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Far Manager

Far Manager is a text mode file and archive manager designed for console use that features keyboard navigation and drag-and-drop capability, similar to Norton Commander. Using Win32 console with an intuitive keyboard user interface (although some limited mouse functionality including drag-and-drop is possible).

Key features of Macrosuite(r) include an advanced macro scripting language, plugins for FTP and network browsing, archive support and much more.


FAR Manager is a console based file and archive manager that takes users back to the days of command line operating systems. It operates seamlessly in text mode with keyboard operation taking priority; mouse actions are supported as well. It features two file panels and a command prompt with fully customizable panel views to show only items they wish. Users can perform commands in a history panel, swap between panels, display hidden system files as well as customize color schemes for panel views, dialogs warning messages menu command-line clock.

External DLL modules called plugins extend its standard functionality considerably by using scripting languages to record keypress sequences for repeated operations. By default, some of these plugins have been installed with the program including archive support, network browser support, time panel management and FTP client. Programmers with even limited knowledge of programming may write their own plugins – an online guide can assist novice programmers.

Far Manager is an extremely powerful and flexible computer tool suitable for novice and advanced computer users. Notable features of Far Manager include the ability to set multiple command keys for performing repeated commands, support for long file names, the possibility to establish and use file associations, an internal viewer with syntax highlighting support, customizable user menus, tree view file search comparison folder tools integrated help system as well as numerous additional utilities.

Advanced users have several configuration options that they can change, such as sending deleted files directly to the recycle bin, running scripts on startup, displaying a digital clock in the right corner of the screen and revealing screensaver after a custom period of inactivity – among many other settings such as setting file view history, password protection options for programs, custom color schemes for text controls, folder icon settings and command-line arguments, autocomplete in edit control buttons and auto-complete in edit control buttons – that they can alter.


Are you in need of a free program that can assist in managing files and archived data? Consider Far Manager as it works in text mode with an intuitive user interface, making it simple and effective for working with all types of files and folders, while simultaneously synchronizing local and remote versions, and even displaying hex, binary, or image data – and can even be extended with plugins!

Installation is straightforward with Far Manager’s Setup Wizard providing guidance throughout. After accepting the license agreement and selecting language/changelog/add-ons/plugins you would like installed, installation begins automatically; once complete you can access Far Manager through a desktop shortcut or by browsing to its directory location.

Far Manager can be used on all versions of Windows from XP through 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It supports multiple keyboard layouts and includes viewers for text, hexadecimal data, binary data and images as well as built-in viewers that support these data types. Furthermore, macro scripting language capabilities and plugins allow further expansion. Ultimately, its default interface combines two file panels with a command prompt that can both be fully customized; many features of Far Manager can also be reached using keyboard shortcuts.

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Far Manager is a free and open-source software for Windows that enables users to efficiently organize files, folders, archives, text and more. Featuring a user-friendly interface that supports keyboard shortcuts as well as being compatible with other applications – Far Manager makes an ideal solution for those wanting complete control of their PCs.

Its default interface combines two file panels with a command prompt, each of which may be fully customized to show specific columns or change their order. Most features are accessible via keyboard shortcuts; furthermore, its key bar at the bottom displays any function key actions available to perform.

Far is extensible beyond basic operations with external DLL modules called plugins that utilize a special set of interfaces known as the Plugins API. This enables users to add functionality without altering Far’s source code directly – giving it more flexibility compared to Windows Explorer.

Far’s main features include its ability to browse and manipulate archives as though they were folders, creating and extracting archives as well as encrypting and decrypting them. Furthermore, Far can be used for viewing and editing files (including PDF documents), as well as comparing files and has an inbuilt help system with detailed information on its features.

Far is an easy, reliable network service designed to fulfill basic network tasks such as browsing a local network and accessing remote hosts. It supports various protocols like TFTP and SNAP for file transfer; SSH and SSL encryption safeguard your privacy by helping protect it; plus it’s compatible with both Windows NT/2000 as well as recent Linux distributions.

This application comes highly recommended from multiple people and serves as a great alternative to similar programs such as SoulseekQt, Remotr, and qBittorrent. It’s fast, small, compact and straightforward installation and use, not to mention it has unique and interesting features that set it apart from similar file transfer and networking apps.

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