Format Factory Review

Format Factory

Format Factory is an invaluable free program that is capable of converting files and performing many other tasks, supporting many audio, video, and image formats.

Media File Info provides useful details of any media file within a window interface with tabs spanning across its header and down its left edge.

Video Conversion

Format Factory is an all-in-one multimedia converter capable of processing videos, audio tracks and images – even unprotected DVDs can be ripped unprotected! Plus its list of supported formats is extensive.

This application features a simplistic user interface with a list of possible conversion types on the left and a preview window on the right, where files can be selected to change their settings. Supported video formats include AVI, MP4, H.264/MP4 AVC, MKV and MTS as well as video to audio conversion so that you can extract movie sound tracks directly.

Enhance your movies, enhance their clarity, reduce noise levels and stabilize shaky clips while also adjusting their brightness, contrast and adding effects to videos. Furthermore, this software can make one clip from a larger file by splitting long videos into shorter segments; or it can rename multiple video files and merge them together into one single file.

Format Factory’s most impressive feature is its ability to convert text files to image and audio files, including popular formats like MP3, Ogg, Wave Sound and Adaptive Multi-Rate for audio conversions. In terms of images it supports JPG, PNG, BMP TIF ICO as output formats for images.

Finally, PDF Creator can convert documents, archives and web pages to PDF for easier sharing online via Twitter, Facebook and TikTok as well as convert videos for playback on mobile devices such as Android and PSP devices. Furthermore, its compression feature helps save storage space.

Format Factory comes as a portable version that can run off of USB drives or CDs, and has been tested by VirusTotal without detection of viruses or malware. When installing, however, you will be asked if you wish to install Chromium Browser and the Picomos Picture Tools plugin; you may decline their installation at your own discretion; additionally this program does not contain ads!

Audio Conversion

Format Factory is an extremely capable multimedia converter with support for an impressive number of formats. It can convert audio and video files, join multiple audio tracks into one file, extract audio from videos and even create CD or DVD discs! When it comes to audio support alone, Format Factory covers these:

This software supports numerous image and video formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO and GIF for images; WMV, AVI MOV MPEG-4 video for videos. Furthermore, its compatibility with mobile devices makes it an excellent solution for those wishing to view media on smartphones or tablets.

One of the more interesting features provided by this program is its capability of turning any physical DVD or Blu-ray disc into an ISO disc that can be accessed on your computer, which is particularly handy if you have old movies or music you wish to convert but do not want to risk scratching original discs.

Format Factory stands out among freeware media converters by offering an impressive list of features and a user-friendly interface. In addition to audio/video conversion, Format Factory also handles images as well as ripping/burning CDs/DVDs for effortless CD/DVD playback.

While this program may appear appealing, it must be noted that it does have some drawbacks. Notably, output quality can sometimes vary and it doesn’t support HD audio and video files – users who require such files must find alternatives elsewhere.

Constant communication between this software and Brightdata’s cloud service while it is open can also present problems; to protect yourself from this possibility it is crucial that when downloading and installing this program you read carefully all of its fine print – otherwise you risk installing programs with unwanted components, including spyware. A third-party download manager such as IOBit’s Freeware Downloader automatically scans installer files for unwanted software and removes it before running installation.

Image Conversion

Format Factory is a free Windows program that helps convert documents, videos, audio and images to file formats that work with all devices. It does this quickly with an uncluttered user interface and without slowing down your system; new computer users should find it intuitive enough for easy use. Unfortunately it does install some potentially unwanted software, however; to remove it use Revo Uninstaller as this will quickly uninstall this application from your system.

This program features ten video conversion settings including MP4, AVI, WMV and FLV; six audio options (MP3, Ogg Wave MP3 Ogg Wave Wave adaptive multirate real media variable bit rate Windows media audio), as well as most common picture formats like JPG BMP GIF PNG jpg that you may need such as compression of image files for reduced size; it can even extract music tracks from CDs/DVDs so you can back up your favorite tunes!

This program boasts several handy extras, such as a document manager for joining and converting PDF documents, file compression utility known as FFZip compression, encrypted PDFs (protect your sensitive information from prying eyes), encryption decryption capabilities as well as burning them onto physical CD or DVD media for easier storage and accessibility.

Software that’s easy to download but difficult to locate can be hard to come by, particularly as there are numerous counterfeit versions requiring payment. Make sure you follow this page’s link directly to its official site for best results. During installation, be aware that Ask Toolbar and QuickStores Toolbar could potentially install themselves onto your computer if desired – decline them when installing! For an alternative option Adapter or XnConvert offer similar functionality without additional add-ons that may disrupt their functionality for free and also run virus scans automatically during setup – both programs support multiple languages across both platforms as they offer virus scans before running virus checks upon installation as well.

Extracting Audio Tracks

Format Factory is a robust tool capable of processing nearly every type of file, and its user-friendly interface makes it effortless. However, its installer add-ons may pose privacy or security risks and we advise reading carefully to understand what will be installed as well as uncheck any unnecessary boxes before clicking “Install Now.”

This program supports an expansive variety of video, audio, image and document formats – such as DVDs and music CDs – as well as optimizing media files for mobile devices and joining multiple media files together. Furthermore, the software offers numerous options for optimizing files specifically for mobile devices while joining multiple media files together into one file for distribution to multiple mobile devices simultaneously. In addition, renaming files, converting images to PDF and text to TXT/Word are among its capabilities as well as compressing files to further streamline operations.

Format Factory allows you to extract audio tracks from video files and save them as MP3 files, perfect for playing back old QuickTime movies or listening to your favourite tunes on-the-go. In addition, this program can convert phone recordings into popular audio formats like WAV or MP3.

If you need to edit or combine various videos, this software provides a straightforward but efficient video editor. With it, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness as well as adding filters frames or effects – plus rotate or crop videos easily!

This software can rip DVDs and CDs, create ISO images and even convert multiple discs onto one disc – ideal if you need to watch multiple movies at the same time.

Format Factory is an outstanding freeware program for those converting multimedia files, offering a comprehensive array of formats and features that other competitors don’t offer. With its user-friendly interface and ease of use, Format Factory comes highly recommended to Windows users in need of comprehensive file conversion solutions.

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