Foxit PDF Editor – Create, View, Edit, Convert, Sign, Annotate, OCR, and Secure PDF Documents

Create, view, edit, convert, sign, annotate, OCR and secure PDF documents easily and reliably with Adobe PDF Tools – an internationally-recognized and-used solution.

Built for enterprises, this robust solution features robust functionality, enterprise-wide deployment, and customization tools that offer an economical alternative to Adobe Acrobat software.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Foxit PDF Editor offers advanced features to assist users in working faster. Users can quickly view and navigate PDF files, zoom in/out, search scanned documents or images for text, convert PDFs into other file types like Word Excel RTF HTML etc, convert handwritten characters into computerized text using OCR technology and even recognize handwritten characters converting them into computerized text via OCR technology.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an automatic process that extracts text from an image or document using rules to detect patterns of text within it. Once identified, OCR analyzes its set of characters against those from the document it’s trying to recognize; if an accurate match exists between characters and patterns used within both documents or images being identified by OCR, an invisible film of text overlaid on top will allow users to select and copy identified text easily.

The software includes an assortment of editing tools to allow users to modify both the content and layout of a PDF file. Users can reflow text across paragraphs, columns or pages; change document layout; adjust font sizes or line spacing as well as add or remove tables directly within PDFs as well as directly edit their contents for interactive presentations and training sessions. Finally, multimedia tools allow for the addition of audio/visuals for presentations/training events.

Security features of PDFs protect sensitive information while providing secure access for authorized users. They can restrict access to specific regions on a page and use watermarks or digital signatures to detect accidental or malicious modification of documents, and can encrypt PDFs to prevent unapproved viewing, printing or copying of text or images. They can even integrate seamlessly with various content management systems for easy collaboration.

The software provides an accessible, straightforward user experience. The ribbon bar makes it simple to locate and access commands required for performing specific tasks; users may even personalize it to display only functions they frequently utilize.

Text Editing

Foxit PDF Editor is an advanced and feature-packed program, providing formidable competition to Adobe’s industry standard suite. This powerful yet user-friendly program can handle a range of viewing, conversion, editing, organization, OCR scanning, form field input and security tasks at an extremely cost-effective price point for both personal and enterprise use.

The program’s interface is designed to maximize productivity and minimize training time. Its ribbon mode organizes commands by task, eliminating the need for different icon-based toolbars and keeping frequently-used tools easily within reach. Furthermore, you can personalize your workspace in ways that make it intuitive and efficient for your work style.

Foxit’s text editing features are standard among word processors, enabling you to change font size, font color and alignment as well as special effects such as bolding italicizing underlining and strikethrough. In addition, text formatting such as character, paragraph line spacing character scale scaling may also be altered as well as directly editing tables’ contents.

Organization of PDF pages includes inserting or deleting pages, merging and interleaving documents, re-arranging and resizing pages and creating page outlines. You can use the ‘Organize Pages’ command to remove or add watermarks, headers and footers to individual PDF files.

Foxit’s search and redaction tools are extremely effective at protecting sensitive data. The “Mark for Redaction” function allows you to select text and apply a blackout effect, preventing further selections or editing (though undoing this action remains possible). Furthermore, select multiple paragraphs at once then instruct Foxit to automatically search multiple PDF files for it.

Link and Join Text is another useful feature which automatically connects adjacent text boxes, making writing long passages of text much simpler. You won’t have to switch between edit and view modes or copy/paste from outside sources into the document – saving both time and effort in the process!

Annotation & Markup Tools

PDF annotation tools make it simple and effortless for anyone to give feedback and collaborate on documents. They make marking important sections, highlighting important information and writing notes easier than ever before.

These tools can be especially beneficial to teams that operate asynchronously as they enable real-time document review and feedback, while making all comments visible for everyone to see.

An effective PDF annotation tool offers several features, such as adding text boxes, highlights, underlines, and strikethroughs to PDF documents. Furthermore, users are able to select specific areas within a document and draw shapes or add images using specific software features. Some even allow recording video for live collaborative sessions!

No matter the need, lightweight PDF markup tools that offer various annotation tools are the ideal solution for annotating documents or providing feedback during remote teaching sessions. Most such software is available across Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems and feature an intuitive user interface to quickly get you up and running.

PDF annotation tools offer another essential function – redaction capabilities – which is particularly important for legal and compliance teams that must asynchronously approve documents, as they remove sensitive information such as phone numbers and emails addresses from them.

An effective PDF annotation tool must allow for printing of files with their markups, making the transition to synchronous collaboration environments smooth and allowing you to display them during presentations with ease.

An ideal PDF annotation tool must integrate seamlessly with cloud storage services to allow workers to easily access and synchronize files, and include direct support options like phone or chat support to facilitate faster resolution times and increase team productivity.


Foxit products stand out as an attractive solution for individuals, enterprises and OEMs due to their security-minded features such as document, application and deployment protections that safeguard data within documents while at the same time eliminating vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to exploit your system through exploits or vulnerabilities in software.

Protect your documents using passwords, encryption, digital ID certificates and security watermarks to minimize data leakage risks and keep unauthorized users from editing or altering PDF files. Password protection provides the simplest form of document protection – only those who know the password can open the file; encryption provides additional layers of security by encrypting every document with an unbreakable key; while digital ID provides another layer of verification through authentication with digital certificates before access is permitted to the document.

Additionally to traditional methods of security, you can create a custom policy template to encrypt PDF documents with additional settings, including permissions, password protection, digital IDs and security watermarks – ideal when sharing documents among multiple users.

Whenever you use a custom template, any document opened with it will enter protected view mode – an editing mode in which all editing functions are disabled and any reading functions disabled. When opening PDF documents in protected view mode, a bubble message would inform users that most editing actions have been blocked off by this document type. You can turn off protected view mode via Preferences.

Foxit PDF Editor offers more than just standard protection tools; it also provides advanced security features, such as the trusted zone that enables you to selectively trust files, folders, and hosts to bypass security restrictions – an especially helpful feature when dealing with complex professional documents that require more than simple edits to be made.

Another feature is support for Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP), which make it harder for hackers to gain entry to your system by stealing memory addresses of vital program segments or accessing other resources.

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