Friday Night Funkin Mods

Friday Night Funkin has quickly become one of the most beloved PC rhythm games. Boasting an eclectic range of songs and an active community that has produced various mods, this popular rhythm game continues to draw thousands of players worldwide.

Built by four Newgrounds users (ninjamuffin99 for programming, Phantom Arcade artist evilsk8r for artwork and Kawai Sprite composer), this game stands out as an unparalleled masterpiece on Newgrounds.

Story Mode

Friday Night Funkin (or FNF for short), is an immensely popular music rhythm game on Newgrounds that features an engaging story. Players assume control of Boyfriend who must overcome a series of adversaries to ensure his girlfriend, Girlfriend, remains content. Each level contains three songs as well as antagonists to ensure success in keeping her satisfied.

Players must match the pattern of arrows in the game with the rhythm of their song they are performing, though this may not always be straightforward. Opponent patterns may often differ from yours or even engage in duet performances while certain songs offer additional elements like power-ups that can be activated through pressing certain keys.

While the original game offers only six weeks and six songs, a large community of players and developers has created numerous mods to increase content in the game – this includes songs, additional antagonists, extra weeks and a unique mode wherein arrows sync up with beat of song instead of actual rhythm.

FNF has received many laudatory reviews from both players and critics alike, who praise its unique premise, engaging music, and gorgeous artwork design. Furthermore, it has gained enormous popularity online as an accessible free game that anyone with internet access can enjoy!

Version 0.2.1 was first made available for release on October 2022 and introduced several changes to gameplay. For instance, in this update the tutorial was separated from Week 1, new intro boot messages were introduced, difficulty levels could now be adjusted in Freeplay mode, and there was even an option to pause games so they can later be resumed, restarted, or returned back to the main menu.

Free Play Mode

Friday Night Funkin is a free-to-play rhythm game offering various music genres and characters, which has quickly become a massive success since its release on October 5, 2020. It has even been featured in multiple video games and music videos as well as being an inspiration behind several mods developed by its community.

Users have been highly applauding of the game due to its creative art design, captivating story and engaging gameplay. Many even credit it with revitalizing Newgrounds and reintroducing it into public view; many songs from it have even reached number one on major music charts!

Though hugely popular, some users have expressed disappointment with its short runtime. Even its combined story mode will only last an hour or two when played carefully.

Other players have expressed disappointment at the absence of a campaign mode and limited character selection and graphics; although these issues may seem minor at first glance, they can detract from overall experience of playing this game.

Although Friday Night Funkin primarily revolves around battles against your girlfriend’s father, the game also provides a free play mode which enables players to select any song from any week and beat it. Furthermore, you can select your battle difficulty level as well as compete against other online players online.

Established for Ludum Dare 47, its full version was first made public in April 2021. Since then, additional weeks and songs have been added, expanding beyond original Weeks 1 & 2. There are now five other weeks within this game, totalling 15 songs in all.

Battle Mode

FNF boasts an expansive modding community, where thousands of mods for both online and offline play can be found. Mods may alter characters or songs within the game, add levels or mechanics or change character designs altogether, creating an experience unique to your style and interests – as well as making FNF more difficult which can help improve skills over time.

Friday Night Funkin offers you several game modes to play, such as Story Mode and Free Play. In Story Mode, you will face off against your girlfriend’s father and other bizarre characters over six playable “weeks.” To win each battle in Friday Night Funkin you must feel the rhythm of music accurately enough to repeat it accurately enough – an enjoyable and entertaining way to pass all levels! It is highly rewarding!

Free Play mode gives you complete freedom to select any song from a week and play them at your leisure, enabling you to practice, learn new songs without replaying earlier ones, and increase scores with each session. Furthermore, the menu allows for customization of difficulty levels that suit you best.

As you begin a game for the first time, it is wise to start out in Easy mode and gradually increase difficulty as a way to ensure success. Rhythm games require practice to master properly; two hands at once may help speed up playback faster and make long sessions of playing less tiring on fingers and joints.


Friday Night Funkin has gained massively in popularity due to the multitude of mods and fan content, yet its original songs remain just as enjoyable. Packed with fast beats, high-pitched voices and hard drops; its soundtrack offers something for everyone!

Week 1’s Rap Battle against Daddy Dearest is one of the most captivating songs in the game, featuring rapid-fire notes accompanied by a fast, loud beat that creates the feeling of real rap battle between these two opponents. Additionally, heavy use of harmony adds another level of intensity that adds drama and dramatizes this matchup.

Week 3 adds more difficulty and requires increased concentration in order to complete all hits successfully. Skid and Pump presents additional obstacles, with its mix of hip hop and trap music featuring a heavier beat than any of the songs previously played in the game. It can easily catch you off guard, necessitating greater focus and coordination to land all hits successfully.

Week 4’s song for Mommy Mearest presents some of the most challenging lyrics yet; vocals are very high-pitched and fast, making it difficult to hit all the right notes. Yet somehow this upbeat and childish tune manages to work well with Mommy Mearest’s personality.

The game’s Debug Menu can be accessed by pressing the 7 key on a player keyboard and allows for players to review songs, swap out unavailable characters for those currently available and practice before taking on new challenges. There are new health bar character icons for Week 4, different game over screens for Girlfriend if Boyfriend is replaced, as well as additions to the song selection menu.


Friday Night Funkin has quickly become an immense success despite only being released at a game jam as a prototype. Soon after players started streaming gameplay videos and analysis on YouTube and Twitch, its popularity skyrocketed. Soon enough, its community started modding it with new content by modding existing characters or features into it; further increasing its growth even as just an early prototype release.

The developers behind FNF have shared some of their plans for its feature set. One such exciting aspect will be a multiplayer mode, which will enable friends to compete against one another or each other in its rap battle-inspired battleground. They also intend to include cutscenes providing further context of FNF.

Developers are looking forward to adding even more exciting features in the near future, such as making the game more competitive by adding a leaderboard system, adding more music themes, and making the game more accessible by permitting players to customize their character graphics.

At present, a full mobile version of Ninja Muffin is under development for both iOS and Android, featuring different art for each character and additional songs as well as several exclusive features that will only be found on mobile versions of the game. While we develop it further, you can still enjoy current version on Ninja Muffin’s io page or Newgrounds website as well as playing it without restrictions in a browser through Ninja Muffin’s current modding community wiki – in the meantime play Ninja Muffin now in browser!

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