FlyVPN Review


FlyVPN is a free VPN application designed to encrypt and protect your internet connection while also remaining user-friendly, with servers across the globe and an intuitive interface that makes using FlyVPN hassle-free.

FlyVPN users should keep several things in mind before signing up with them: the website doesn’t offer a server chart and doesn’t state whether or not they support P2P file sharing.


FlyVPN boasts over 500 servers spread across 40 countries around the globe, which may not compare with some other top VPN services but should still offer acceptable speeds for its users. Furthermore, there is a good presence of servers across North America and Europe as well as Asia Oceania South America regions.

Privacy advocates will appreciate that the VPN provides a no-logs policy, which is great news. However, some usage data such as the date and time of each session, source IP address, allocated VPN IP and port is stored. This data can be used for troubleshooting purposes or enforce the no-logging policy; its length of storage remains unknown.

While it does have some useful features, it doesn’t provide as comprehensive a solution as many of the services we’ve evaluated. It doesn’t offer features such as ad blocking or kill switches to select servers based on ping rates; furthermore it does not have mobile apps or browser extensions to complement its service and it does not support SmartDNS/routers either.

Overall, FlyVPN is an ideal way for users to gain access to restricted sites and unblock video content. Their network of servers features fast connection times with no bandwidth restrictions or data caps imposed. In addition, there’s a one-day free trial option that lets you test out their service before paying; plus they accept payment through cards, PayPal, Bitcoin payments with 30-day money back guarantees for added peace of mind.

FlyVPN’s user interface is straightforward and attractively designed. Their software supports most major operating systems and multiple devices can connect simultaneously. Their website is clear, and their setup process straightforward – simply follow these steps once registered to download and set up their program, with help available from customer support when needed and an extensive FAQs section available for quick answers to commonly asked questions.


FlyVPN offers various contracts depending on how long you plan on using their VPN services, from one-day trials and subscription plans for one, six, and two years. Their prices are competitive but do not offer as many features as top-rated VPN services do.

FlyVPN currently boasts approximately 300 servers located in over 30 countries, covering North America, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. In addition, FlyVPN offers dedicated IP servers in both the US and Korea (for premium membership only) – although its server count may seem limited, FlyVPN nonetheless claims high-speed connections.

However, the company does not offer a kill switch or P2P file sharing, rendering it unsuitable for torrenting. Furthermore, its lack of an explicit no-logs policy means it may track data. Finally, IPv6 support or kill switches are unavailable.

This provider does not disclose how long it keeps usage records for mobile devices or if any law enforcement agencies need access. They also do not have an adequate no-logs policy – making this provider one of the least recommended choices when looking for top-rated VPN solutions.

FlyVPN does not provide a free plan, meaning that it requires payments if you fail to cancel the subscription. This may not be suitable for people without enough money available each month to pay a subscription fee. Furthermore, while it is possible to use FlyVPN simultaneously on five devices at the same time – each device will require its own subscription plan payment.

FlyVPN is an ideal option for users seeking a basic VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. With an impressive global server network and speed comparable to top-rated VPNs, it may offer great value overall; however it might be worthwhile considering other options instead; budget-minded users might look into Surfshark’s more cost-effective extended subscription plans; while those willing to spend a bit more may benefit more from NordVPN’s online security capabilities.


FlyVPN boasts an expansive server network that enables users to access online content from multiple countries. Compatible with most popular devices and operating systems – desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs among them – FlyVPN makes streaming easy.

As part of its service offerings, Zenmate provides a free version that’s ideal for beginners looking to use VPNs for the first time. However, this version has limited features and access to only a handful of servers. Mobile apps from the company are available both on Apple App Store and Google Play, and its website features guides to assist users getting started using its service.

FlyVPN client software is easy to use, offering multiple protocols – such as OpenVPN and PPTP – while being user-friendly in its layout. The client includes a speed tester to help select an ideal server; tabs allow you to select servers by location or type (including free servers or high speed options); it even features a search bar so it’s simple for finding what you’re after!

Privacy policies of this company could be improved upon. While it does not keep traffic logs, it does store details of your connection such as local IP address, timestamp and port number used; such information could potentially be accessible by authorities in certain jurisdictions such as China; furthermore, as there are servers located inside Chinese borders, they could potentially come under surveillance by authorities there.

Another drawback of FlyVPN is the absence of kill switch or DNS leak protection features, although these features are not essential they do help to safeguard privacy and security; their absence could prove frustrating to some users.

FlyVPN provides customer support through live chat, email and telephone. Their representatives are knowledgeable and helpful – answering queries in multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Russian, French and Korean. For self-assistance the website also contains a helpful F.A.Q section as well as knowledge bases covering various topics.


FlyVPN provides users with a VPN service that enables them to browse the internet securely and anonymously. A VPN establishes an encrypted link from one device to another network over the internet, protecting users’ activities against eavesdroppers as well as advertisements or data brokers who track people online. In addition, FlyVPN’s virtual private network (VPN) enables accessing services blocked in certain countries like US catch-up TV.

Flyvpn Apk is available free and offers numerous features, such as selecting different servers. Furthermore, multiple devices can connect through one account. One notable aspect of Flyvpn is its anti-DDoS servers that help keep attacks away; additionally it supports up to five simultaneous connections at the same time.

Flyvpn stands out with its high-speed network infrastructure, which ensures smooth and uninterrupted browsing and gaming experiences. Furthermore, its fast connections make downloading large files and watching HD video content effortless. Furthermore, this app works seamlessly across major mobile data carriers and Wi-Fi networks.

Flyvpn employs industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your personal information from hackers and cybercriminals, bypass firewalls and allow access to apps or websites usually unavailable in your location – while providing secure connections when using public Wi-Fi networks.

FlyVPN apk can be found on Google Play Store and requires devices running Android version 4.0 or later for installation. Installation process is straightforward: after clicking Install button, a pop-up window will display all permissions needed by application and once installation completes you’ll get notification that FlyVPN has successfully been installed.

FlyVPN apk is an excellent option for anyone in search of a VPN service that focuses on speed and security. With an expansive server network that covers worldwide coverage and an intuitive user-friendly interface that makes getting started easy for even non-tech-savvy users, FlyVPN also includes its Smart Connect option which will connect you automatically with the fastest server based on your geographic location.

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