from repetitive work.

Far Manager features include the ability to synchronize local and remote folders, access an FTP server, support for popular archive formats and a text editor with syntax highlighting. Furthermore, Far Manager can be extended with over 200 community-created plugins and even integrated with version control systems.

Note that while this software doesn’t provide official customer support, there are numerous online forums and discussion groups dedicated to helping with any problems that might arise for its users. As a result, this makes it an attractive alternative to more traditional GUI-based programs.

Far Manager may not be as user-friendly or attractive as other file management applications, but it remains an effective choice that works on most operating systems. Fast, user-friendly and extensible – Far Manager makes an ideal alternative to Windows Explorer for managing files.


Far Manager is a keyboard-oriented file manager for Microsoft Windows operating systems that features two panel layout and set of keyboard shortcuts inherited from Norton Commander used before mice became ubiquitous. The program facilitates handling files and directories (creating, viewing, editing, searching, moving copying deleting) while expanding into additional features with plugins.

Far is designed to support multiple languages and offers an easily customizable user interface, while further expanding with external DLL modules, known as plugins, that add features such as archive support, FTP client functionality and temporary panels.

Transitional rules and reporting form instructions have been created to assist ADIs and their authorised NOHCs as they make the switch from BEAR to FAR. They are available from APRA’s website but should not be seen as a replacement for using APRA Connect portal or complying with FAR registration and reporting requirements.

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