FreeFileSync Review


FreeFileSync is an attractive and user-friendly program offering a range of folder synchronisation options. With its uncluttered, straightforward interface, creating folder pairs can be done quickly and effortlessly.

Mirror and two-way synchronisations can be set up, while batch jobs can also be created that run as Windows tasks automatically.


FreeFileSync is an intuitive backup and file synchronization tool, offering premium features not available elsewhere for free. Compatible with various file types and portable drives, as well as password-protected folders and an unlimited file size limit, FreeFileSync makes an excellent choice for enterprise-level users while its user-friendly interface offers customizable settings for effortless use.

FreeFileSync differs from most synchronization software by performing in-depth comparisons rather than simply copying files over. This ensures minimal time is spent performing synchronization while saving disk space by only copying any differences between original and copied files; an especially valuable feature when dealing with large databases or files that don’t get updated often.

FreeFileSync’s ability to detect and reproduce moves between folders is an additional powerful feature, helping users avoid time-consuming copy and delete operations and making mirror synchronization possible in cases where file IDs do not support stable file systems such as those using Linux or OSX. In addition, FreeFileSync features real-time synchronization for system administrators or advanced home users needing real-time back up or synchronization of data.

The software allows users to schedule an automatic sync to run at specific intervals; you can set it for daily, weekly, or monthly sync. Furthermore, it can run when a USB device is plugged in or when your computer is unattended.

FreeFileSync runs on Windows, Linux and macOS and its code base is regularly refactored to take advantage of new programming techniques and is compliant with C++11. This ensures that FreeFileSync remains improved and bug-free – it also benefits user community as frequent releases allow any bugs that arise quickly to be fixed before becoming serious issues.

FreeFileSync stands out as one of the premier network share management programs with its ability to work with various network shares. Users can easily configure it to access any network share via its internal API or the standard Windows Task Scheduler API; once configured, FreeFileSync can even detect whether an external share has been mapped as local drive letter and adjust parameters automatically accordingly.


FreeFileSync has been designed for maximum performance and usability without an overwhelming user interface. It scans hard drives quickly and efficiently, enabling you to easily compare and synchronize files within seconds without making unnecessary disk accesses. Furthermore, its synchronization algorithm detects differences between folders and copies only those changes – saving time, storage space and protecting against data corruption due to sudden power outages or software malfunction.

Backup external hard drives and cloud storage solutions with this versatile application. Compatible with many file types (NTFS and EXT formats), including external hard drives. Multiple settings enable you to control synchronization such as minimum space required for complete transfer, file times should be altered or errors ignored.

Contrary to some folder comparison and synchronization tools, FreeFileSync doesn’t impose artificial restrictions on the number of files it can compare or sync; rather it simply limits memory availability for storage of these files – much more flexible than what commercial products normally provide.

FreeFileSync also provides useful feedback at every stage of synchronization process, with its status bar showing which files have been scanned, copied and/or compared.

Additionally, the graphical progress bars display how long the synchronization will take to complete and what percentage of files have already been transferred – providing peace of mind if leaving your computer unattended.

Error messages are designed with multiple levels, providing users with a comprehensive overview of what went wrong during synchronization process and thus greatly reducing support efforts and helping users find an answer on their own if something unexpected occurs during sync process.

For optimal experience, FreeFileSync should be installed directly onto your local PC; however, portable mode makes the app accessible from other external storage media such as USB sticks or external hard drives.


FreeFileSync is an ideal piece of software if you need something that can handle various file types. As it’s free open source software and compatible with numerous operating systems, FreeFileSync can easily accommodate a range of file formats and is straightforward to use – not requiring credit card details for payment either! However, some features may be missing; but as always these decisions can only be made once more information has been gathered and considered.

File synchronization is often used to ensure that multiple data storage devices, computers or programs have the same information at any given time. This can help streamline business operations by eliminating duplicated files or outdated information; however, managing these processes in a large organization may prove challenging.

One popular method for synchronizing files is cloud-based file storage solutions like Google Drive. Their free version offers 5GB of storage, while paying users can upgrade to unlimited space at $8/month. In addition to providing file synchronization tools, cloud solutions offer collaboration tools.

FreeFileSync’s latest release boasts several enhancements that make it even more efficient, such as being able to synchronize multiple folders simultaneously – an especially helpful feature when latency plays an integral role in synchronization, such as between local and network devices using FTP or SFTP.

Another advantage of this tool is that it supports numerous file formats, including XML, JSON and HTML. Furthermore, it can perform backups on NAS drives, external drives and other devices while scheduling syncs to save you both time and effort; moreover, this prevents files from becoming corrupt due to power outage or computer crash.


FreeFileSync provides a simple and effective method for synchronizing folders quickly and effortlessly, featuring multiple synchronization options within an intuitive graphical user interface. Compatible with all major operating systems and file types alike, FreeFileSync can even synchronize external USB drives or cloud storage services seamlessly.

FreeFileSync allows you to synchronize files on different devices without incurring data loss. It works by detecting differences between source and destination folders and only moving file changes between them – which is more efficient than copying all the changes at once. Furthermore, FreeFileSync lets you set individual synchronization options per device – for instance whether to synchronize just newly updated or changed files or all files across both devices simultaneously.

FreeFileSync supports an array of file types, from binary and hex formats to long file paths, extended attributes and security permissions. It can copy locked files using Volume Shadow Copy Service, compare file content in binary mode and handle symbolic links, while supporting two-way synchronization and conflict detection between changes made to files.

FreeFileSync stands out from other file synchronization programs by not necessitating you to uninstall an earlier version before installing its latest one. In fact, FreeFileSync can even be installed into the same directory without overwriting its previous settings; making switching between different versions simpler.

FreeFileSync stands out as an advantageous application because it does not require registration to access it, is open source, and accepts donations to help fund its development. Furthermore, its quick release cycle and round-the-clock support for users make this an attractive proposition.

Although FreeFileSync boasts numerous great features, some antivirus and firewall programs may detect it as malware or virus due to heuristics – algorithms used by security software to identify suspicious software patterns – or false positive detections by these heuristics, especially for newly released or unfamiliar programs. But this should not be taken as reason enough not to use FreeFileSync!

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