Features of VEGAS Pro 10

VEGAS Pro is an innovative video editing program. Though not as feature-packed as Adobe Premiere Pro, VEGAS Pro still packs plenty of tools for video editors of any skill level to make it an attractive option.

VEGAS Professional features a customizable workspace, GPU-accelerated video editing tools and audio tools such as multitrack audio editing, unlimited 5.1 surround sound and automated workflows. Furthermore, there’s VEGAS Prepare which helps organize media using three levels of organization.


VEGAS Pro offers you all of the tools necessary for producing film, web content and TV or movie projects with ease. Manage your projects efficiently while creating complex video composites and adding professional-grade effects – all within an integrated workflow system.

Make the most out of your material and edit it using the most flexible timeline available today, with advanced color grading and compositing tools directly on the timeline without needing to switch views or leave the program. Engage viewers by providing realistic motion graphics or transport them seamlessly into any setting using error-free chroma keying.

Storyboards make it easy to quickly brainstorm your ideas and sketch out a rough cut in no time, enabling you to identify the ideal sequences before investing significant effort into creating it.

Easy import/export capabilities enable you to deliver video optimized for different platforms – social media sites and DVD playback alike. Plus advanced rendering options make files suitable for streaming or HD display – for example by adding custom frames around footage so it fits properly on screen viewing.


VEGAS Pro boasts an impressive set of compositing tools. You can combine any two or more images together – whether text over an image, video clips over images, etc – then add special effects such as masking and blurring to them afterwards.

Another handy feature of NLEs has long been their ability to keyframe filter intensities in a timeline, but this capability is now even more accessible and useful. There are also 3D adjustment effects which allow you to rotate, flip, tilt and change depth of field of footage captured with 3D. Furthermore, upscaling parameters are now keyframable with various interpolation methods available for upscaling effects.

Other new features include an updated Slicing tool to quickly and easily delete images and video clips, batch renaming feature for files in a project, audio effects (such as filter, EQ and delay), as well as an improved Z-Depth OFX plug-in that uses AI technology to identify foregrounds and backgrounds for advanced blur effects and smart masking effects.

While Vegas Pro still presents a learning curve for professional and independent filmmakers alike, it offers much for both filmmakers. Cheaper than many of its main rivals and offering 3D and GPU-accelerated export, among other functionality. Although further improvements could be seen in performance and compositing areas, this update makes an attractive nonlinear editor even better.


VEGAS Pro timeline offers a vast array of professional effects and compositing tools that allow you to bring your vision to life. From stylistic color grading, green screen compositing that places stories across infinite worlds or modern 3D CGI modeling with particle generation – our powerful visual effects tools enable you to do all this and more without ever leaving the main timeline!

FilmTouch 2.0 provides stunning film looks that are easier to control than traditional filters, enabling keyframing of intensity over time. Furthermore, any filter or effect can now be applied across an entire track in your project instead of only clips in its timeline, offering endless creative composite possibilities.

Other effects include our newly improved blur transitions, offering ultra-soft directional dissolves and more natural-looking blur combinations than built-in transitions. In addition, Red Giant Complete includes Trapcode, Magic Bullet Looks and VFX Suite plugins specifically optimized for VEGAS Pro which offer additional features like chrome keying and outline glows for optimal video production.

VEGAS Pro’s unique method for effects processing allows you to use an external processor in real time for effects such as stutter removal – without leaving your main program! This ensures a much higher standard of quality with minimal effort on your part and lets you utilize effects such as this on all videos simultaneously.

Motion Tracking

Motion tracking is at the core of many digital effects. From superimposing logos onto moving vans to adding head-up displays to spaceships, tracking data can be harnessed for all sorts of exciting uses.

VEGAS Pro comes equipped with its own version of Boris FX’s Mocha planar tracking tool. It is a powerful, fast and accurate planar tracker that offers numerous unique features – automatic face tracking as well as a retouching tool which is excellent for correcting skin tone issues or covering blemishes.

By using the Pin Effects to Motion Track command, it’s easy to link motion tracking data with any video fx that contains parameters specifying screen coordinates – including VEGAS Titles&Text, Red Giant Universal Line Lens Flare Ignite Lightning Electricity Sapphire S_WarpCornerPin and more!

Colorists will love VEGAS Pro’s powerful color correction tools, including its adjustable Vectorscope skin tone line, logarithmic exposure control emulating camera exposure, and two-way auto contrast capabilities. All you need to deliver stunning color results!

VEGAS Pro remains at the forefront of HDR color grading technology, offering advanced HDR viewers, an HDR spectrometer, and industry-standard grading visualization tools that make creating beautiful videos simple across many formats and resolutions. Furthermore, its all-new LUT import feature makes using professionally created lookup tables (LUTs) easily integrated into video production projects.

Color Grading

Color Grading is an integral component of video production. Skilful use of colors can convey meaning in content, enhance artistic effect and shape an original style. In the past, DaVinci Resolve was widely considered the go-to tool, while Avid Media Composer included some color grading features as well. Now VEGAS Pro is making waves in this market thanks to an impressive suite of inbuilt tools for color correction as well as HDR support.

Vegas Pro 20 boasts an important improvement: the addition of a dedicated color grading panel in its main window, under the timeline. This intuitive interface has all of the tools necessary for HDR work and is perfectly tailored to support it.

Access the new panel from either the Color tab in the Timeline toolbar, or directly by clicking on any of the bottom three circles of different colors to open it directly. This opens a panel at the bottom of your screen with various color controls: color wheels, color curves and HSL sliders – as well as providing instantaneous color grading capabilities via Look LUTs (lookup tables).

Color grading panel is an amazing feature of VEGAS Hub; however, it would be even better if those controls could also be used within effects panel. Also noteworthy is its new Transfer feature that allows instantaneous file upload from mobile phone into VEGAS Hub; then create collections accessible directly through VEGAS Pro or Prepare.


VEGAS Pro was developed as an audio editing application, and V10 honors that legacy with its extensive sound control tools – from unlimited 24-bit/192kHz tracks, on the fly punch-in recording, 5.1 surround mixing to effects automation and time compress/expand features.

Recording voiceovers into Vegas Pro may not be difficult, but there are a few key things you should keep in mind before you begin. First, ensure your computer is set up for voiceover recording; for instance, is your microphone recognized in Windows 10’s Settings/System/Sound window? Also be careful not to overdo your volume settings when recording; peak levels that exceed 3dB peaks could distort your sound and should be avoided at all costs.

After recording, files can be imported into Vegas Pro either manually or using a Capture session. With Capture sessions complete, VEGAS Pro automatically brings video and audio files onto its main timeline with their sources synched via audio synchronization – you can then export or save as a separate project file (.vegcap).

VEGAS Pro is an advanced nonlinear editing software package that empowers businesses to produce and edit professional videos from one central platform. Its video editing features enable professionals to apply colorizing filters, control exposures and manage grading workflows as well as reduce any appearance of shaky movements with its video stabilization engine.

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