Flipagram Adds Private Sharing

Flipagram is an app that allows users to easily create slideshows of photos and video clips set to music for sharing or sending privately to someone. They can either post these on social media sites like Facebook, or privately send them.

Mohit had developed several unsuccessful social media apps before meeting Feldman and Baghoomian in September 2013. He realized Flipagram held potential, but required a more dedicated business team as well as some upgrades.

It allows users to add music to their videos

Flipagram allows users to easily create music-video-like clips with photos and videos. Users can access Flipagram’s library of tracks or upload their own, plus basic editing tools for added customization. Flipagram is user-friendly and provides an alternative solution to other video editing apps such as iMovie or YouTube; additionally it is completely free of sign-up requirements or credit card details.

No doubt it comes as no surprise that major recording artists are using Flipagram to promote their music. Garth Brooks used Flipagram to post his Mother’s Day flip and it received over 6x more views than Facebook or Instagram combined! Furthermore, 13-year old girl band PinkFurs has also noticed increased attention since posting Flipagram posts than on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

However, Flipagram’s immense popularity didn’t translate to revenue for its creators; Mohit was searching for someone to take it over in order to “turn it into a real business.” Toutiao became that buyer in February 2017 before shutting it down six months later without disclosing an amount they paid – leaving Flipagram relatively undisturbed during that period – eventually merging it with Hipstar as Vigo Video app in 2018.

As for its future, Flipastar plans on introducing subject-specific channels that provide content creators an early opportunity for incentivization from content across categories like dance, beauty, food, art and animals – turning them into bonafide Flipastars! Mohit hopes this feature will launch by mid-September.

Flipagram’s immediate goal is to develop a version of their app that makes adding music easier than ever, as well as introduce an ad-supported version which will be universally available across iOS and Android. They plan on rolling out an update allowing users to access their personal music library as well as expand upon its current 200 soundtrack options.

It allows users to share their videos on social media

Flipagram makes video storytelling accessible across a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and WhatsApp. Flipagram’s user-friendly editing tools enable easy customizations such as speed adjustment, music, text filters and cropping to produce videos tailored exactly to the individual user’s story – plus free 30-second audio clips!

People around the world have taken to using this app for all sorts of creative purposes, from cooking tutorials and travel highlights to documentaries on social movements. Furthermore, it has great potential as a marketing tool; especially helpful for small businesses that may lack resources needed for traditional advertising methods.

Flipagram was poised to become the next big thing in mobile photo and video sharing when they received a $70 million funding round from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, however, their expansion plans ran into some challenges – in October alone they laid off approximately 20 employees as part of an internal restructuring effort.

Flipagram must find a way to generate revenue, yet has yet to identify an effective strategy. While its ad-free model has proven popular with some users, it doesn’t generate the kind of engagement needed to draw in large audiences of new users.

Flipagram has taken steps to generate revenue and has formed partnerships with several major music labels in order to license their artists’ music for use on Flipagrams, creating additional income streams for artists as well as widening user reach on Flipagram.

Another strategy for making money is allowing users to pay for additional features or options, such as being able to lengthen a Flipagram or remove its watermark, whether through in-app purchase or website. This is easily done through either option.

Flipagram creators could make money through selling their videos via the app’s platform, providing another avenue of revenue-generation for those skilled at producing engaging content for people to watch. This could prove profitable.

It allows users to edit their videos

Flipagram allows users to edit videos using music for added dimension to their stories. The app is fully licensed to allow music from major record labels, enabling users to legally use their favorite songs in their videos and even create playlists to share with friends and family.

Users can customize their videos with themes and visual effects from a selection of themes to make their presentations stand out and become more captivating for viewers. It’s also user-friendly; once finished you can save it to your device or share directly.

This groundbreaking mobile app is used by millions of people around the globe to capture and share moments with friends and followers. It has quickly become one of the fastest and most popular apps for creating personal video stories with incredible music; celebrities such as One Direction and Britney Spears also rely on it to produce viral content.

Flipagram secured $70 million from Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Index Ventures in February 2014 through an international funding round led by Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins. By this point it had already attracted millions of users globally while drawing investors from every corner.

Flipagram used free and simplified user experiences to increase its user base, including adding a watermark with its brand. This made its app stand out and attracted celebrity users, many of which amassed thousands of followers on the platform. Furthermore, its presence became known among influencers with strong Instagram presence as well.

App Annie reports that its growth has remained consistent over the last year and rarely drops out of the top 10 list in US App Store for photo and video apps. With 36 million active users, Snapchat remains well positioned to take advantage of shifting attention toward shorter-form social video.

Users can access their Flipagram slideshows online using any modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, and there are also several other editing solutions such as Filmora Video Editor for PC editing of Flipagram videos. Clippa offers several useful features to help create engaging Flipagram slideshows.

It allows users to share their videos with friends

Flipagram, the social-media app, now lets users privately share videos without leaving its app, by sending it via direct message or email. Flipagram hopes this new feature will increase stickiness among its users and joins other messaging apps in offering similar capabilities to keep their users coming back.

The new Direct Message (DM) feature can be found adjacent to the plus button used for creating Flip stories, and both parties must follow one another in order to use it. In addition, Flip recently made agreements with major music labels that enable users to legally incorporate both current and library songs in their Flips, further strengthening its presence as the social-media app that best integrates music.

Mohit says the company plans to increase stickiness through various means. One is through adding the Direct Messaging feature; others will include adding features that let users share or save Flips across other social networks or devices. Furthermore, they have hired new employees, including two former YouTube staffers.

Though initial implementation issues plagued it, the free app eventually found great popularity with users. The popularity is due to its ability to quickly combine pictures and video clips with music to tell a narrative. Recording artists such as Garth Brooks also frequently utilize it; his flip of his family’s Mother’s Day dinner received more likes, comments and shares than its equivalent video on Facebook or Instagram.

While Mohit has raised significant capital, his company has spent minimal effort or expense on marketing. Mohit believes that apps unable to spread through word of mouth “don’t deserve to live.” His team works from a modest office located near creative artists agency Creative Artists Agency – in mid-LA Century City; there’s even a ping-pong table and paddle in his desk, but no massage chairs or gourmet cappuccino machines!

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