Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin has quickly become one of the most-played rhythm games on Newgrounds, drawing inspiration from popular PS1 titles like Dance Dance Revolution.

Player controls Boyfriend as he battles his ex-rockstar father to win Girlfriend’s affections. They must press arrow keys adapted to each song’s rhythm in an epic battle across multiple levels (called weeks). Each level’s songs become faster and harder as time progresses.


Friday Night Funkin first made its debut during Ludum Dare 47 game development competition in October 2020 and quickly became a highly-sought after free-to-play rhythm game. Boasting an engaging story, charming characters, and an original soundtrack that sets it apart from other dance music games; its highly engaging gameplay challenges players to connect arrow keys with onscreen cues for maximum fun!

Players control Boyfriend, a character who must prove himself worthy of Girlfriend by winning musical duels against her opponents. Each song offers up new challenges: either someone singing their pattern of notes back at them or engaging in more complex duet performances alongside them.

This game offers an eclectic collection of songs from rock, dance and pop genres ranging from rock to dance and pop music genres. Additionally, there are various modes like story and free-play mode; with its distinctive soundtrack setting itself apart from other dance music games to appeal to a broad range of audiences.

FNF is an open-source game with many mods available to add additional songs, customize the UI, or alter characters’ appearances. Furthermore, certain mods provide performance statistics such as accuracy or misses to players.

One popular mod, Friday Night Funkin But Bad, is an entertaining trainwreck that breaks apart both audio and visual aspects of the original game, available both on YouTube and Gamebanana. Another mod called Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses adds one full week to gameplay as well as four new songs – plus new Hatsune Miku sprites as well as an updated background for Girlfriend concerts! Both can be found online.


Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game in which the player must match a pattern of notes sung by an opponent. You must match his or her singing, pressing either the arrow keys, WASD buttons or pressing W, A, S and D simultaneously; some songs feature more complex patterns with your pattern differing from your opponent or both singers collaborating as they sing at the same time!

Though Friday Night Funkin provides an enjoyable gaming experience in its own right, its replay value can be extended with various mods. These add-ons provide new mechanics, challenges and songs to increase its replay value – for instance the Tricky Mod lets players battle against Tricky the clown from Newgrounds game Madness Combat while other mods include fight notes, distortion cycles, rewind timers and ice notes – so players may have even more options at their fingertips!

Mods are available for both the iOS and Android versions of Friday Night Funkin, providing additional lore about characters within the game. More information regarding these mods can be found on Friday Night Funkin subreddit.

Though it can be tempting for parents to let children play video games unsupervised, they should still monitor how much time their children are spending using apps, particularly during school. A parental control app allows users to quickly block applications with one tap and set limits for how long users may access each app.

Friday Night Funkin is an entertaining and addictive game that children will adore, yet it is important for parents to research its effects before allowing their kids to play it. Some studies have linked Friday Night Funkin with increased impulsivity and attention issues in some children as well as distractibility during school, leading to lower grades for some players.


Friday Night Funkin is beloved among players for the music it plays – every song has a distinct beat and tempo that gets your feet tapping and fingers dancing along to it. While some notes might leave you frustrated when missed, others can have you jumping with joy when the perfect rhythm is hit!

Friday Night Funkin offers more than just its core songs; there are numerous mods that have been created specifically for it that add new characters, songs and experiences to enhance your gaming experience. Most of these mods can be easily found online allowing anyone accessing Friday Night Funkin anytime!

Friday Night Funkin has seen tremendous success since its initial release in 2020, yet many remain oblivious to what the game entails or how to play it. While its simple premise and catchy tunes have quickly made it a fan-favorite among gamers worldwide, players should remember a few points before engaging with it for themselves.

Players should keep in mind that Friday Night Funkin is not as difficult as it appears at first glance. The tutorial piece provides a concise yet thorough explanation of its basic mechanics in an easily understandable fashion, while its catchy song sets the stage for the rest of the game. Fans familiar with Dance Dance Revolution may find similar mechanics at work here; players needing to focus on targeting arrows onscreen in rhythm in order to complete each level in Friday Night Funkin successfully.


Friday Night Funkin is an engaging rhythm game with distinct graphics to set itself apart from others in this genre. Featuring cartoon-ish artwork that may seem simple at first, but really makes an impactful difference during gameplay – with characters and backgrounds rendered in an engaging fashion to keep players interested when trying to beat songs and improve scores.

The game also boasts an ideal soundtrack for its rhythm gameplay, with back-and-forth rhythms providing its signature style that stands apart from similar titles that use upbeat songs or popular lyrical hits as their musical backdrop.

Friday Night Funkin offers various mods in addition to its music library. Hypno’s Lullaby v2 is perhaps most notable of these mods; adding new songs and providing more variety. Other mods change art style or sound quality of the game.

Friday Night Funkin developers are hard at work creating a full version of the game, and have recently run a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. While this campaign was successful in raising funds, more needs to be raised so they can complete this dream game that promises two-player mode, leaderboards, and cutscenes among its features.


Friday Night Funkin is an accessible rhythm game where players take control of Boyfriend and must defeat his weekly enemies to secure a date with his girlfriend, Girlfriend. Each week consists of songs with battle sequences that require timed button presses from players in order to win it. There are various mods for this game as well, which feature remixes or changes of songs and characters or graphics updates.

The game has earned numerous plaudits for its soundtrack, gameplay and art; even earning recognition on YouTube’s most-viewed channel with reviews like that by okUrsus amassing over 530,000 views in one month (below). Furthermore, FNF has generated an active community of followers. Popular platforms for sharing fan content related to FNF include Instagram and TikTok where players have uploaded videos showing themselves playing the game while performing skits or memes related to FNF as well as pieces by eyebaus or hotlegs101_art that each earned over 3,000 likes within 10 days!

Friday Night Funkin stands out from other rhythm games with its compelling narrative, set on a fictional college campus and following the protagonist as he attempts to win over his crush despite various hurdles including her father’s attempts at keeping them apart.

Boyfriend must overcome his father and regain Girlfriend’s trust so as to date her, with Pico serving as his sidekick throughout this journey. Additionally, there are various antagonists, such as Daddy Dearest and his Tankmen, seeking revenge against Boyfriend after losing duel against them in duel duels.

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