FlyVPN Review


FlyVPN is an international VPN service with servers on five continents that enables customers to bypass content restrictions, secure network data encryption and provide exceptional customer support.

However, the privacy policy doesn’t provide much reassurance; it states only that “may” collect certain types of data without providing any further explanations; this leaves room for interpretation and does little to reassure.

Easy to use

FlyVPN offers many features to protect your online privacy. It conceals your IP address and encrypts network data, as well as supporting up to five devices simultaneously. Furthermore, advanced settings include the ability to block specific services based on country. Security is strong while servers run quickly – perfect!

FlyVPN’s user-friendly interface makes getting started quick and simple, offering support across most platforms such as desktop computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles. Although its free version has some restrictions that prevent it from fully performing its duties as promised before you make a commitment.

Servers located in the British Virgin Islands ensure privacy-friendly operations; it does not participate in intelligence sharing alliances; yet its privacy policy notes that it collects data such as “email addresses, payment details, server load details, customer support information and more”. This suggests the company might be collecting more than it states in their policy.

Its simplicity makes it ideal for users from different regions and it provides numerous features not found elsewhere, such as a kill switch for protecting privacy in case of connection failure and multiple languages support, making the service easy to use for people from various regions. Furthermore, there is an outstanding 30-day money-back guarantee to give any new VPN a try with minimal risk involved!

Fast connection

FlyVPN boasts a vast network of servers and fast connections in over 40 countries – making this service accessible regardless of one’s language background. Furthermore, they also promise multiple language support and feature a helpful live chat page where any of your questions can be quickly addressed.

Software available for both Android and Windows devices, this app is easy to install and runs smoothly, achieving speeds comparable to top VPN services without lagging when streaming video content. Unfortunately, older devices may not support such high speeds.

If you’re having difficulties with your FlyVPN connection, conduct a speed test. A different server location or VPN protocol could improve speeds; additionally, make sure that a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi is used as Wi-Fi can become an obstacle to VPNs.

FlyVPN makes another outstanding feature available by changing your IP address, helping to circumvent geo-restriction and unlock Netflix and other content. In addition, FlyVPN features several security measures such as kill switch protection and DNS protection to provide added peace of mind.

FlyVPN offers flexible subscription terms, from one-day trials and 30-day money-back guarantees, to accepting PayPal, Bitcoin and more as payment methods. Furthermore, there is also a free version available which provides limited functionality with limited server locations and only two server switches (no refund offered with free plan), but still worth giving it a try if looking for low-cost VPN alternatives.

Unlimited bandwidth

FlyVPN allows users to connect to over 300 servers across 40+ countries – an impressive feature, particularly if traveling. Furthermore, it features numerous protocols and security measures and even provides a 3-day free trial on up to 40 servers – more than most VPNs but less than IPVanish!

Software designed specifically for beginners is intuitively simple to use, making life easy even for novices. The interface is clear and user-friendly; new features are being introduced regularly; it works smoothly across devices (including Android ), and its lightweight nature ensures no slowdown in performance for either phone or tablet users.

Server speeds for this service may not be the fastest available, but they should still provide enough streaming and gaming experiences. Unfortunately, you may be unable to access some geo-restricted content; I wasn’t able to stream BBC iPlayer or Disney+ using the program; however, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video worked as advertised.

FlyVPN offers various useful security measures, such as encrypting your data and protecting your privacy through double VPN and anti-DDoS options, while safeguarding devices with kill switches to avoid data leakage.

Customer support of this service is outstanding and available around the clock; any time you have questions, simply email or social media them for answers. Based in the US and boasting over 500 servers worldwide, it offers connection modes such as Auto, Game, and Browse so you can customize your experience as desired; up to five devices may connect simultaneously; however additional connections incur an extra fee.

Works on all devices

FlyVPN supports multiple devices, such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android; gaming consoles and Smart TVs; it provides access to servers across many countries allowing you to easily find one that best meets your needs; its security features are excellent with AES-256 bit encryption providing your data with added protection against potential breaches or compromises.

FlyVPN boasts thousands of servers around the world, but this vast network can sometimes cause issues. If your firewall or antivirus software blocks FlyVPN, slow speeds or connection failure may occur. Furthermore, outdated network drivers may prevent you from connecting. To address these issues and resolve them quickly and successfully, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies or changing your network settings to reset your router.

When downloading torrents, having a fast internet connection is of utmost importance. As torrenting requires lots of bandwidth and can quickly exhaust your data plan. FlyVPN stands out by providing fast connections at high speeds.

The app features a straightforward setup process and is suitable for installation on most platforms, providing its interface is clean and user-friendly with helpful tabs displaying server ping and estimated load times as well as protocol selection and kill switch functionality. Unfortunately, however, IPv6 support or mobile apps aren’t currently offered by this service.

FlyVPN is free for users, though there are some restrictions that limit its functionality. Only one device at a time can connect, and its free version only offers limited features; to access more, upgrade to premium for an upgrade price or take advantage of FlyVPN’s 14-day free trial period.

Easy to install

FlyVPN is an online VPN service that enables users to surf the web without restrictions, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. This program offers both a free version and paid subscription options that accept different payment methods – including anonymous ones such as Bitcoins.

The user interface of the client is clean and straightforward, making navigation of available servers and selecting an ideal one a simple process. Protocol selection also accommodates your individual requirements. However, lacking additional features like kill switch or IP leak protection may prove frustrating.

FlyVPN boasts an impressive number of server locations worldwide. However, user navigation could have been made simpler if there was some form of server sorting feature, making selecting an ideal server easier for different purposes such as P2P file sharing, streaming video content or gaming.

Other features would have been nice, such as being able to connect to servers with one click and installing the FlyVPNBind-*.dll profile onto your computer – these steps will prevent the application from connecting to servers that may not be secure.

FlyVPN client offers useful tips and guidance for new users when selecting an ideal protocol for their online activities, while its “Auto” mode automatically selects it for them. Furthermore, FlyVPN keeps no logs of its users’ personal information – an added advantage.

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