Foobar2000 Review


Foobar2000 may seem plain at first glance and may cause doubt in regards to whether or not it is safe, given its file extension; however, this program offers many features found in more widely known apps while simultaneously performing similarly without overtaxing your PC.


foobar2000 stands out among media players because it offers great flexibility. You can customize your library however you please and even manage large libraries easily with its software.

This lightweight and quick-loading program won’t slow down your PC or occupy too much of the available storage space on either hard drives or USB drives, and even works in portable mode for maximum portability if you plan to use it across multiple computers.

Foobar2000 provides multiple ways of browsing your music collection and can also be tailored to suit individual tastes with the use of plugins. You may choose from visualizer plugins, surround sound support plugins or theme editors; each can add something extra.

This app also offers many other useful functions. For example, it can convert between different file formats, support iTunes-style tag editing capabilities and monitor multiple folders – making it simple and effortless to keep track of changes to your music collection.

foobar2000 can play lossless files and can decode and split FLAC CUE sheets provided with a suitable decoder. Furthermore, foobar2000 allows you to create playlists and import metadata from online sources; additionally it serves as a torrent client, offering gapless playback modes.

Foobar2000 stands out as an exceptional music library search tool, thanks to its fast searches through large music libraries. You can use tags to locate songs quickly as well. Another impressive feature is that foobar2000 remembers per-playlist layouts so you won’t need to manually rearrange it each time the program opens up again.

It has excellent support for IR remote controls with virtual mouse functions and works efficiently with wireless mini-keyboards, too. Furthermore, its stable design doesn’t consume too many memory or CPU resources – making it a fantastic choice for any Windows user.


Foobar2000 is a versatile music player designed to accommodate all the file formats you own without being distracting, with features like spectrograms, waterfalls, peak and smoothed VU meters as well as various skins to give it that custom feel you desire. Furthermore, its modular architecture enables third-party user interface modifications through an SDK (Software Development Kit).

Installation of Foobar2000 on your computer is straightforward. Either download and run its installer, or navigate directly to it in your file manager and double-click. When installed, the program will walk through initial configuration steps before asking you about installation type (standard or portable) as well as providing options to create all files in one folder that can be copied between computers without losing its configuration settings.

Installers often prompt users for input regarding installing plugins they may require and how best to set up their configuration. Once initial setup has been completed, users may experiment with various settings until finding what looks best; alternatively there are pre-made skins which may be installed and utilized instead of dealing with customization aspects of Foobar2000.

As an additional perk to users of Ubuntu Linux, Foobar2000 can now be downloaded in Snap format – an universal Linux app packaging format maintained by an open-source project and accessible either through Ubuntu Software Center or directly from command line.

Foobar has been my go-to music player for about 10 years now and never disappoints me with what it can offer as far as audio playback goes. Other ones come close, but none compare due to all its little tricks such as manually tagging files using their built-in system, moving files between folders quickly, renaming tracks without hassle, as well as great features such as foo_facets, title formatting and custom tags – not bad at all!


Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player with many features. Unfortunately, however, it can occasionally experience issues. These could range from problems with the app server being down, internet connectivity or bugs in software causing issues – however there are ways of solving them! If a restart doesn’t solve them try reinstalling it instead – typically this works best.

If you are having difficulties playing an MP3 file, an Unrecoverable Playback error message or the code 0x88780078 might appear. This occurs when your application tries to play it and Windows Media Player service has stopped operating – an extremely common occurrence among many users.

Fix this by reenabling Windows Media Player service on your computer. To do this, press Windows + R keys to open Run dialog box and type Control Panel into it; once done follow on-screen instructions to reinstall this service.

Foobar2000 server may lack enough memory to process audio data properly, causing an Unrecoverable Playback error message. You can view how much memory the server uses by going into Settings Advanced Performance and clicking Show memory usage button. If there’s insufficient available RAM on your server, follow instructions in an on-screen dialog box for increasing its capacity.

Some users have reported issues with the Foobar2000 YouTube plugin not functioning as it should, which could be caused by an unstable connection between it and their browser or YouTube website. If this happens to you, try increasing the reconnection delay setting under Advanced Networking component preferences – this should fix it and enable you to browse and download videos from YouTube more freely.

If you are using the 64-bit version of foobar2000, keep in mind that it will only support components developed for x86 64-bit architecture. If running on 32 bits instead, each individual component must have an appropriate 32 bit build; this is particularly applicable to legacy components.


Foobar2000 offers more than just an audio player – it also comes equipped with a range of useful plugins such as media libraries, playlist editors and graphic equalizers that you can find in its add-ons repository – some free while others require purchasing. Foobar2000’s media library is an effective tool that enables you to build and manage a music database while supporting various file formats; its playlist editor lets you easily create or modify playlists on-the-fly while showing song and album artwork, changing playback positions and shuffle modes – perfect for audiophiles!

Notable features of this software include its built-in player for streaming audio directly from a computer microphone and ability to record directly into tracks using their microphone inputs. Furthermore, its graphical equalizer enables users to adjust output levels of various tracks. Plus it lets them create their own presets and save them for future use!

Foobar2000’s latest update brings many exciting new features, such as:

Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) decoding support is now standard across the board, using Apple’s newly published library. MP3 tagging regressions from 1.1.8 have also been addressed; WAV formats support has expanded significantly as has ID3v2.4 date handling compliance; additionally it’s now possible to attach pictures directly to files and folders with this new feature as part of Properties dialog page display.

Other significant upgrades:

Foobar2000 now automatically switches to dark mode on Windows 10 and 11, as set by your system settings. We also fixed a bug which prevented hard deleting (recycling) of currently playing audio track, improved copy operations performance for large files, added an option to preserve creation/modification times in copy/move dialogs, fixed an issue causing selection Properties dialog to stall in some cases and introduced a checkbox in Media Library Preferences that allows you to turn off errors during scanning display, among other improvements.

Foobar2000 can be run as both a portable application and installed directly onto your system registry for ease of use and background running, making it perfect for those wanting a low-profile music player that does not require dedicated graphics drivers.

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