Folder Lock Review

Folder Lock

Folder Lock uses on-the-fly encryption to protect your data, and is also backed up on a cloud server in real time.

Easy and hassle-free encryption software that’s more efficient than individual file encrypting programs

Locate the file or folder you want to protect, right-click it and select Properties, then check off ‘Encrypt Contents to Protect Data.


Encryption is an excellent way to protect data from unwanted access. But that isn’t your only option. Folder locker tools offer another effective means of safeguarding files and folders; these are easy-to-use with an intuitive user interface and can protect local drives as well as external hard drives. Software will encrypt data, create backup files, set password-protected folders and hide folders to protect the privacy of private information. Military officers, businesspeople, lawyers or financial managers often need to lock important documents like contracts or emails away for safekeeping; with a good folder lock program all this should be easily available when needed.

Folder Lock is one of the most efficient and secure encryption software applications available today, featuring numerous useful features that aren’t found elsewhere, such as its dynamic locker feature – this self-executing program opens as a virtual Z drive to secure data stored therein from hackers regardless of their sophistication. Folder Lock will keep all encrypted information safe.

Folder Lock is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to store sensitive information on a USB drive. The program encrypts and backs up data in real time, keeping track of changes made to files by you, then uploads their latest versions directly to its cloud server. Furthermore, Folder Lock encrypts and password-protects files and folders while wiping your USB clean.

7-zip is another effective method to protect files using data encryption, making it a simple yet straightforward way to create password-protected archives with any type of file or folder you select and right-clicking to “Add to Archive.” Additionally, this approach works well to secure system tray folders, Windows Explorer folders or external hard drives; though not as secure as Folder Lock it provides simple protection without needing additional hardware.


Folder Lock is an application designed to safeguard your files and folders against prying eyes when your computer is left unattended. You can use it to password protect files, folders and drives; additionally it encrypts them on-the-fly so only you can access them. In addition, USB keys can also be protected as well as clean up history from devices.

The program utilizes 256-bit AES encryption – the same security used by banks – making it simple and safe to use, with additional features like stealth mode for added protection. Furthermore, no data upload is performed; thus ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Lockers, which provide additional layers of security for encrypted and hidden files, can also be created using this software. Lockers can either be kept locally on your computer for additional storage space or uploaded directly into the program’s cloud service – though beware: locking files does not modify their original state – therefore always have backup copies just in case something goes amiss!

People working with sensitive data like sales contracts, business records and personal details must take extra precautions to safeguard their computers against prying eyes. While passwords can help keep unauthorized eyes away from accessing files on the computer, they won’t prevent anyone from altering or deleting them if necessary. Folder Lock provides an excellent solution for anyone needing to keep their information private; its simple user interface and strong encryption makes it suitable for both businesses and individuals.

Folder Lock offers more than encryption features; it can also prevent other users from accessing your files and folders by requiring them to enter a password before gaining entry. Furthermore, Folder Lock can monitor and log any changes made to protected folders while automatically backing them up onto cloud storage – an especially helpful feature for business owners who must share confidential files among employees or create digital wallets where financial and banking details can be stored safely.


Folder locks are an effective way to shield sensitive information from prying eyes, providing encryption technology to render it indecipherable by unapproved users and making your files unreachable for anyone but those you allow access. Folder Lock is a free open-source program which makes password protecting files and folders simple & strong – an appealing combination which has gained widespread favor among many users.

Once installed, this software seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer to provide quick options to hide or password-protect files and folders. It can also encrypt files, protect USB drives and CDs, as well as email attachments – with its intuitive design providing options suitable for users of all skill levels.

Folder Lock has become one of the most widely-used and reliable encryption software applications on the market in recent years, developed by NewSoftwares LLC for over two decades and providing users with secure files. Over time, more features and functions have been rolled out over time; and its latest version offers on-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption capabilities for enhanced protection.

Folder Lock’s latest versions offer an array of features designed to provide file/folder protection and privacy, such as password-protection of files and folders, real time encryption of them as they’re changed, protecting portable drives in real time backup, shredding files/drives to clean history; shredding files/drives permanently after backup etc. It is an excellent solution for businesses or other settings where computers are shared among multiple people.

Though most features in Folder Lock’s latest versions are similar to its competitors’ offerings, there are a few notable distinctions that set it apart. One such difference is its private disk feature which acts as an alternative home directory and helps protect data against ransomware and malware attacks. Users who wish to safeguard their files against ransomware and malware attacks can select specific folders or disks to protect and when activated by locking it, their contents are erased until unlocked by unlocking.


Locking files allows other users to still access and read them but can no longer edit or delete them. A lock icon will appear to the left of its name in Box Sync, while an application-specific read-only notification (older versions of Microsoft Word for example will only show this message) appears when opening them. You may choose to receive notifications when your file has been unlocked but this is optional.

GoodSync doesn’t encrypt files at the OS level like Folder Lock does, but it can still protect sensitive data by providing backup and restore services that sync encrypted copies. You can configure GoodSync to encrypt backups or restores by selecting Job -> Options -> Right Side: Encrypt File Paths and Encrypt File Bodies before specifying a password – encryption occurs as GoodSync copies files left-to-right during backup/restore processes.

To secure a folder, right-click and choose Lock Folder from the drop-down menu. From here, you have various locking methods at your disposal: PIN, pattern, fingerprint or iris scan lock types – with minimum length settings available for pattern or iris scan lock types if applicable. Moreover, locking all subfolders or selecting individual files within one folder are options available to you.

Encrypt a folder by creating a symlink to it, renaming it with the desired name of your desired folder, and locking all subfolders and files inside of that symlink folder. Any files or subfolders within that symlink will become protected against deletion and relocation; any files added since will sync up automatically across devices – useful if you own multiple devices that need accessing different data sets at the same time.

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