G Data Antivirus Review

G Data Antivirus

G Data is one of the oldest cybersecurity pioneers worldwide and offers several advanced security suites designed specifically to protect home and business users alike.

G Data Antivirus provides outstanding malware detection rates and many extras, such as backing up photos, videos and digital souvenirs automatically in encrypted’safes’ on either PCs or via cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. You also get ransomware protection that blocks extortion Trojans in their tracks.

Virus scanner

G Data offers comprehensive features in its suites that are user-friendly. G Data also boasts excellent security credentials with impressive results from independent testing labs; their software package contains everything needed to protect against malware and other threats such as anti-phishing features and parental control settings as well as cloud backup services that could come in handy in case of cyber attacks on your files.

G Data’s antivirus suite provides an impressive virus scanner, with two scanning engines to identify malicious code and eliminate it from circulation on the internet. In our tests, they were also capable of identifying many forms of ransomware which have been widely distributed online. During our analysis, they successfully removed most test threats despite taking longer than some other programs we tested to complete their scans.

G Data stands out with one of its unique file analysis features called “Signature Scan,” which compares properties of current files against those stored in its online memory, helping G Data quickly identify and eradicate malicious software not yet listed in its signature database.

G Data offers yet another method to keep your computer secure: blocking access to certain categories of content such as drugs, hackers, violence and pornography. You can set this filter either browser- or app-specificly; though its HTTP sites only content filter cannot block downloadable apps.

User interface of this program is both straightforward and aesthetically pleasing, however it looks somewhat outdated and doesn’t function well on touchscreens – which may prove problematic when trying to navigate between settings on mobile devices.

As for extras, this security suite boasts a password manager, virtual keyboard and parental controls – these features may not be as robust as others we tested but they remain important tools in your arsenal.


G Data Antivirus is an innovative cybersecurity solution, offering multiple layers of protection to users. Combining world-leading technologies, its robust antivirus software combines these to keep internet banking and shopping safe online, as well as protect Windows and Mac OS from potential threats like Trojan horses that attempt to encrypt files on your computer; additionally it safeguards against ransomware while offering cloud backup of files; plus G Data’s cloud-based software automatically refreshes and revamps its malware database in real-time so your PC stays protected against new threats.

The security suite boasts an intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate. The SecurityCenter dashboard shows your PC’s current state and if everything is green, your PC is safe from threats. Real-time protection relies on virus monitors which channel internet traffic through cloud servers owned by the company to detect potential threats; behavioral analysis detects malicious processes prior to any potential harm being done and has a low false-positive rate and 6/6 usability score as certified by AV-Test lab.

G Data’s Security Suite goes far beyond just virus scanning with its password manager, file shredder, file backup system, parental control features and browser cleaner. You’ll also gain access control for connected USB devices through its cloud-based storage system and multiple encrypted’safes’ for instantaneous file access if your computer becomes infected by malware attacks or is lost or stolen; while its anti-phishing feature helps detect fraudulent websites and suspicious URLs.

G Data’s mobile security feature can also prove highly useful, providing users with the ability to remotely locate Android and iOS devices and remotely erase personal information if stolen or lost. In addition, its virtual private network (VPN) enables anonymous browsing while bypassing restrictions in certain countries.

G Data’s cloud-based scanning technology was fast and accurate while its firewall blocked both outgoing and incoming connections, although its performance impact on my test machine was slightly greater than Microsoft Windows Defender.


G Data Antivirus provides users with anti-phishing features designed to guard them against fraudulent websites, which typically seek to steal personal information by means such as blocking IP addresses or checking web certificates, as well as inspecting headers of incoming connections for any indicators that indicate type of connection. G Data’s anti-phishing protection is fully integrated into its overall security suite compared with competing security software products like Norton.

G Data’s security suite boasts several useful features typically reserved for more expensive solutions, such as password management and firewall protection that thwarts unwary users from connecting to your computer. Furthermore, its software enables you to monitor all data transferred over the internet and detects any suspicious activities or attacks against your system.

Another useful aspect of this software is its capacity to ward off ransomware. This is achieved through its Beast module, which recognizes malicious software based on its behavior. Furthermore, its deep-scan engine examines programs already installed on a system for vulnerabilities.

The security suite includes a firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. It can protect users against identity theft by securely storing private documents. In addition, an anti-spam service blocks junk mail from entering users’ inboxes; this feature is especially crucial as spam can be used by unscrupulous marketers to target individuals with personalized messages containing links or files with potentially harmful intent.

G Data’s security suite boasts an intuitive user-interface, making it user-friendly even for novice users. Unlike its competitors, however, G Data doesn’t simplify things by showing simply seven layers as evidence of protection status instead of simply listing out simple words such as ‘Protected’ or green ticks; users can adjust settings to optimize virus scans, website filtering and email protection while activating modules such as BankGuard or exploit protection that try to block malicious software exploiting existing vulnerabilities in programs on PCs running on PCs as well as manually scans at scheduled times per day or manually scheduling manual scans at specific times per day if desired.


G Data offers a backup feature that archives your selected files to the cloud, with access to multiple cloud providers including Dropbox and Google Drive. Local backups can also be created; all local backups are encrypted so no one other than yourself can gain entry.

Software provides protection from both viruses and ransomware, as well as dangerous rootkits, including antivirus protection for both hard disk and memory, with website that attempt to obtain private payment data blocked by G Data’s security tool, while email monitoring provides alerts of suspicious emails containing potentially dangerous attachments, while network level blocking warns you if suspicious links attempt to install spyware on your PC.

Parental controls of this tool allow you to closely manage what children can access online. You can set time limits for when and how long they can browse the internet as well as block certain sites or apps. Furthermore, USB keyboards that pose as keyboards to deliver malware covertly may also be blocked – an effective feature for businesses utilizing personal devices for work purposes.

Password safes are another useful feature on computers, enabling users to store confidential documents securely without fear of anyone accessing them. Furthermore, should they misplace or lose their password, this feature allows for remote locking or wiping of devices as well.

G Data offers multiple backup solutions, but one unique capability is creating an image backup of your entire hard disk. While this may take more time to complete than other methods, such as making incremental copies or compressing files into zip archives, having such an image ready can save your system in case any restoration becomes necessary in the future.

G Data security suite also boasts an innovative malware blocker that detects zero-day and other types of malware that evades signature detection by analyzing their behavior – giving this program a huge edge over some of its competitors. Furthermore, its virtual management server makes managing multiple endpoints simple.

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