FlyVPN Review

With FlyVPN, you can bypass digital censorship and geo-restriction across the world. Their service offers platforms like Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android so that they are available when necessary.

This client also features a server sorting option to make it easier for users to locate an appropriate server; however, more comprehensive privacy policies would have been beneficial.

Unlimited bandwidth

FlyVPN stands out as one of the few VPN services that does not limit bandwidth or slow your connection speed, offering servers in over 100 different locations worldwide, as well as various subscription plans with ease of use apps that let users quickly connect to servers with just a tap. In addition to providing unlimited bandwidth and protecting privacy by concealing IP addresses and encrypting data. So you can stream video content and play online games without fear of exposure!

Flyvpn boasts a vast network of servers that can unblock websites and streaming services that would otherwise be blocked in your location. This feature can prove especially helpful when traveling abroad as many websites restrict users from outside their country’s boundaries from accessing certain content; by assigning you a USA IP address instead, Flyvpn grants you access to websites and streaming services otherwise unavailable in your locale.

Flyvpn stands out among premium VPN services with its competitively low pricing, flexible payment options, and 30-day money-back guarantee. Their desktop client supports Windows, Mac OS X and Android operating systems while their mobile apps feature user-friendly navigation features and intuitive designs for iOS and Android.

FlyVPN is unfortunately unsuitable for torrenting, although this fact isn’t explicitly mentioned in their terms of service or anywhere else. They do state however that any use of their services to download copyrighted material illegally should not violate the law and don’t offer any kind of kill switch or support P2P file sharing either.

FlyVPN’s desktop client uses OpenVPN by default and supports various encryption algorithms. It also features several useful features, including its own DNS system that can replace ISP DNS with its own system if necessary; however, its poor performance renders it less than ideal for torrenting purposes.

FlyVPN app features some useful features, including automatic connection when certain apps launch and a handy widget that shows current bandwidth usage. However, its lag can make playing games or streaming videos challenging.

Unlimited server switching

FlyVPN boasts a huge server network in over 40 countries on five continents and utilizes 256-AES bit encryption, which would take thousands of years for hackers to crack. This ensures your data remains completely encrypted so no one can decipher what you’re doing on the Internet, giving your online privacy and security a significant boost while stopping prying eyes from tracking your activity, protecting against hackers, as well as opening access to websites blocked in your country.

The client software for PureVPN is extremely straightforward and user-friendly, yet lacking certain features found with other VPNs. For example, it does not enable users to select specific protocols or set up automatic connections; however, they do allow you to choose which devices the service should connect to first and has an “accidental disconnect protection switch.”

FlyVPN suffers from slow speeds when connecting from long-distance locations. While this issue is fairly typical of VPN services, FlyVPN makes the issue particularly infuriating as their charges per device require them to charge $595 up front for two-year plans that cover 5 connections; their customer support lacks competence while tutorials can be poor quality and unclear.

Even with its shortcomings, this service remains worth investigating for users who need basic online protection. Its servers are located in Hong Kong – a jurisdiction which respects user privacy without joining intelligence sharing alliances – while its no log policy makes for added peace of mind.

FlyVPN could benefit from adding dedicated servers for different tasks. This would be particularly useful for P2P file sharing, streaming, and gaming which require servers with fast speeds in an accessible physical location to bypass geo restrictions if necessary. A latency test feature could also assist users in selecting their ideal server.

Furthermore, the service could add support for more platforms. For instance, they don’t currently provide router clients; while it might be impossible to provide clients for all devices at the same time, they should at least try to make it simpler for customers to use the product on as many different platforms as possible.

256-AES bit encryption

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), originally created to protect government documents, has become the industry standard. AES uses symmetric key encryption – that is, using the same key both to encrypt and decrypt data – making it significantly less vulnerable to hacking attacks than its asymmetric counterparts. VPN providers frequently utilize AES because it enables secure transmission over fast connections while maintaining high levels of privacy.

AES encryption stands out as one of the premier symmetric-based algorithms and is widely adopted by major VPN services and password managers as well as coding libraries. It’s extremely hard to crack, providing peace of mind that your personal and financial data will remain unintelligible while transmitting over public networks like the Internet.

Reversible ciphers use substitution, transposition and mixing techniques to transform plaintext into ciphertext. Their symmetric-key encryption makes them more reliable than asymmetric ones which use different keys for encryption and decryption; FlyVPN offers 256-bit AES encryption technology to safeguard your privacy when browsing online; hackers are therefore no longer able to eavesdrop on your communications with us!

This encryption is so strong that even if a hacker knew your encryption key, they would need to try 2256 combinations with the world’s most powerful computers before breaking it – more than enough combinations for every atom in existence! Thus rendering your data practically impenetrable against attack for the foreseeable future.

FlyVPN stands out among other VPN services by actually fulfilling its promises of privacy and security with its military-grade 256-AES encryption, providing peace of mind that your online activities are private and protected. Furthermore, their global servers offer fast connection speeds.

FlyVPN also provides a free version of their service, although this comes with intrusive session logging and slower server upload and download speeds. However, FlyVPN still represents good value for money with their three-day money back guarantee and compatibility for iOS, Windows, Android, macOS devices.

30-day money-back guarantee

FlyVPN offers new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you ample opportunity to test its service without risk and see if it meets your needs. Furthermore, during this period you have access to live chat support team for any queries about using FlyVPN as well as downloading and testing out its mobile app.

The company offers its mobile app on both iOS and Android devices for easy connection from any location around the globe. It supports up to five devices at the same time – more than most VPN services offer! Plus, their large network of servers utilize industry-standard encryption protocols to protect user privacy.

FlyVPN’s free plan has some technical drawbacks and its paid product is grossly overpriced, while its session logging policy is troubling; though the Usage Records area of your account will show recent server names you accessed as well as dates and times when they were connected with.

Before beginning to use FlyVPN services, please read and abide by their Terms of Service carefully and agree to be bound by its provisions. Any violations could lead to suspension of subscription. FlyVPN reserves the right to make changes without prior notification – any significant alterations will be posted online or sent via email notification.

FlyVPN stands out with excellent customer service and offers many features such as kill switch and auto reconnect, making it an excellent option for streaming video over fast connections with reliable server selection – you could even use it to bypass Chinese censorship!

FlyVPN’s speed for CWTV viewing may be adequate, but it cannot match ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast connections for 4K viewing and an international network of over 3,000 servers in 105 countries. Furthermore, with their Premium plan you gain access to many extra features such as multiple connection options and dedicated server access.

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