Flipagram Review


Flipagram is an awesome app that allows you to tell a visual narrative using photos and videos from your phone or social media accounts, along with music and text – and when completed it becomes part of a flipbook!

Flipagram is free to download, with only a small “Flipagram” watermark visible in the lower right corner of your slideshows. Recommended for children aged 8 or above.

It’s a free app

Flipagram is a mobile application for creating photo slideshows set to music. While downloading and using it are free of charge, there are additional creative content purchases as well as subscription plans with features such as motion zooming and special effects available in-app for purchase.

The main goal of this app is to enable people to capture and share memories in an engaging and interactive manner. It pulls pictures from Facebook, Instagram and local files (SD cards or smartphones) as well as allow users to add music, text and even create a slideshow that plays backwards – an awesome way to preserve your memories for future generations! The app makes a wonderful way to preserve and share moments from life’s journey with friends and family alike!

Flipagram creation is simple. Simply gather photos from your camera roll or Instagram account; or use the built-in camera of the app itself. After selecting photos, arrange them into a slide show format with music added, title your creation and share your flipagram across social media platforms.

As smartphones advance, users are searching for innovative ways to preserve and share their experiences through photos and videos. This has led to a rise in innovative apps which help organize and share these memories more easily; one such application called Flipagram brings back traditional photo album feel for easier organization and sharing of photos and videos.

Four cofounders of Flipagram soon realized they needed to make adjustments to compete with other services, so they simplified the interface and added a watermark logo across all videos. Their changes proved fruitful as Flipagram became immensely successful.

The app’s latest feature, a music video camera, allows users to record lip-synching videos of themselves singing to popular songs on both iOS and Android devices. Due to its incredible success, there is now even an entire community dedicated to Flipagrams where users can upload and view Flipagrams.

It’s easy to use

Flipagram offers a fun way to create videos with friends and family. The app allows users to upload photos and video clips before adding themes, visual effects and music from over 350 fonts – creating truly custom videos! Flipagram makes sharing creations across Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites simple; additionally it offers a free trial period!

Start creating and sharing videos today on Flipagram’s website or app by creating an account using Facebook or Instagram, logging in, choosing photos to include in your video and pressing “Flip”. Customize it further with captions and music before sharing it with your friends and followers via Flipagram!

Sharing memories is easy when using this app! Popular among Instagram users and providing new ways to express yourself, this user-friendly program lets you easily create various effects in just a few steps – adding video filters can even enhance the appeal of your videos!

Flipagram has achieved remarkable success, yet still faces challenges. Slow load times and bugs remain among its primary issues despite efforts by the company to address them; many users still report these as complaints.

Flipagram remains undisputedly the leader in photo and video editing applications, but other apps have emerged to challenge its dominance in this space. An example is Dubsmash which lets users create videos dubbed with audio from songs, movies, television shows and internet trends; other notable competitors are VivaVideo, BeeCut and KineMaster.

Mohit launched various social media apps before creating Flipagram, with 36 million users by 2014. He attracted investment from both John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital as high-profile investors.

It’s viral

Flipagram is a video creation app that enables users to capture everyday moments in a slideshow with music, making life’s memories shareable on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere. Flipagram has been used by over 100 million people and currently 4.2 billion daily video and photo “moments” are watched through its app and other social media platforms such as these two. Flipagram is currently developing new features which will allow them to add advertisements into their videos while sharing them with select friends and family.

Mohit had tried numerous failed social media apps – one being Cheers which he personally funded – until Brian Dilley connected him with Josh Feldman and Raffi Baghoomian who had created a 99-cent iOS app called Flipagram. Mohit initially offered some advice regarding improving adoption such as freeing the app up front or including watermarks; however conversations quickly evolved into more serious discussions between all involved.

Last year, Flipagram inked music licensing agreements with several major record labels (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music) and music publishers (Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal/Chappell BMG Warner/Chappell) so its users can add real music soundtracks to their visuals on mobile video platforms like Flipagrams. This feature has proven immensely engaging for its users.

Flipagram stands out from Vine with its roster of musicians, dancers and video wunderkinds; something Vine didn’t possess. Flipagram plans on sending some of its top performers to VidCon – an online convention dedicated to YouTube and Vine stars – in hopes of garnering even greater awareness for its app.

Flipagram Channels will give content creators an opportunity to build audiences and earn revenue by producing videos about dance, beauty, animals, food, comedy or causes – similar to Instagram Channels.

It’s a great way to share memories

Flipagram is an app designed to share your best moments with family and friends. The app organizes photos and videos into slideshows set to music of your choosing for easy sharing with loved ones. Flipagram’s beautiful design and free download make this easy app accessible – plus, upload videos directly from Instagram or Facebook too!

Mohit met with the original creators of the app as they struggled to launch it successfully, helping them take it to the next level by offering free app, simplifying interface and adding Flipagram watermark videos that paid dividends with user engagement – enough so to draw investment and relaunch into a top-10 contender on U.S. App Store.

In 2017, Bytedance, known for their TikTok social media app, made a major acquisition with PhotoVine – adding full photo and video editing, camera functionality and the capability of private messaging into one app.

Flipagram creation is easy. Simply upload a collection of photos into the app, choose a theme for your flipbook and personalize your video by adding short descriptions and songs. Plus, it supports sharing options like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram; plus direct messaging of links!

Flipagram has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved apps for capturing and broadcasting moments from your life to friends and family. Since launching in November 2013, its user base has ballooned to 200 million people who view over 4 billion photos and video stories each day on Flipagram (by comparison, Snapchat receives about 10 billion daily video views and Facebook 8). Flipagram’s success has attracted investors such as John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital who invested in its success as well.

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