Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Review

FNAF Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is the newest installment of Scott Cawthon’s popular indie series and offers some of the finest animatronics available, along with captivating voice acting that becomes ever more unnerving when being chased by its antagonist.

It’s also the first free-roaming FNAF game, giving you more room to navigate around Pizzaplex than previous titles did – though it comes with its own challenges.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is the latest entry in the popular horror franchise developed by Steel Wool Studios and Scott Cawthon, released in 2021 as the ninth main installment. Set in the same setting as its predecessors but featuring new animatronics and gameplay changes. This game also has an intricate story arc that adds new lore into the universe while offering multiple endings for players to experience different parts of it.

The game features an innovative survival horror gameplay style, unique in the series. Gregory must navigate a large shopping mall in search of its morbid secrets after five nights have passed in Sister Location; during which, his character must also survive against animatronics and female security guards as well as avoid becoming the target for their attention. With greater character movement than previous installments in this game series, players should take care to avoid drawing attention from animatronics that have suddenly appeared around him.

Though it received mixed reviews from critics, it quickly gained popularity with fans for its innovative gameplay and character designs. Steam gave it a high ‘Very Positive’ rating and millions of YouTube views were recorded; speedrunners attempted to break the world record for finishing it in less time possible while many players have also given praise to its music and visuals – though some critics criticized its lack of an overarching story or screen time given to Vanny who featured prominently in its marketing material.

Steel Wool Studios’ close communication with fans about initial gameplay quality has been appreciated, while February’s update seems to have addressed most bugs and technical problems associated with its initial release.


FNAF Security Breach, the latest installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, takes a different approach to gameplay than its predecessors. Instead of being restricted to a single room, players control security cameras and equipment throughout an indoor theme park, as well as having to fend off animatronics that roam from room to room. While some critics criticized it, many fans praised FNAF Security Breach’s innovative gameplay and fascinating narrative.

At Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, Gregory must survive an overnight shift while dodging animatronic enemies that try to kill him. While similar in concept to its predecessors, this game features an expanded setting and narrative; its placement within the series timeline remains difficult; many fans speculating that this may occur sometime after Sister Location.

Though FNAF Security Breach has met with mixed reviews, it remains an excellent addition to the franchise. Finally revealing their secret identity of an intriguing protagonist adds depth and brings new insight to FNAF’s horror gaming universe that has quickly become one of its cornerstones.

FNAF Security Breach stands out from previous installments by permitting players to explore an expansive indoor theme park filled with disrepair animated characters who threaten players by using flashlights, security cameras and other surveillance equipment against them. Furthermore, classic animatronic characters from previous five nights at freddy’s games such as Spring Bonnie and Springtrap may make reappearances here too!

While FNAF Security Breach’s creepy atmosphere and soundtrack make for an excellent horror game experience, its gameplay doesn’t quite measure up to previous FNAF installments – controls are less responsive while animatronics may feel less alive than before – however fans of older titles will surely still appreciate its addition.


FNAF Security Breach features stunning graphics and animations in addition to its story. Its art style mirrors that of previous games in the series, with cartoony hand-drawn illustrations using flat colors and simple shapes. In addition, there is a variety of character models and poses available, making the characters more recognizable and approachable.

Graphics in the game are smooth and crisp, with detailed backgrounds and animatronics. However, some older computers may run at a reduced frame rate which may prove frustrating as the game may stutter or drop frames during gameplay.

To address this problem, it’s suggested that you upgrade to a computer equipped with a more capable graphics card – this should lead to an improved gaming experience. In addition, running a clean boot may reveal any third-party applications which might be interfering with FNAF Security Breach; once identified, disable them before relaunching FNAF Security Breach to see if your problem has been addressed.

Additionally, the game offers collectible items and arcade minigames for players to unlock through various tasks – like creating distractions or breaking plates – which may help players reach the end of the night and escape the pizzaplex. Please be mindful that this is a single-player experience so no help from friends can be relied upon here.

Security Breach stands out from its Five Nights at Freddy’s cousins by taking place in an expansive shopping mall – making it the largest setting ever seen in this franchise. Furthermore, unlike previous installments in this series, Security Breach only features one night instead of five, and offers free-roam gameplay.

FNAF Security Breach is an outstanding addition to the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, boasting fun gameplay that fans of this series will adore. While not suitable for everyone due to adult content and violence present within it, fans will certainly find this title enjoyable.


The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise goes far beyond just being an entertaining horror game series with challenging gameplay and terrifying jump scares; its rich backstory and lore has won fans over, and Security Breach, its latest installment, does not disappoint either, offering new take-on animatronics as well as lots of additional gameplay elements.

Allen Simpson composed the music for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. It plays during both cutscenes and whenever a player pauses the game or an instruction card appears – setting an ominous atmosphere while helping keep alertness high! Furthermore, song lyrics offer added insight and melodic structure fits well into this immersive adventure game.

Fifteen Nights at Freddy’s has long been an immensely popular series, inspiring several fan-made musical tributes such as The Living Tombstone’s Freddy’s Security Breach which has garnered over 273. million views on YouTube; another is DA Games’ remix of the main theme which offers more upbeat sounds.

Security Breach differs from previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games by being free-roam, allowing the player to explore an entire facility in search of animatronics. They are guided around using both a map and Faz-Watch device which allows them to monitor security cameras for threats while reading messages, making the game more approachable for newcomers who might otherwise feel intimidated by its difficulty. This feature makes Security Breach especially welcoming for newcomers worried about difficulty.

Security Breach stands out as both an approachable game and a nostalgic throwback, with nods to older titles in the franchise and various easter eggs that will delight hardcore fans of Horror games such as Slayage. Furthermore, it includes references to Retro CD recordings in some parts of the original game’s Retro CD recordings – however this doesn’t make the experience any less terrifying! However it will give plenty of nightmare fuel for gamers!

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series has proven itself an exceptional indie franchise since the first game was released in 2014. Since then, multiple sequels have followed and while its initial success may have been impressive, its subsequent iterations had some bumpy patches; for instance, with disco-themed animatronics completely undermining its scare factor in FNAF movie.

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