FastStone Image Viewer Review

FastStone Image Viewer is an agile file viewer with an easy-to-use interface, providing users with the capability to sort pictures, tag them and create slideshows.

The program features basic editing tools such as cropping, resizing, brightness/darkness adjustment and password-protected ZIP, RAR and 7-Zip files access. Furthermore, frames, border masks and watermarks can be added to photos.

Full-screen mode

FastStone Image Viewer stands out from other image viewers with its full-screen mode, enabling users to navigate without clicking toolbars that occupy too much of the screen – saving both time and RSI risk. In addition, FastStone Image Viewer includes high quality magnifier and musical slideshow with 150 transitional effects as well as editing capabilities which allow them to edit photos easily or add text.

This program allows for the display of thumbnails, full-screen images and EXIF information. Furthermore, it supports numerous file formats like BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA ICO JPEG among others. Furthermore, animated photo files and video clips can also be watched with this application; media files and folders can be organized easily; basic edits like resizing cropping red-eye removal can be performed as well as color adjustments to ensure optimal results from every shoot.

This program is very user friendly, making learning simple even for newcomers. With tool-tips, clear icons and skin choices all making for an intuitive user experience – new users should expect to be up and running within hours and fully acquainted within days or weeks!

This program offers functionality that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with other image viewers, including auto-color correction and modification of lighting levels, frame/border/watermark customization options and sketch/oil painting effects. Furthermore, you can rotate/flip an image, adjust its brightness/contrast level or gamma level settings as needed and even rotate and flip images – among many other functions!


FastStone Image Viewer is an excellent option if you need to crop photos and other images quickly and easily, featuring a clean interface and the capability of performing numerous editing effects. Furthermore, its intuitive nature makes it simple for any users to create slideshows while providing high quality zoom functionality – plus undoing changes made.

Support for all major image formats is offered, along with various useful tools, such as thumbnail browsers, EXIF information, comparison tools, red-eye removal, resizing/cropping/retouching tools and color adjustments. File conversion and batch processing capabilities can also be utilized; additionally it boasts a high-quality magnifier, musical slideshow featuring 150 transition effects as well as lossless JPEG conversions, drop shadow effects, annotation tools and image annotation features.

Cropping allows you to adapt the paper ratio of an image to the size and format of paper you intend on printing it on, as well as drag its corners around to change its dimensions. Furthermore, brightness/contrast levels, sharpen or blur the image, sharpen/blur, add watermarks/text watermarks can all be adjusted before saving as either jpg or tiff files on your computer.

WidsMob Viewer Pro provides another great option for cropping images: It is available as free software and can edit virtually all types of files, from videos and audio tracks, to photos. Resize, rotate, crop, annotate pictures as well as capture screens are supported as password-protected ZIP RAR 7-Zip archives are password-protected with its user-friendly interface and filters/effects such as oil painting/sketch support are among its many capabilities.

Red-eye removal

Although this freeware program lacks many of the nifty features found in leading image-editing suites, its Red Eye Removal feature is highly effective and easy to use. Simply select an image in Image Explorer and open it through Edit > Red-Eye Removal to display its preview in left pane of editor window before using Edit > Red-Eye Removal feature for red-eye removal; once complete click Remove Red-Eye button to complete process.

After this step is completed, you can further adjust the correction strength and darkening level of the pupil to give more natural-looking results. Furthermore, the program offers the option of disabling pupil detection altogether for added convenience in certain instances.

Another strength of this program is that it offers basic editing tools like resizing, cropping, brightness/darkness adjustment, auto contrast and sharpening/blurring. Furthermore, this program supports several major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG 2000 animated GIFs PNG PCX TIFF WMF ICO) as well as popular digital camera RAW files.

FastStone Image Viewer’s other useful functions include creating slideshows with multiple images, printing pictures and providing high-quality magnifier. Furthermore, FastStone allows for using lossless JPEG transition effects as well as various transition effects including batch processing function for quickly converting large groups of photos; as well as its excellent search function and support of tag editing capabilities.

EXIF information

FastStone Image Viewer is an advanced software tool designed to give users access to a range of useful options for viewing and editing images. You can use it to organize digital photos and enhance their quality while improving organization of digital files in general. Features of FastStone Image Viewer include EXIF information, full-screen mode, slideshow display as well as support for various file formats as well as compatibility with many browsers – plus it is free! You can download FastStone Image Viewer directly from its developer’s website!

The program aims to be a comprehensive photo management and editing solution for Windows, supporting numerous image formats, batch processing, photo resizing/conversion/color management and color management features. It’s user friendly enough for beginners as well as experts alike and can even be used to create or edit metadata on images which is particularly valuable to photographers as it displays information such as camera model/exposure settings/date/time as well as geographical location details on each photograph – this feature helps identify duplicate files quickly!

If you need a comprehensive tool, Adobe Bridge or Lightroom may be your perfect match. Both programs feature advanced editing features and will integrate well with creative software like Photoshop. There are also numerous free alternatives that provide similar services like Exif Pilot, Adobe Bridge, Microsoft Pro Photo Tools DigiKam and XnView MP.

Beginners might benefit from WidsMob Viewer Pro, which is similar to FastStone Image Viewer in terms of ease-of-use. You can download it free and use it to access most media files such as audio, video and PDFs; display thumbnails of images within folders and even create slideshows with music and effects.


FastStone Image Viewer’s slideshow feature is an effective way to present photos and videos. Select an album of images to play back, add music, set the duration per slide and also change background settings and transition effects – making professional-looking presentations simple!

At first glance, the program may appear complex; however, its interface is intuitive enough for even novice users to navigate easily. You can browse your files quickly while quickly accessing various functions, including thumbnail browsers, EXIF information, hidden toolbars and full-screen mode. Furthermore, this app supports various graphic formats and includes various skins for personalization.

Alongside standard photo editing tools (cropping, resizing and so on), this software also offers more advanced options such as bump maps for texturing images and an effective red-eye removal function. Furthermore, batch processing capabilities exist and screen shots can be taken by simply clicking one button; additionally it offers basic drawing tools allowing for drawing lines, circles and arrows.

One unique aspect of its capabilities is the ability to play video files. This feature can come in handy if you have downloaded or captured video that needs watching without installing additional codecs; additionally it can even be used to watch DVDs and SVCDs!

This software is compatible with most file types and easy to use, making it perfect for sharing photos across devices or organizing and improving image quality. Plus, its support for changing file type makes sharing files with someone new easier! It is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to organize their photos or simply enhance image quality.

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