G Data Antivirus Review

G Data’s security suite is easy to use, featuring desktop and mobile apps designed with simplicity in mind.

AV-Test and AV Comparatives have given this program top marks, with its antivirus protection scoring 100% for widespread malware and near 100% against zero-day attacks.

G Data goes beyond antivirus with password management, system tune-up features and file encryption tools; its Premium plan adds parental controls, cloud backup storage space and device tracking for added protection.


G Data Antivirus is an all-inclusive antivirus suite with an impressive variety of features in an intuitive user-friendly package, as well as strong performance in independent testing labs – making it a strong contender in its category. Since 1985, this German software maker has provided high-rated consumer security solutions for Windows, Mac OS and Android devices – and this makes G Data an enduring contender within this segment of software security software.

G Data’s paid suites each feature virus scanning and detection, firewall protection, an online backup feature and parental controls, while their premium Total Security suite provides enhanced protection with additional features like an extortion Trojan protector, password manager, system optimisation capabilities and cloud backup services. Their website provides an in-depth view of each product’s features and functionality.

G Data’s full scan function performed exceptionally well in our tests for finding malware, with its detection rate near perfect and removal score also being high. Furthermore, this program also boasts an exceptionally useful system optimisation feature to assist users in improving performance by eliminating unnecessary files from their systems.

Parental control software from this company enables parents to set time limits on computer use for children as well as monitor websites they visit. The software features a browser cleaner which removes toolbars and add-ons, as well as password manager that helps users create unique passwords for all online accounts. Furthermore, its antivirus protection against ransomware detects crypto-Trojan activities to prevent criminals from encrypting users’ files and prevents ransomware attacks from spreading across networks.

G Data’s cloud-based threat intelligence technology is another great advantage, enabling it to quickly detect any new or unknown threats in real time, as well as providing built-in VPN to protect privacy while online. Furthermore, its firewall offers effective protection from most common networking risks while failing to detect some common attacks.


G Data, a German security software maker with over thirty years of experience, offers its Antivirus program as a free trial version and has earned top marks from independent tests conducted by AV-Comparatives for its exceptional price/performance ratio. Furthermore, the company specializes in premium endpoint security for businesses as well as providing mobile device management solutions.

G DATA Total Security includes multiple layers of protection: two antivirus engines, firewall, web protection and email protection, password manager, cloud-backup, cloud tune-up module as well as online data backup via Dropbox or Google Drive; this feature can come in especially handy should your computer become infected with ransomware or experience hard drive failure. In addition, an ad blocker, browser add-on removal tool, web search filter filter parental controls as well as an encrypted USB keyboard guard are also features available ensuring any malicious code transmitted from USB devices from being transmitted into your system.

All these features are accessible via an intuitive user interface, although upgrading from Antivirus to Internet Security did require reinstalling the program; otherwise, this was straightforward. G DATA also offers excellent phone support with knowledgeable agents ready to answer technical and billing inquiries; unfortunately though, their online resource library lacks information on certain key features while form responses may take time before getting answered.

G DATA automatically checks every file that arrives on a computer for potential threats using various detection technologies, including behavioral analysis systems that monitor how programs use the computer and identify even previously unknown malware and neutralize it. Furthermore, the program utilizes cloud storage solutions to store properties of current files containing malware before comparing these against new files as soon as they arrive; this reduces time spent virus scanning while simultaneously helping identify threats faster.

Password manager

G Data Antivirus is a security suite with various added features, including automatic backup and password management. Furthermore, the company provides device tracking against phishing sites as well as locking unauthorized devices. Furthermore, mobile phone and tablet protection is offered through secure VPN connections, device locators services and QR code scanners.

If you purchase the Total Security package, you’ll gain access to a more comprehensive selection of tools – such as password managers, file encryption tools, system optimisation modules, parental control features and remote monitoring features. However, if these extra tools are unnecessary for you, opting for G Data Internet Security might be enough.

The SecurityCenter of this suite displays your system’s current protection status with green icons indicating good health while red indicating active threats. Clicking any section opens its corresponding modules; for instance, clicking Backup prompts you to backup files or folders while Password Manager creates password safes as well as installing browser plugins in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers; Tuner optimizes system performance further still.

However, its user interface feels rather outdated. Divided into no fewer than ten pages of modules and submenus, which might prove daunting to novice users who lack enough time to explore all its options. Furthermore, some menus use small font sizes that may make reading them difficult for people with impaired vision.

Parental control

G Data Total Security is an affordable malware protection suite with plenty of features, though some of its top competitors provide additional bonuses such as parental controls or backup utilities. As a result, it makes an ideal option for users who do not require these premium extras while still seeking excellent malware protection at a great value price.

The suite combines its own proprietary malware detection engine with that of Bitdefender’s engine, and has proven successful in recent tests conducted by AV-TEST and AV Comparatives. Furthermore, its very low rate of false positives – an essential requirement in antivirus software – speaks for itself.

G Data Total Security goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewall features to provide password managers, cloud backup, identity theft recovery service and anti-spam and anti-phishing features – such as USB keyboard trap detection/prevention. Furthermore, data shredding features help locate stolen devices remotely as well as remotely wiping capabilities allowing for remote phone/tablet wipe out in case they are lost/stolen.

G Data’s security suite is comprehensive and straightforward to use, boasting an eye-catching old-school aesthetic with vibrant colours and clear icons. The main window provides a quick glance of its core modules; here, virus scanning schedules can easily be managed while performing manual scans on system folders, RAM memory, startup files and rootkits can also be completed as needed. You can view quarantined files or even create a bootable USB drive which could aid recovery after being hit with malware attacks.


G Data Antivirus includes a cloud-based backup tool to create and manage both local and remote backups of files and folders, with password protection available for these backups as well as options to burn them to disc, send them via Dropbox/Google Drive/BitTorrent for bootable recovery purposes or schedule them automatically – however these features are exclusive to its higher end G Data Total Security suite.

G Data’s suite offers additional protection from exploits by employing its own, custom-developed technology that detects malware by spotting security holes in applications and blocking them from running, effectively stopping phishing sites and other common network threats from spreading. While not offering as smart an approach as Bitdefender or Norton LifeLock’s technologies do, G Data’s firewall still does an outstanding job at protecting users against these types of threats.

As for its other functions, PC Protect offers parental controls to limit children’s internet use; an easy password manager that’s an ideal alternative to Microsoft’s depreciated browser plugin; system optimization features; an encryption tool and USB Keyboard Guard protection against flash drives masquerading as keyboards in order to secretly deliver malware; plus settings that let you make adjustments for virus scans, web protection and email.

AV Comparatives hasn’t tested G Data products, but AV-Test did in September/October 2018 and awarded it with its highest protection score. AV-Test found that this software blocked almost 100% of widespread and zero-day malware with minimal false positives, having a moderate impact on Windows performance overall.

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