FastStone Image Viewer Review

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a free and highly versatile image editor, browser, and converter designed specifically for Microsoft Windows that features file comparisons, emailing, red-eye removal, scanner support, drop shadow effects, high quality zoom capabilities and image annotation among its many capabilities.

It also supports most major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG 2000, animated GIFs, PNGs, TIFFs, WMFs, ICOs and EPSs) as well as popular digital camera RAW formats.


FastStone Image Viewer is an efficient, stable and user-friendly image browser, converter and editor with many useful features for image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal as well as emailing, resizing cropping retouching color adjustments etc.

This program supports numerous file formats, from BMP and JPEG images to GIF, PNG and TIFF documents; less common types include ICO, EPS, MAT and SGI formats as well. Furthermore, password-protected ZIP, RAR and 7-Zip archives can be opened so images contained within them can be seen directly without first having to decompress them first.

FSIV’s latest release boasts some significant enhancements over its previous versions, such as being able to quickly process embedded ICC profiles (and allow you to disable this feature if desired) as well as view and edit EXIF information and histograms from within its main interface without accessing separate image files for each.

Major improvements include support for displaying larger thumbnail images in the file list. Where previously these were displayed as small windows on the left-hand side of the screen, now they can be displayed as icons on the right-hand side and can be expanded by simply clicking them.

FSIV not only offers standard tools for resizing, cropping and rotating images but also more advanced editing functions like clone brush and curve (tonality) adjustment. Furthermore, this program can convert pictures to various file formats including Canon’s CR2 and CR3 RAW formats as well as Sony ARW formats for digital camera RAW files.

FSIV’s latest release adds two additional options for its Magnifier tool: with one mouse click displaying an image at 100% size (100%), while pressing and holding left button allows users to use mouse scroll wheel zoom in or out to move a picture around as needed – perfect for users working with mass images! This makes the Magnifier tool ideal for regular inspection of images for flaws or defects.


FastStone Image Viewer goes far beyond being just a fast image viewer – it also comes equipped with many features that enable you to manage, compare, and edit pictures easily. Furthermore, this viewer supports numerous image formats as well as full-screen mode for accessing EXIF data more quickly.

Its interface resembles that of Windows Explorer, with folders and images located in the left pane and previews in the right. Furthermore, you can customize its look by choosing from among three themes (bright, dark or gray) available – making this program suitable to any desktop PC environment.

Keyboard shortcuts allow for even quicker editing of photos. Pressing L will rotate it leftward while pressing R will do the opposite. Border effects and text insertion options can also be applied. Black-and-white or sepia images, adjusted colors or curves, watermarking photos and creating musical slideshows with over 150 animated transitions can all be easily done using this software as well as adding drop shadow effects – so get creative today and create amazing pictures.

This software is perfect for photographers who require a straightforward yet comprehensive program to organize large amounts of digital images efficiently. With its speed and usability, this is a fantastic option for sports shooters or photojournalists needing to process mass images quickly. In addition, there are basic editing tools and a full file browser.

This program may look outdated, but its user-friendly navigation and effective functionality make up for that fact. Features such as red-eye removal, comparison and emailing make this app invaluable; all major image file formats are supported as well.

Full-screen mode of this application is an amazing tool for viewing and comparing images. Simply activate it by clicking one of the four edges of the screen; additional features include keyboard shortcuts as well as the option to display detailed image information or program options at any edge touched by mouse.

File management

FastStone Image Viewer is an intuitive file manager designed to allow users to easily search and locate images on their PCs. It offers many functions that make it a worthy alternative to the default Windows photo viewer, including an advanced slide show mode with over 150 transition effects, lossless image conversions, scanner support, and image annotation capabilities.

This program’s innovative photo editing functionality makes photo manipulation quick and simple, with features to crop, resize and straighten images; tag or watermark images; perform color correction; add drop shadow effects; create slideshows and organize photo albums – even by simply clicking! The tool even makes organizing your albums simpler with its ability to display all files from a folder or directory with one click!

Image viewing software such as ImageJ is convenient in its support for most major image formats, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and WMF. Furthermore, RAW images from digital SLR and mirrorless cameras such as CRW, CR3, NEF PEF RAF RWL MRW ORF SRF ARW and SR2 cameras can also be opened successfully using this viewer.

Although the program’s interface can appear somewhat disorganized at first, this is due to all of its tools being jam-packed together into a relatively compact space. However, full-screen mode makes navigating your image library much simpler with features such as thumbnail browsing and instantaneous access to EXIF data; and contains hidden toolbars which appear when users move their mouse over certain parts of the screen.

Image Viewer software for Windows is free to download, compatible with all versions from XP up to 10, and portable for use on USB flash drives. The latest release 7.5 brings some key improvements including a database engine and ratings system as well as an enhanced preview function to demonstrate changes you have made to images.


As a free image viewer, this program boasts plenty of bells and whistles that make it an excellent option. Not only is the user interface simple and intuitive but this software works on all kinds of computers including touch screen input.

FastStone Image Viewer is an excellent solution for managing and viewing digital photos. Its comprehensive file management system, featuring automatic thumbnail display of folders on the desktop, as well as basic editing tasks such as resizing and cropping capabilities and slideshow creation capabilities make this software an attractive alternative to more advanced image editors such as Adobe Photoshop.

FastStone Image Viewer’s user interface may seem outdated, but it still serves its purpose effectively. The program features a column of folders on the left-hand side with several rows below it displaying photos in full screen mode for full comparisons between photos. In addition, text, lines and shapes can be added directly into photos for modification and resampling and conversion is supported along with high quality magnification features as well as several background effects for your viewing pleasure.

Image Viewer Free has long been known for its advanced features and compatibility across major operating systems. Additionally, it features many tools suitable for viewing JPEG, BMP and TIFF files as well as video files for editing purposes.

This program’s interface is user-friendly, similar to Windows Explorer. It includes a toolbar with options such as File, Capture, Edit, Colors and Effects as well as red eye removal capabilities. In addition, importing/renaming files, editing EXIF data and performing red-eye removal are possible using this software.

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