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Firefox Quantum

Firefox is a fast and lightweight browser that has consistently outshone Google Chrome in performance tests, consuming significantly less memory than its competition.

Mozilla released the Firefox Quantum web browser in 2017 as version 57, speeding it up while upgrading its plug-in engine and adding pocket features that enable content saves on-the-go.


Firefox Quantum stands out as an impressive web browser in that its primary selling point is speed, and that’s exactly what its performance speaks for. Thanks to an overhauled core engine and design that doesn’t get in your way, it offers twice the speed as its predecessor while using less memory than competitors compared to past iterations of Firefox.

Quantum, an overhaul project for browsers that revamps everything the browser does between consuming website code and rendering pixels-heavy pages onto your screen, has made significant strides forward in speed and efficiency. Quantum Commpositor runs on top of Servo rendering engine to offload some steps onto a dedicated GPU thread for increased efficiency – engineers observed speed gains of nearly 30% using tests with JavaScript-heavy pages during tests conducted using this methodology.

Quantum’s biggest advantage comes from taking full advantage of multi-core processors. Most web browsers don’t take multi-core hardware into account when programming web pages; Quantum takes full advantage of it to achieve faster page loads times, smooth scrolling/navigation experience, and overall more responsive performance.

Firefox Quantum offers support for WebAssembly, which will enable developers to build high-performance applications that run entirely within your web browser without needing to be downloaded and installed as standalone applications on your computer. Furthermore, advanced developer tools have been implemented that streamline debugging and profiling activities as well as security features like automatic security updates and strong encryption.

Photon is another significant change to Firefox Quantum that stands out, offering a sleeker and cleaner user interface than Chrome with minimalist aesthetic and crisp lines that stands up well against today’s high-resolution displays. There’s even a Library button that stores bookmarks, downloads, history, passwords in one convenient place as well as Pocket’s Story Suggestions feature that suggests articles from Pocket alongside your most-visited sites!

As with any transition, transitioning from custom-built Firefox with many add-ons may not be without hurdles; Firefox Quantum abandons its original add-on framework for an open, Google-style system; requiring many popular extensions to be modified accordingly.


Firefox Quantum stands out as an industry leader by offering users numerous security features to safeguard their online privacy, such as blocking invasive trackers and scripts which allow websites to build profiles of you over time, blocking non-secure site notification requests for notifications, location permissions or notifications requiring notification permissions and blocking requests from non-secure sites for notification and location permissions. All versions of Firefox support this feature – from its extended support release (ESR), with less frequent updates but still offering secure browsing experiences.

Firefox was the first browser to leverage multicore processors fully, enabling it to run modern web apps quickly without slowing down. Furthermore, its use of less resources means it will maintain its speed over time while taking up less memory than Chrome does.

The Quantum update makes installing and using extensions simpler, as well as syncing between devices for effortless bookmarks, passwords, preferences, bookmarks and login credentials synchronization across your devices. Furthermore, if your device becomes lost or broken you still have an easy way of retrieving these passwords and login credentials from your computer if they become necessary in retrieval processes.

As an additional layer of security, Firefox utilizes a multiprocess architecture which separates web content from its user interface, helping prevent crashes and improve responsiveness by limiting how one website impacts all browser tabs simultaneously. Furthermore, this feature enables Enhanced Tracking Protection, which prevents web trackers from sending your information back to sites you visit; you can enable this feature under Privacy & Security settings and choose between Standard, Strict or Custom for how much tracking protection should take place.


Mozilla earned rave reviews when they unveiled Firefox Quantum in November 2017, yet this web-browsing powerhouse can be made even better through add-ons and extensions. Here are some of the best add-ons for Quantum browser.

One of the main innovations that Firefox Quantum brings is built-in anti-tracker functionality. As a result, websites that harvest personal information won’t be able to function and will have to find other means of collecting your information. Furthermore, this makes Firefox Quantum more resilient against tracker blocking extensions found for Chrome and Edge devices, helping keep you safer online.

Quantum comes preinstalled with some add-ons, but many users may wish to further expand its functionality. To help this process along, Quantum already offers Pocket for saving articles for later reading and a screen capture tool which lets you capture entire pages without scrolling.

Firefox Quantum’s Quantum upgrade brings with it an ad-blocker designed to prevent online scammers and fraudulent practices while being lightweight on memory requirements. uBlock Origin’s advanced features help counter advertising, malware, tracking and video ads with crypto-jacking protection as well as offering an ad-free YouTube browsing experience; making it comparable to most popular ad-blockers while taking up less memory than Chrome-based alternatives.

Privacy Badger is an indispensable Firefox add-on for those who value control over their data collection. This handy add-on displays all trackers, cookies and pixels being utilized by websites you visit; allows for you to block these tools as desired; as well as provides insight into analyzing different tracking strategies on their impact on privacy.

Other add-ons can enhance the experience with Firefox Quantum, including Momentum’s default new tab dashboard which features stunning landscape art and clock to provide an energizing workspace. Furthermore, installing an extension that mutes websites’ auto-play audio and video can also be very helpful; alternatively LastPass Password Manager goes several steps beyond conventional password managers in making forms easier to complete and storing items such as receipts easier.


Firefox Quantum stands out as one of the most privacy-minded browsers out there, blocking pervasive tracking cookies used by ad trackers to reveal your online activities and prevent advertisers, crypto miners and other nefarious entities from collecting information about your web browsing habits. Previously limited to beta and nightly releases of the browser, this feature has now been implemented across all current releases of it.

Other notable features of Firefox’s latest iteration are an intuitive and faster user interface with a clean and modern design, an improved touchscreen support experience, GPU-optimized rendering engine based on Servo’s WebRender project, support for AMD VP9 hardware decoder for high-quality video playback on Windows devices, multiprocess architecture for improved stability, native library for bookmarks, Pocket saves, screenshots and browsing history, integration with Android apps that run as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), as well as royalty-free standards like AV1 which make web videos affordable.

The new Firefox features a built-in private browsing mode similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode that does not save any data or display ads, similar to Incognito on mobile browsers such as Safari. Its library can store downloads, Pocket saves, screenshots and browser history all together for easy retrieval. In addition, Firefox lets you import bookmarks, passwords and autofill data from other browsers and offers extensions with unique functionality to enhance browsing experiences.

Mozilla Firefox is free and open source software that makes it simple to customize and extend the browser with add-ons that provide both security and functionality. These include HTTPS-Only Mode that restricts access to websites not using HTTPS protocol, multiprocess architecture that separates content from its UI process for improved stability and speed, as well as anti-tracking options.

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook collect personal information from users in order to tailor a more tailored experience, but many users find this practice annoying and intrusive. Firefox offers several privacy protection tools, including its Do Not Track feature – set as default – and the option of disabling third-party tracking scripts; additionally it has an additional optional feature which creates a unique fingerprint of its user to prevent websites from identifying him/her directly.

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