FlyVPN Review


FlyVPN’s setup process is quick and straightforward, offering access to an impressive list of servers within minutes. However, its user interface could use some additional customizing options.

Provider offers one day trial at $1 per day and comes with money back guarantee.


FlyVPN is a VPN service offering various subscription plans, from monthly packages that reduce costs over time by $1-$2, to free trials that offer bandwidth restrictions or data caps, free trials and monthly packages which reduce monthly rates with each extension period. In addition to these offerings there are discounts of one dollar off every subscription extension period for additional savings!

FlyVPN uses 128-bit SSL based encryption to safeguard its customers’ data. Although not as comprehensive as some competing services’ offerings, its protection should still provide sufficient peace of mind for most users. In addition to keeping detailed logs of user activity such as time stamps, local IP addresses and VPN session duration duration records – however the company doesn’t specify for how long these records will remain stored.

With its expansive server network, this service enables users to bypass geo-restriction and gain access to hundreds of websites without any loss in speed or connectivity. This includes major media streaming sites such as Netflix, Spotify and RTL as well as sports websites like Direct 8, AT5, Bravo Mio TV Sky Go among many more. In addition, VoIP apps and torrenting services are also provided through this service.

FlyVPN boasts an adequate feature set, but the absence of network lock and kill switch could prove problematic for some users. Furthermore, FlyVPN’s 128-bit encryption may not compare favorably with competing services and it does not offer DNS leak protection or IPv6 leak protection which are essential components to online privacy. It does not offer split tunneling either which may be an essential requirement for some individuals; but FlyVPN does have other advantages like working seamlessly across popular platforms as well as supporting multiple protocols.


FlyVPN boasts over 500 servers globally. Their locations cover continents and regions such as America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa – with China serving as an additional bonus. However, FlyVPN doesn’t permit P2P file sharing over their network.

This service offers unlimited bandwidth and super-secure encryption, making it an attractive choice for gamers. However, its ping and download speeds compared to other providers are slower, while it lacks a kill switch feature. Furthermore, its user interface could use some improvement as it’s difficult to navigate through such a long list of servers to locate one you wish to connect to.

FlyVPN stands out from other VPN services by not restricting how many devices can connect simultaneously to its service. You can connect up to five desktop or mobile devices simultaneously; two may connect simultaneously with each server. In addition, router users may set up VPN connections – although additional subscription may be required.

It lacks features such as ad blocking or protection against malware and phishing attacks, nor a comprehensive privacy policy with regard to how long they’ll retain personal information, which raises serious concerns as this means tracking of online activity can take place and no security measures have been revealed to counter cyber attacks. Finally, no free trial or money-back guarantee are offered by this service; but their prices remain very affordable.


FlyVPN may lack some of its competitors when it comes to security measures. With no additional features like kill switches or DNS leak protection available, or information regarding which ciphers are being used for connections – although this shouldn’t be considered an essential requirement if your privacy is of importance to you.

The service has some advantages, such as its ability to bypass geo restrictions and its fast connections; however, its speeds aren’t ideal, making streaming content or playing online games challenging at times. Furthermore, there is no dedicated setup guide for mobile devices, making installation time-consuming.

FlyVPN states that its security is uncompromised; however, to create an account it requires certain personal details – this includes name, email address, phone number and payment details – including name, email address and mobile device identifiers from iOS and Android devices to generate statistics on how many people downloaded FlyVPN’s apps as well as which marketing channels or advertising partners they came through.

FlyVPN uses UDP, TCP and Socks5 protocols to protect data against hackers. In addition to offering free services as well as one-day subscriptions at $1 each for anyone wanting to test out its service prior to committing long-term, there’s also a 30-day money back guarantee provided that is worth trying before making your final decision. It is advised to read all applicable terms and conditions thoroughly prior to making an informed decision about any long-term subscription plans offered by this provider.


FlyVPN provides users with access to various devices through its wide range of apps available for download, enabling them to securely connect with any server using their preferred protocol and ensure all data remains encrypted and safe. In addition, it comes with features to customize and personalize the app for individual needs – for instance allowing users to select only certain services when connected from certain countries, or block websites which might harm computers – while its ease of use makes it suitable for beginners as well.

China-based users require fast connections that don’t exceed data limits, making the VPN an attractive option. Furthermore, its free trial period makes it simple to test before committing to subscription plans; however its support and tutorials fall below other services in terms of quality and quantity; downloading its APK from third-party websites may contain malware modifications which compromise its integrity and prevent users from making an informed decision.

FlyVPN – Secure & Fast VPN is an Android app designed to encrypt mobile data to protect it from intruders gaining access to personal information. With its intuitive user-interface and convenient features, this VPN application makes an excellent choice for novice as well as expert Android users. Suitable for smartphones, tablets and other Android devices running 5.0 or later OS versions; provides safe connection to public Wi-Fi networks by concealing real IP address/location; allows accessing servers with different IP address thereby circumventing regional internet censorship restrictions/ censorship restrictions or vice versa;

Customer service

Customer support is one of the most essential features of a VPN service, since users may encounter difficulties while using it and require assistance quickly and effectively from its team of support representatives. FlyVPN provides 24/7 live chat support and has a successful track record in quickly solving all kinds of problems for its users; in addition, they offer a comprehensive FAQ page as a source for their assistance.

FlyVPN is a popular VPN service provider renowned for its speed and reliability, boasting servers in various countries and regions and supporting various devices – iOS and Android included! Their no-logs policy and secure encryption protocol guarantee this fast service provider’s customer satisfaction.

FlyVPN also provides a 3-day free trial period and money back guarantee, making this service ideal for testing the waters before upgrading. Although its free version offers limited features, it remains an effective choice for anyone wanting to explore what FlyVPN has to offer; premium accounts offer additional servers and are compatible with multiple devices.

FlyVPN’s servers located within China could also potentially be accessible by Chinese authorities and its privacy policies could be improved by restricting the scope of its connection logs. Regardless, FlyVPN remains located outside of Five Eyes alliance jurisdiction, yet their privacy policies could still benefit from additional improvements by restricting them further.

The servers offered by the company are organized based on region and country, making it easier for users to locate one suitable to their needs. There is a selection of servers located across Europe, Asia and North America as well as two in Africa.

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