Fortnite – The Most Popular Game of 2018


Fortnite quickly rose to become the most-played video game in 2018 and an international phenomenon. A free-to-play multiplayer title, Fortnite pits 100 players against one another in an online battle royale battle royale format that requires strategy and quick thinking skills for victory. While its violence may seem cartoon-like, Fortnite requires both to be victorious.

Players skydive onto a map and must collect weapons quickly as they fight off an ever-shrinking zone of play. Updates reveal when other players were eliminated from play, heightening tension.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite by Epic Games has attracted millions of players and generated billions in revenue since its release. Available across various platforms and offering different modes to cater for various play styles.

Its success can be attributed to several factors: free-to-play model, popularity of battle royale genre and its cartoonish style that appeals to players of all ages. Furthermore, it has received many celebrity endorsements and partnerships that further boost its visibility and commercial viability.

At launch, Fortnite received mixed critical reception. While many applauded its unique style and gameplay mechanics, others took issue with its repetitive systems and aggressive monetisation practices like loot boxes. However, the game quickly found an audience thanks to its mass multiplayer appeal and competitive scene; pro players such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have made careers out of streaming their performances to millions via streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube Live broadcasts of their performances on Fortnite.

Fortnite stands out as a versatile platform with immense multi-player appeal and wide cross-platform compatibility, enabling players to access it on any device imaginable; PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android are all supported. Thanks to cross-platform functionality users can join friends or family members across different platforms thus expanding its player base and user engagement.

Fortnite stands out from other popular multiplayer shooters by including a building mechanic that allows players to construct structures in its game world, adding depth and encouraging creativity among players. Because of this feature, Fortnite has quickly earned itself a reputation as an innovative platform rather than simply another shooter game.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile features seasonal events and collaborations with popular franchises to further its appeal. Furthermore, its social aspect allows players to play in Duos, Trios or Teams for added interaction – something PUBG and Apex Legends lack.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale video games became the rage of 2017 due to their innovative nature. Their roots can be traced to an Arma III/DayZ mod called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), followed by Epic Games’ release of Fortnite which became one of the most played on Twitch and in many homes due to its free-to-play model and frequent updates including partnerships with Marvel/Marvel Legacy/Mandalorian entities and story-like flow for each season, making Fortnite suitable for players of all ages/skill levels alike!

Battle Royale allows solo and squads of up to three people alike to drop into an online map and compete against 99 other players, fighting off flying husks while searching for weapons and items along the way – ultimately only the last person alive wins the match!

Players use a pickaxe to harvest resources like wood and metal, which can then be used to build fortifications in all modes of the game – be it Battle Royale huts for camping purposes or walls to provide cover from attackers in Save the World mode – that can then be reinforced using additional types of materials.

Another defining characteristic of the game is its constrained playing zone, which narrows gradually over time to intensify combat and force players into confrontations. This is a staple feature among battle royale games – other commonly utilized features include being able to respawn after dying as well as each having only one life per match.

Fortnite’s cartoony visuals make it appealing for children and teenagers who may otherwise be turned off by more violent battle royale games like PUBG or Apex Legends, yet PEGI still rates it 12+ due to unmoderated chat functionality which exposes children to inappropriate language or bullying while playing. Furthermore, Fortnite can quickly drain device batteries and processing power quickly so it is recommended that children limit their Fortnite play.

Save the World

Save the World is a third-person shooter tower defense game from Epic Games that utilizes cross-platform play between PC and PS4. Unlike its popular Battle Royale mode, however, Save the World cannot be played on mobile devices or Nintendo Switch; however it does feature cross-platform play between these platforms. Set in an island constantly under attack from zombie-like creatures, Save the World challenges players to defend it while fighting off waves of enemies or complete quests that help advance its storyline.

Fortnite Save the World tells its tale through an engaging cast of colorful characters and episodic missions, each one more captivating than the last. Epic Games does not shy away from poking fun at game tropes such as fetch and carry missions or why heroes look in bushes for ammunition; its cast of colorful characters and seasonal events turn what could otherwise have been an ordinary survival genre into a beguiling experience.

Construction is central to Save the World mode as well as Battle Royale mode, with different materials harvested from the environment and walls, ramps and doors constructed in mission zones. There are some unique differences to keep an eye out for; one being a hero support system which enables players to give specific heroes buffs such as faster movement or shorter skill cooldown times; this lets less-than-ideal skills become viable as a result, or may inspire entirely new builds altogether.

Each hero class can be leveled up in three ways, increasing health, damage and shield capacity accordingly. There are 14 distinct hero classes with numerous subclasses. Ninjas are fast and agile fighters who excel in close combat; Outlanders gain bonus for discovering loot or enemy traps; Engineers serve as all-purpose utility players who can repair structures, collect resource drops or set up weapon turrets;

Fortnite Save the World is an enjoyable way to pass time, and definitely worth buying. While not as polished as Battle Royale, Save the World still provides ample rewards and an enjoyable cooperative experience that offers plenty of enjoyment when slaughtering zombies or customizing your hero.

Creative Mode

Fornite is more than a game of shooters; it also provides players with an outlet to express their creativity. On Thursday, its seventh season debuted, along with the brand-new Creative Mode which allows you to build and share Fortnite landscapes of your own creation with the world.

Accessing this mode can be accomplished via the hub-like area surrounding the main island, where a rift leads directly to one of your four personal islands – these giant, mostly empty spaces allow players to build to their heart’s content! In addition, players can travel via this same rift into one of Epic Games’s curated Featured Worlds for playthrough.

Creative Mode gives players access to all the game assets – weapons, vehicles and decorations – in one seamless experience. However, each island has a memory cap which limits how many items can be created at one time; this serves to maintain game performance and avoid crashes.

Play with up to 16 friends simultaneously on Creative Mode sessions for team projects! Each one lasts four hours but don’t let that stop you from jumping right back in once the timer runs out – with the best ones even getting featured as part of Fortnite’s main website and in the game!

Creative mode marks a big advancement for Fortnite: Battle Royale and will likely help it transition away from being exclusively about battle royale-focused multiplayer shooters and become more of an ongoing platform able to thrive even once its current popularity declines. Epic has already begun making changes that prepare it for this future–an encouraging sign for many gamers looking for a fresh experience in Fortnite: Creative mode is here!

Studio Zero Zero has employed popular streamers to help create and promote its new mode, adding extra buttons with additional functionality in HUD Layout Tool and providing some ground rules on its official website. Furthermore, game physics have been upgraded for greater building flexibility.

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