Foxit Reader Review

Foxit Reader is a multilingual freemium PDF tool developed by Fuzhou-based Foxit Software that allows users to create, view, edit and digitally sign PDF documents.

This lightweight program boasts a straightforward user experience with its simple user interface. A row of tabs makes working on multiple documents at the same time simpler while its toolbar provides quick navigation through bookmarks and tables of contents.


Foxit Reader is an ideal way to create PDF files and edit them, with fast performance, a small footprint and essential functionality such as viewing, printing, annotating and form filling. In addition, JAWS compatibility allows visually impaired people to use it with text-to-speech output or refreshable Braille refreshable output; Additionally, there’s ConnectedPDF which tracks document usage history while offering redaction features and password protection capabilities.

This program is straightforward to install and compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS systems. It provides users with numerous configurable tools for customizing PDF documents’ display and layout; view modes include single page, full page, split pages and continuous scrolling; annotation options allow them to highlight or add notes or comments; users may even create stamps which act as approval/rejection labels on documents.

The program’s editing capabilities encompass basic functions like adding or deleting pages, inserting images, hyperlinks and audio. It can also assist in converting Word and Excel documents to PDF format. Furthermore, its forms tool allows for collection of information via checkboxes or text fields – this can then be shared or printed via email or websites and exported into various file formats for further use.

The software offers a comprehensive knowledgebase and FAQs that users can rely on, along with live chat, phone support and email for support. Users can contact support in various forms: live chat, phone or email support are also available. It adheres to ISO 32000 standards and works seamlessly with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive; its security features include password protection options as well as an embedded standards panel – it also comes equipped with a plugin which generates links that users can share documents online using this program – users can download for free up to 14 days before purchasing the software – after this time the trial period has expired paid subscription must be purchased after 14 days have elapsed.


Foxit Reader is an easy and efficient way to interact with PDF documents. Unlike most free PDF programs, Foxit goes beyond mere viewing capabilities to offer features such as text formatting, annotation and form filling capabilities, document conversion capabilities as well as security functions to prevent malicious scripts from running when opening files.

The user interface of this software resembles that of Microsoft Office, with its ribbon-style toolbar housing easily identifiable commands grouped together for easier identification, as well as its tabbed layout enabling multiple documents to remain open simultaneously through tabs. Furthermore, there is a search bar which facilitates fast navigation of bookmarks and tables of contents.

When working on a PDF document, the program’s editing tools make it simple and quick to link text boxes and adjust their sizes. Furthermore, this feature of the tool enables users to add or remove pages from a PDF, merge and split documents, rotate, swap or flatten pages easily – all while keeping editing time efficient and straightforward.

Security-wise, the program offers several features to safeguard sensitive or important document PDFs. These features include a protected view option that activates when opening from an unsafe source as well as ASLR and DEP support that helps prevent exploits that can allow an attacker to gain control of a computer. It also features encryption and redaction features which protect information contained within PDFs.

Not only can this software offer powerful PDF editing and creation features, it also includes additional features for document management and collaboration – including document scanning/conversion/annotation options and integration with leading content management systems. Available across Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS systems and the web – users can easily read, annotate, sign, fill forms using standard PDF or XFA form filling technology.


Foxit Reader is a versatile program capable of converting PDF documents to other formats, including Word. This can be especially helpful for those who wish to utilize content from PDF documents directly in other programs like PowerPoint without needing to copy and paste it manually retyping content from a PDF document, helping avoid formatting issues associated with manual retyping of content from the document.

Foxit can create PDF documents from scanner scans or import files from multiple sources like Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer and email. Users can use preset preferences or tailor settings specifically to meet their individual needs and equipment. Furthermore, Foxit supports simultaneous editing through tabs for multiple files – great if working on multiple projects at the same time!

Another fantastic feature is the app’s capability of reading PDF documents aloud, making this feature particularly helpful for people with visual impairments or those who find reading large amounts of text difficult. Simply go to View > Activate Read Out Loud to activate this feature – then it begins reading your PDF file from page one until it reaches any specific area on a page, making the user comfortable reading only certain parts.

Foxit Reader stands out by its unique capability of converting text from PDF documents into editable form fields, providing an invaluable service when editing documents containing multiple text boxes that do not flow naturally with one another. Each text box becomes selectable field that can be moved, resized, and reordered – while its contents will automatically reflow back into their new positions to maintain proper layout and flow.

If you need something with more advanced features than Foxit can handle, consider downloading either Foxit PhantomPDF (paid version of software) or its free online counterpart, Foxit Online. Both have similar functionality but the latter one may save on storage space, computer resources and internet costs by being much simpler and lighter in complexity.


Foxit Reader is an extremely popular free PDF document viewer for many users. Additionally, its numerous security measures protect sensitive information including file encryption, access control and digital signatures. Furthermore, users can redact or delete certain sections from documents to keep sensitive data secure.

Businesses and organizations utilize secure file-sharing software as an invaluable asset, allowing them to securely share and exchange information within a company or organization. Therefore, it is imperative that it remains up-to-date with patches as they come out. Furthermore, regular antivirus scans should be performed to make sure no malicious programs are running in the background.

Security specialists recently identified a severe vulnerability in Foxit Reader that was classified as critical by CVSS, allowing remote code execution when opening malicious PDF documents. It could affect versions 12.0, 12.1, 9.3 and 9.4.

To exploit this issue, attackers would need to persuade a victim to visit a website with a malicious PDF containing vulnerable code that will then execute in a separate process, potentially giving attackers control over an entire computer system.

Foxit Reader has not been immune from security vulnerabilities; this incident serves to reinforce the importance of keeping its software updated as soon as possible. Foxit has been working closely with cybersecurity research teams to quickly patch vulnerabilities found within their product.

Foxit Reader released an update this week in order to protect its 100 million users, in an attempt to secure them all. Version 4.1.1 fixes various issues related to an iPhone/iPad jailbreaking hack using malicious PDF files. You can get this upgrade directly within Foxit Reader by selecting “Help,” then “Check for Updates Now.”

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