G Data Antivirus Review

G Data Antivirus offers real-time protection from known malware, updating virus signatures hourly. Furthermore, its BEAST technology attempts to detect undiscovered threats by monitoring file behavior and shutting off suspicious processes.

Cyberextortion and ransomware attacks have left many users fearing the loss of precious digital memories such as photos, videos and digital souvenirs. G Data offers effective security against such attacks, including BankGuard for protecting banking transactions and digital transactions online.

Real-time scanner

G Data Antivirus offers four real-time defenses against hackers: BEAST (Blocking Exploitation Attacks against Software), DeepRay technology and Ransomware Protection are designed to keep hackers at bay. Each of these real-time defenses can be toggled on and off as needed for optimal protection.

G Data excels at virus detection and cleaning, earning top marks from third-party lab tests such as AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. Coupled with its fast scan speeds and minimal impact on device performance, these qualities combine to make G Data an attractive option for users seeking reliable malware protection.

G Data’s focus appears to be more on Windows, with limited support for macOS features like password manager, performance optimizer and parental controls. While this may not matter much to most users, those seeking comprehensive security solutions should keep this in mind when considering G Data as their solution.

G Data features an easy interface that makes managing and configuring its suite simple and straightforward. The main menu provides quick links to settings while its application window provides a dashboard that showcases device security status. From here you can set one-time, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly scanning schedules for directories, files or removable media such as USB drives.

G Data’s antivirus scanner leverages multiple scan engines from two vendors for maximum protection and fast scanning speed, quickly detecting even rootkit-type threats such as those hiding within memory or autostart areas. It features a unique method for inspecting memory or autostart areas to detect hidden threats that aren’t immediately apparent.

G Data Antivirus includes a file shredder which securely deletes plain-text originals of selected files, making them unrecoverable through forensic recovery. Many competitors include this feature and it makes for an invaluable addition.

Safe & password-protected storage

G Data’s software suite boasts a password manager and encrypted storage, plus additional features not typically seen in entry-level antivirus programs. Available both as an antivirus/ firewall package and mega-suite that expands further with backup utilities, PC tune-up utilities, parental control system functionality and more – G Data suites do well in independent lab tests while offering superior feature sets over competitors; but both have drawbacks you should consider before making your choice.

G DATA virus protection for Mac offers robust defenses against Trojans, spyware, adware and more, including USB stick malware scanning in real-time and quarantining of infected or suspicious files so they cannot cause damage. Their firewall is easy to use with just five preset security levels available via slider and detailed settings hidden behind three other pages that G Data deliberately disabled by default so as to keep users from making potentially risky choices – making this firewall great for simple usage but lacking in comparison to products like Bitdefender or Norton Security in terms of technology innovation or comprehensiveness.

Photos, vacation videos and digital souvenirs can be protected with automatic backups that store them locally or in the cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox, at no additional cost). Encryption software such as Locky has given many a scare by promising to wipe out digital treasures unless ransom payments are made – G Data’s parental control system ensures children do not unintentionally make such errors themselves.

G DATA Shredder securely deletes files so they’re impossible to recover, using overwriting with random bits before deletion – enough so to thwart even Federal agents or Mafia groups from recovering them! By default it will overwrite with seven overwrites but this number can be increased up to 99 if desired.

Overall, G Data’s products have performed well in independent lab tests and are user-friendly, though some of its basic suite features haven’t seen significant improvements for years; additionally, encryption and backup tools may not match up with what might be found in premium security suites.

Virus protection

G Data antivirus software was designed to keep your computer protected from malware when browsing the web or downloading programs, whether that means browsing or installing programs from an application store. With an affordable price point and customizable plans and flexible payment options available to fit multiple device households – G Data antivirus is an ideal option for businesses and families who rely on multiple devices simultaneously.

During our tests, we found the antimalware app to be fast and responsive, while still using minimal system resources and performing well in independent lab tests. Although it would have been nice if more features had been included – particularly password managers and parental control tools – but nevertheless these were impressive programs overall.

G DATA’s virus detection capabilities have earned high praise from independent testing laboratories like AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, with impressive scores in both real-world protection and malware detection categories. Their Internet Security product scored 100% against zero-day threats with only 10 false positives detected; and performed equally well against more widespread and prevalent malware such as 99.6 percent protection with just one misread file blocked in larger tests performed by AV-Comparatives.

G DATA Total Security stands out from its rival suites by employing a more simplistic color-coding scheme to indicate real-time protection status and time until signature updates. By contrast, its SecurityCenter dashboard is packed full of options and security status data – this provides some value but would prefer something simpler and more effective in presentation.

G DATA Total Security provides more than just virus protection: its suite offers various other features to safeguard your digital life, such as a backup tool that archives files both locally on your PC or via cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, password-protected photos and souvenirs, automated backup scheduling and even password protection of digital souvenirs.

Other features to note include an effective tool to shred files so they leave no trace in the future, and banking protection (known as BankGuard) that prevents ransomware, banking Trojans and other forms of malicious software from taking your money or manipulating online transactions. It should be noted, however, that BankGuard is only available in G DATA Internet Security suite and not its cheaper antivirus cousin.

Internet security

G Data’s antivirus plans offer a host of extras designed to safeguard users on the web and digital transactions. For example, their software automatically detects and repairs banking Trojans that target online money transfers; BankGuard protects against extortionary malware that hijacks operating systems and encrypts important files; all features designed to keep you safe online and offline.

This suite provides numerous other security features, including firewall protection, anti-ransomware technology and an automated backup service that encrypts selected files to the cloud based on user preference settings. In addition, the system renames file extensions (e.g. docx into locky) so as to decrease visibility among ransomware programs.

G DATA Antivirus’ real-world detection abilities are supported by impressive third-party laboratory test scores, earning top marks from AV-Test and AV-Comparatives lab tests for its minimal impact on device resources while providing excellent overall protection. Particularly impressive were its results at AV-Test where it earned 6/6 scores for virus detection abilities and overall effectiveness!

G Data Total Security’s SecurityCenter dashboard shows your current system status with color-coded displays to show whether protection is active and what items are currently being checked for threats like viruses or malware. Furthermore, this program reveals when its next set of antivirus signature updates will become available for installation.

G DATA offers several additional tools, such as a password manager, system tune-up module and file encryption tool, though many are either outdated or nonfunctional. For instance, its keylogger protection only works with select apps (including browsers and Bitcoin wallets) while warning that some of your own programs might not be compatible.

G DATA products use a heuristic engine capable of recognizing malicious activity based on its behaviors, such as quickly launching multiple processes in quick succession or encrypting vast numbers of files in short order. Furthermore, it scans USB drives for potentially hazardous files to protect users against loading them onto computers. Moreover, an advanced heuristic scanner detects new types of malware quickly and efficiently classifying them as harmful programs.

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