Freemake Audio Converter Review

Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio Converter is an attractive, user-friendly program for quickly converting and extracting audio tracks, without requiring extra plugins or toolbars. However, its conversion speed may take longer than comparable paid packages.

This audio file converter supports most key audio file formats, including MP3, and can easily create songs compatible with Apple devices such as iPod, Zune, Coby, SanDisc, iRiver and Walkman.

Convert audio files

Numerous devices only accept specific audio file formats, which means if you’re looking to enjoy your favorite songs while on-the-go or with home stereo system audio system it may require conversion for playback compatibility. When that occurs, Freemake Audio Converter provides an efficient tool for quickly converting audio files.

It supports over 50 audio file formats and several specialized codecs such as lossless audio to ensure your audio is of the highest quality possible. Furthermore, this program includes a batch audio conversion mode to help save time when processing multiple files simultaneously and join them all together to form one long music track for easy listening pleasure.

The interface is user-friendly and requires only a few clicks to add files and choose an output format. Furthermore, you can modify default presets, edit codec settings such as audio channels, bit rate, sample frequency and select an output folder – as well as customize other audio preferences like volume adjustment – it even supports 5.1 surround sound playback for high-quality playback on home theater systems!

Another great feature of this tool is its ability to extract audio from video. This will enable you to take your favorite movie soundtracks and convert them into something compatible with more devices, particularly useful if your older device can’t support more modern formats.

This tool is an incredibly powerful and flexible audio conversion solution, capable of handling all your conversion needs easily and with high-quality results. Unfortunately, however, its only drawback is converting files under three minutes long; for any more, premium versions must be purchased; nonetheless it’s well worth trying since its free and offers plenty of functionality.

Extract audio from video

If you want to extract an audio file from a video, Freemake Audio Converter can help. Supporting all major media formats and being capable of extracting soundtracks quickly while maintaining original quality, this software also converts video files to various resolutions for maximum efficiency.

Customize the output settings using presets or create your own to adjust channel, sample frequency rate, bit rate and more. Other features include adding custom tags, renaming tracks and setting the path to temporary folder. Furthermore, audio parameters and conversion speed can also be adjusted; although this app uses up quite a lot of system resources quickly with good sound quality results.

This app supports an impressive variety of video file formats, both common and rare ones alike. Furthermore, it can extract audio from video files such as MP4, AVI, FLV and MKV in order to save their soundtrack as an individual audio file that can then be played back on any device – be it an Apple or Android smartphone, tablet, video game consoles etc.

One drawback of Freemake software is that its output audio file may not play correctly on certain devices due to an incompatibility between codecs installed on them and those used by Freemake. Furthermore, some users have reported errors when playing back audio converted from certain files converted by Freemake.

Overall, Freemake Audio Converter is an efficient way to convert music files and extract them from videos. It is user-friendly, does not contain malware and is free. Unfortunately it cannot convert or extract longer audio files than three minutes long without purchasing additional packages; thus if your task requires multiple conversions it may be wiser to consider other solutions.

Merge multiple audio files

Freemake Audio Converter makes combining multiple audio files into a single music file easy. Just add them into the software, select an output format (the program supports many audio codecs and formats, so choose whatever works for you), tweak conversion settings to achieve professional results (bitrate/sample rate settings are adjustable as are channel count and quality level) and press merge!

This program is an effective, straightforward solution for converting audio files. It doesn’t clog your PC with unnecessary features and is completely free. While processing time may take some time and lack more input format options than some competitors, this option remains viable but may not meet all your requirements as efficiently.

Hamster Free Audio Converter is another great option for audio file conversion, not only because it doesn’t bundle malware but because its setup only attempts to install one extra program. Although not as fast as other options in its category, it provides very good support for common audio formats and includes device presets for multiple device models. Not as powerful than some tools but perfect for users needing to convert numerous files at the same time.

FFmpeg, which is both open source and free, provides an alternative to Freemake Audio Converter that supports most platforms including Windows. It can convert between numerous file formats with its built-in media player and offers some neat features like joining multiple files into one audio file or resampling quality of an existing one; furthermore it also enables audio conversion from video formats such as DVD, H.264, AVI, MPEG MKV WMV RM QT FLV etc.

Burn audio CD

Freemake Audio Converter is an accessible audio conversion application that enables users to merge and combine multiple audio files into one single audio file, providing various preset formats or custom ones with adjustable bitrate, channels and sample rates. Furthermore, Freemake offers the capability of extracting the soundtrack of video files such as DVD, MP4, AVI, MPEG MKVs H.264 MKV RM QT for video files with audio soundtracks included.

Freemake Audio Converter is an invaluable resource for music and audio users, yet there may be issues when using this program. One such issue is inability of Freemake Audio Converter to properly synchronize audio and video files when viewing videos – this issue has been frequently mentioned by those writing reviews of it online review sites.

This audio conversion software can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, with support for over 50 audio file formats and background running capabilities. The user interface is built around Windows Presentation Foundation for easy navigation; additionally it features drag-and-drop functionality to make importing files for conversion even simpler.

This application allows users to convert CD tracks to any format compatible with various media players, as well as rip DVDs into various video and audio formats, create an audio CD, split and merge tracks, convert WMA/MP3/FLAC files into OGG formats and more.

The Freemake Audio Converter can also convert DVDs to different formats, making it an excellent option for anyone wanting to rip their movie and TV show library. Unfortunately, however, this software may take longer than some competitors to convert larger files and may limit conversion time to three minutes or less per file; additionally, it may attempt to sell additional products from its advertising partners.

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