Free Instruments For Kontakt (Kontakt Player)

Kontakt Player

The free version of Kontakt (Kontakt Player) includes an impressive set of instruments known as Factory Selection that you can use to build your sound palette.

The latest version of Kontakt (5.1) introduces more refined filters than its legacy ones, such as Tape Saturator which adds warmth and distortion to sounds.


The full version of Kontakt is an industry-standard sampler for music production software. However, its premium price makes it less appealing compared to its free counterpart (Kont Player), so many third-party sound sets and libraries only work with this version of Kontakt. Beginners may find its cost prohibitive; however there are numerous free instruments and libraries from Native Instruments which may suffice instead.

Sonokinetic’s EMP Mark II virtual electro mechanical piano offers an authentic and expressive sound perfect for soulful ballads, with authentic nuances to add depth and character to recordings. Additionally, its wide array of articulations options makes it adaptable and versatile enough to suit a range of styles.

Project SAM’s free The Free Orchestra library contains over one gigabyte of cinematic orchestral sounds selected from their best-selling collections – from string staccatos to brass clusters, symphonic percussion and even drum patches – perfect for creating epic soundtracks.

Once your desired version of Kontakt is installed, the Native Access website allows you to add third-party instruments and sound-sets. Here, you can manage and install products connected with your account while also registering serial numbers for third-party libraries that you have purchased.

Hurdy Gurdy

Hurdy Gurdies are stringed instruments similar to wheel fiddles; however, rather than producing sound through bowing action alone, their strings vibrate when their cranked handle is turned. Their cotton wrap can also be altered by shifting and shifting the strings as fingers would with tuning strings on lute, guitar or violin instruments.

Modern hurdy-gurdies typically take the French style form, with 23 keys that span two chromatic octaves and cover both octaves of two-octave tuning range. Though it is the most prevalent variety of this instrument type, other variants exist as well. All hurdy-gurdies must be properly maintained to ensure accurate intonation; this requires regular cottoning and shimming of individual strings for accurate intonation.

Skillful players of hurdy-gurdys can create sounds never imagined possible with standard instruments, and Jimi Hellinga (known by his stage name Elektrovolt) recently acquired an enhanced Galician model by Vrabel with extra dog bridges and pickups that further enrich the sound quality.

Unfortunately, in order to take up this beautiful instrument you will need a significant financial commitment. Nearly all decent hurdy-gurdies are handmade using high quality wood that doesn’t come cheap; upfront costs can also be high while maintenance fees can add up over time. For this reason, buying used instruments might be more economical; eBay and Facebook’s Hurdy Gurdy Marketplace often offer excellent bargains!

Heavyocity Piano

A piano is one of the most expressive instruments in music, capable of conveying many different emotions and used widely in media composition. It can convey hope, loss, reflection, fear, joy or any other feeling imaginable – thus its use in film and game soundtracks as well as providing atmosphere and depth in a track.

Heavyocity offers a free cinematic piano library for Kontakt that includes both classic and contemporary sounds, from retro style presets to Rhodes pianos – a great resource for any producer wanting to add some cinematic piano into their productions.

Heavyocity’s Foundations Piano is an inaugural virtual instrument in their new line of free virtual instruments designed to inspire film, TV and game composers. This NKS piano library boasts 151 sounds and presets to give plenty of inspiration; powered by Heavyocity Engine which includes effects such as three-point mixing, dynamic layers and round robins for maximum versatility.

Damage Uncharted 88 by Heavyocity offers a dramatic and darker piano sound that you won’t soon forget. Based on an unassembled grand piano, this NKS piano provides impressive percussive inspiration through rocket rods, picks, coins, mallets and hammers for percussive inspiration and creating this amazing instrument.

Staccato Strings

Staccato playing style demands precise bow technique: bow should stop right when each new string starts playing and no earlier than a quarter inch before. This ensures its sharp, crisp sound that defines staccato sound.

As opposed to some LABS instruments that feature distinctive playing styles, this one sounds relatively standard and usable for general music production if not classical compositions. Furthermore, it makes an excellent layering option with other string libraries.

This instrument comes equipped with an extensive variety of articulations options, from standard ones like legato and staccato to harmonics, col legno and flautando articulations – including short ones which can create ostinato patterns and add flair to arrangements.

Smooth timing control is another amazing feature that allows the strings to perform a rhythm at any speed – from delicately slow and delicately fast!

Staccato Strings plugin for Kontakt Player users is completely free, but to download it you will need to provide your email address. Designed by UsTwo (user experience agency), the plug includes gate/arpeggio control, two channel mixer, basic effects like reverb and delay and punch to give a truly cinematic score start!

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