G Data Antivirus Review

G Data is one of the pioneering computer security companies, having provided innovative security solutions since 1985.

Its latest Windows version earned a perfect score in AV-Test’s 0-day test, as well as an outstanding rating in regards to widespread malware detection.

This package features cloud backup, password manager and system optimizer functions as well as parental control; they’re accessible from the home binder view.


G Data Antivirus and its sibling products are created by a German software maker with over three decades of experience creating top-rated consumer security programs, including creating the world’s first antivirus program way back in 1985. They also manufacture business security solutions that protect against cyber attacks of all kinds.

G Data suite’s main feature is its antivirus software, which scans your Mac in real time without slowing it down performance. It detects ransomware that locks your data and banking Trojans that spy on transactions; additional protection can be provided by its firewall feature, which monitors both inbound and outbound connections to prevent hackers and spyware; its web browser extension recognizes phishing sites and blocks any potential harmful links.

G Data Antivirus utilizes internally developed technology to detect and block exploits, or hacking tools that take advantage of security holes in programs, to install additional malicious software such as ransomware or banking Trojans. G Data Antivirus utilizes advanced protection against this kind of attack.

G Data Antivirus offers even more features to make life simpler, including automatically patching and repairing vulnerabilities on your PC, helping reduce the risk of infections, scanning USB sticks for malware and quarantining any potential threats, as well as automatically patching and repairing vulnerabilities when necessary.

By using the Settings menu, you can manually update virus definitions and customize real-time protection settings yourself. Its user interface is designed for those without much computer expertise while offering plenty of advanced configuration options for advanced users.

G Data Total Security offers extra features not found with its competitors, such as a password manager, system tune-up modules and file encryption tools. Furthermore, this package features an automatic backup service which stores files in the cloud while offering VPN service so you can browse anonymously online.

Anti-spam protection keeps your inbox tidy by scanning both incoming and outgoing emails for phishing attempts and suspicious URLs, and protecting you while browsing online by scanning every file downloaded, blocking any malware before it can harm your PC. It even employs a cloud solution* which compares file properties against those held within folders on your own network to detect potentially hazardous files.


G Data Security Suite from Germany offers a broad selection of features at an attractive price. It has become well-recognized across Europe and has received positive lab test reviews. Their Essential bundle offers more features than basic offerings at fair pricing while the Total Security option competes favorably against similar top-tier suites like Norton 360.

G Data’s antivirus suite utilizes two malware engines for enhanced protection, as well as various additional tools. BankGuard protects online banking against malware that manipulates money transfers; firewall monitors incoming and outgoing connections to guard users against hackers and spy software; file shredder deletes files permanently while backup solution stores encrypted copies in case the hard drive becomes damaged or stolen.

G Data antivirus program is powerful and provides many useful features, but falls short in certain areas. For instance, its content filtering system is relatively basic compared to competing suites that provide more sophisticated blocking options such as geolocation restrictions and social media feed monitoring. Furthermore, HTTP-only sites are blocked rather than those using SSL protocols – an obvious shortcoming considering some suites offer advanced content blocking features such as location-based restrictions or monitoring for social media feeds.

G Data Antivirus’s pricing structure is also an issue; while its single device price point may seem reasonable, as more devices join. Their flagship plan for Windows PCs costs $50 annually for one device and up to $82 when covering five. Meanwhile, Norton’s midrange Deluxe plan costs significantly less and covers all devices simultaneously.

Other offerings from this company are competitively priced as well. Their Mobile Security for Android and iOS bundles feature antivirus, VPN protection and other useful security features; including anti-theft software to locate lost or stolen phones as well as parental controls tool to limit children’s internet usage and app use.


G Data is one of the oldest security software makers worldwide, having created the world’s first antivirus program over 20 years ago. Today, it continues to produce highly regarded consumer and enterprise security solutions for Windows, Android and Mac devices as well as highly acclaimed consumer security apps for both devices and services.

G DATA Total Security uses both an in-house engine and cloud-based virus scanner to safeguard your devices from malicious threats. Real-time protection scans and blocks new and unknown malware with near perfect rates; while its heuristic analysis technology can detect hidden threats that other programs miss.

G Data’s software is straightforward to install and operate smoothly during our tests, with no disruptions caused to programs or files by its operation. Although we had to wait some time for G Data to detect a malicious ‘ransomware’ file downloaded from a popular torrent site and hidden with multiple layers of obfuscation to avoid detection, G Data eventually did manage to recognize and eliminate this threat file.

G Data performed excellently in our real-world protection test conducted by AV-Test, earning a three-three score. The free product detected and blocked most threats while only misidentifying 10 out of 150 test cases as malware – an impressive performance for any free product, which suggests you will likely be protected against most current threats out there.

This program is also very efficient in terms of resources consumption, with an exceptionally low false positive rate. The user-friendly UI provides clear information regarding the status of computer protection; additionally, its “home binder” view gives an overview of all major features like web protection, online backup, password manager and parental controls.

While the program’s banking Trojan and exploit protection modules may be effective, they do not function like traditional security suites and may make evaluation difficult. They still protect against potentially hazardous processes injected into legitimate software processes that pose potential security threats to your system.

G DATA offers support and assistance through online documentation, an FAQ page and email. Their website enables you to select which devices need protecting and for how long. G DATA’s pricing model is also quite reasonable and rewards loyalty with reasonable pricing plans.


G Data’s desktop and mobile apps feature user-friendly interfaces designed to accommodate even novice computer users without overwhelming them with technical jargon. Their mobile app even provides advanced configuration options for advanced users like Bitdefender’s mobile apps despite being more straightforward in use. However, G Data falls short of their competitors in terms of features available to them.

The suite’s initial screen, called SecurityCenter, displays your current protection status with green icons if everything is running smoothly; red icons indicate threats that require attention; plus information regarding when virus signature updates were last renewed and when they will recur again as well as web email and spam protection details.

At first, upon opening your dashboard, you will be asked to create or log into an existing account. After doing this, a window for activating software will open; here you will need to enter both your user name and password to log into G DATA Antivirus programs as well as mobile applications (if applicable). After entering this information click “Accept”.

When you are ready to purchase a license, simply visit the Security Center page and complete your transaction quickly and effortlessly. Afterward, your antivirus protection can be activated and all its features made available.

G DATA Total Security goes beyond antivirus protection by also offering firewall and anti-spam features, with “BankGuard” safeguarding online banking transactions and digital transactions. Furthermore, it features a password manager to help assign and recall passwords easily; an encrypting function for external media; as well as automatic file/folder backup features.

G DATA offers some extra features such as parental controls and a backup tool, but they fall far short of what’s offered by its top competitors. For instance, its parental control feature lacks key functions like smart location-based restrictions or intelligent monitoring of social media feeds.

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