Foxit Reader Review

Foxit Reader is an efficient PDF program with an impressive variety of functionality. Its small file size and fast startup performance have made it a popular choice among users who prioritize speed and efficiency.

The software offers tools for highlighting, striking out and adding notes to a document. Furthermore, it supports ConnectedPDF and has a text-to-speech functionality.

Annotation tools

Annotation tools provide an efficient way to offer feedback or collaborate on PDF documents, with features like marking up text and highlighting it, leaving comments, making drawings, making annotations of drawings. Annotation tools are especially beneficial to marketing teams who produce large volumes of content but need a means of reviewing it prior to publishing it online.

Although annotation software features can differ, here are three essential ones you should look out for when selecting one: ease of use and a user-friendly interface; compatibility with different operating systems; fast performance; lightweight design.

Foxit Reader is a free PDF program with an array of features designed to facilitate the creation, management, and editing of PDF documents. With its small file size making downloading easier than ever and fast startup time and efficient performance making Foxit Reader a top choice amongst users – plus this program runs on all three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux!

One of the key features of Foxit Reader is its ability to annotate PDF files. Its text comment tools allow you to highlight, underline and strike out text as well as draw arrows and shapes on files – sharing comments in real-time with shared groups if necessary and even rotating your comments at any angle!

Foxit Reader goes beyond annotation tools with form filling capability that makes it ideal for businesses requiring electronic signatures. Furthermore, its sleek design and advanced capabilities make it the ideal tool for collaboration and review processes as it supports various file formats to simplify accessing files from various sources.

Annotation software is another effective method of remote teaching, enabling both students and teachers to annotate documents without disturbing its original form – helping students provide quick and efficient feedback while saving classroom space.

Another feature to keep an eye out for when searching for the ideal PDF editor is one with an accessible viewing mode, like UPDF’s. With UPDF you can change the appearance of PDF documents such as adding multimedia, Bates numbers, bookmarks, links and watermarks while its powerful PDF editor enables you to add, modify or delete texts, images and pages easily.

Form filling

Foxit Reader is an e-signature and PDF form filling tool designed to allow users to electronically complete forms electronically. Its features allow users to easily add, edit, fill out and collect data on forms before printing or emailing completed documents – also supporting multiple signature methods like picture, pen and typing signatures as well as advanced annotation tools that convert PDF documents to different formats.

Foxit Reader is free for personal use, its file size being relatively small, as well as boasting quick startup times and efficient performance that make it popular among PDF users. Furthermore, its cross-platform compatibility includes Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android OS platforms; not to mention standard security protection measures to safeguard PDF documents against unwarranted access and modifications. Foxit Reader also stands out for its security policies: using standard protection mechanisms against any unwanted modifications of PDF documents by third parties.

Foxit PDF Editor not only supports PDF form filling capabilities but can also convert static forms to interactive ones for businesses that need to gather customer and employee data. With multiple customization options like text fields, drop-down menus, push buttons, check boxes and radio buttons available in form customization, it provides businesses with all the tools needed for successful data gathering from customers and employees alike. Foxit PDF Editor even converts Microsoft Word documents directly into PDF forms!

Another excellent feature of this program is its ability to read aloud and recognize text from PDF files, making this feature especially helpful for people with visual impairments. Accessible via the View menu, it simply requires selecting your text and clicking a button on the left side of the screen – then the software will read aloud!

Foxit Reader may not meet all your PDF reading and editing needs; luckily there are other programs which may better fulfill them. One such is Wondershare PDFelement which features an intuitive user-interface and supports various file formats – it even works to edit PDFs downloaded via Google Apps! Another fantastic aspect of this software is its built-in PDF editor that enables users to make modifications directly within it without opening another application separately.

Digital signatures

Foxit Reader features a digital signature feature to quickly sign PDF documents. Using both hardware and software techniques to authenticate signers’ identities and protect files against unapproved access, Foxit Reader makes digital signature quickly achievable for its users. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface enables speedy signing.

Additionally, this program can detect digital signatures on physical documents and display an icon to make identifying valid and invalid signatures simpler. Furthermore, its lightweight nature and support of multiple file formats makes it ideal for those working with various documents and file formats simultaneously. Furthermore, you can download it from various sources including its official website; just be sure that its file is clean before installing it to ensure all traces of it have been removed from your system completely.

This program is available in 35 languages and supports an impressive array of file formats. Furthermore, it’s portable – meaning it can run directly off USB drives or other external storage devices – as well as supporting plugins to add functionality to the program. Furthermore, an Office-style ribbon toolbar helps simplify navigation and reduce confusion; you can adjust text size/font size within its ribbon bar for added customization.

Additionally, this software allows you to store and download your signature online for future use – an especially helpful feature for businesses requiring multiple signatures from customers. It can shorten workflow by decreasing visits required to complete paperwork while increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening brand image.

Your signature text can be customized in terms of font and size; direction can also be changed; an option to display the Foxit logo can also be selected. Once complete, your signature can be saved onto the computer in either PKCS#12 or Apple Keychain formats and stored into an ID list for storage or editing of details of individual signatures.


Foxit Reader is a multilingual freemium suite of tools developed by Fuzhou-based Foxit Software that can create, view, edit and digitally sign PDF documents. Notable for its quick startup performance and small file size; Foxit can be used on Windows, macOS and mobile platforms and its password protection feature will help keep documents safe from prying eyes.

For security purposes, updating to the newest version of an application regularly is strongly advised for best performance and user protection. Furthermore, users should take measures to protect their computer from malicious programs by avoiding suspicious links and files; strong passwords should also be utilized and safe computing practices observed at all times.

Foxit excels at protecting PDF documents by using encryption technology that uses mathematical keys to decode data, making it virtually impossible for unauthorised individuals to read it. To secure a PDF document with Foxit’s encryption technology, open it in Foxit and select File > Protect or Security (the name may differ depending on your software) where a dialog box will ask you for a password – choose something complex with upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters so as to prevent unauthorized access and protect its confidentiality.

Foxit’s ability to restrict JavaScript execution is another handy feature, particularly important for organizations with stringent security standards. Implementation can take place on individual devices or central servers using its enterprise deployment tool set for maximum flexibility and reduced total cost of ownership for enterprises.

Foxit Reader was recently targeted by hackers in an exploit of its zero-day flaw, rated critical by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, to gain personal information from users and access personal accounts. These vulnerabilities affect its URL parser and saveAs function and could allow malicious sites to load and execute code without detection by users. The company is working towards fixing it immediately.

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