G Data Internet Security Review

G Data Internet Security

G Data Internet Security offers a robust suite of features, including online backup and parental control. In addition, anti-ransomware protection will prevent criminals from encrypting files as well as password management capabilities and bank-level protection for online transactions.

Pity this program does not follow industry trends with an easier-to-understand user interface; its vibrant red dashboard may put off potential clients.

Virus Protection

G Data offers two engines for virus scanning and a reliable firewall, scoring highly in our tests for virus protection, blocking nearly all test cases. Unfortunately, malware detection tests revealed some failures; not able to identify all threats identified as well as failing in its removal function (scoring below the industry average by 3 points).

This suite provides password managers, encryption and cloud backup for maximum protection of personal files from criminals who seek to encrypt them; anti-ransomware to stop thieves from encrypting files; BankGuard for online banking transactions and digital transactions; keylogger protection; as well as anti-phishing websites and spam filtering while parental control keeps track of children’s internet use.

G DATA offers explicit protection that prevents criminals from exploiting vulnerabilities in system programs to access your data and gain entry. Quarantine locks down infected files for quarantine; plus it automatically updates its virus database as needed. As an added feature, this program includes tools to uninstall toolbars/add-ons from browsers as well as Windows boot manager and Performance Tuner features to boost speed on PCs.

G DATA Total Security’s home ‘binder’ view appeared outdated and overcrowded with features. Furthermore, its interface wasn’t optimized for touchscreen use either with small fonts and links that were difficult to tap – an especially significant flaw given that rival suites like Bitdefender offer similar capabilities at less expense. G DATA offers a 30-day free trial, after which an annual license will need to be purchased if you wish to continue using the suite; although this fee might seem fair when other cheaper solutions exist.


G Data, established in 1985 in Germany, has long been known for their antivirus and firewall software as well as their popular password manager and other tools designed to protect users against viruses, malware and other online threats.

G Data Internet Security employs two antivirus engines to safeguard against an array of threats on PC, performing admirably in our virus protection tests, scoring close to the top like others such as Bitdefender and Norton 360.

Software’s robust firewall module was another area where this product stood out, featuring numerous features to safeguard computer users online safety such as reference checking, application control and network control.

Web Security Module protects users against ransomware that threatens to encrypt files and demand payment to decrypt them, blocking port scan attempts or signs of network misuse by unknown applications.

Anti-keylogger protection can also be very useful, helping prevent malicious programs from accessing and stealing personal data from you. Unfortunately, it only works with certain apps (mainly browsers and Bitcoin wallets) and manually adding additional programs may render this feature inoperable – G Data warns of this when adding unfamiliar ones manually.

Other security features available with Bitdefender include a password manager, automatic backup, file shredder and access control for connected USB devices. In addition, there’s also an included system tune-up tool and parental controls designed to safeguard children against unsuitable content online; though its parental control module may only cover HTTP sites. If you require something more sophisticated for parental controls then we highly suggest taking a look at our review of Bitdefender instead.

Password Manager

G DATA Internet Security and Total Security provide additional features not found in cheaper antivirus software, including: * Password manager that securely saves login credentials, notes and other data in an encrypted database on the hard drive * File shredder which destroys classified documents that no longer need to be kept * Parental controls which help stop children accessing age-inappropriate sites or applications

G DATA Total Security offers premium tools exclusively through its more expensive suite, but is nonetheless an extremely capable package with an antivirus engine and robust firewall as well as file and folder backups to physical media or cloud locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive. In addition, encryption data, helps locate lost devices, and includes device controls to prevent unauthorised USB, webcam or disc drives from being used are among its other capabilities.

G DATA stands out from the pack by performing twice the work of other suites to detect malware, making sure no harmful programs evade detection. Unfortunately, its keylogger protection seems dated; only compatible with certain browsers and Bitcoin wallets – something we found disappointing.

Other extra features of the software include ransomware protection that thwarts malware that encrypts files and demands payment to decrypt them; an online security report which analyzes how safe your device is and highlights any potential threats; and an additional feature to track where mobile phones or tablets are so you can locate them quickly should theft occur. Overall, it makes for a great solution for mid-tier and higher PC users.


G Data’s security suite boasts outstanding lab scores and offers top protection from various types of malware. Furthermore, their banking transaction technology specializes in security-focused ebanking solutions which work across devices and operating systems.

G Data Internet Security provides comprehensive protection, with antivirus engines, firewalls, parental controls and backup tools all integrated into one convenient software suite. Utilizing its CloseGap technology – which merges local scan engines with cloud-based ones for fast defense against cyberattacks – its virus scanner offers outstanding malware detection through two engines with exploit detection, antiransomware capabilities, antiransomware features and keylogger protection.

Although G Data Internet Security’s features are excellent, its interface and functionality don’t compare favorably to many competitors’ solutions. For instance, its web interface hasn’t been updated in over two years, while graphical redesign occurred over five years ago – yet G Data remains amongst most independent lab rankings for usability innovation.

G Data Internet Security’s robustness is further demonstrated by its inclusion of a VPN for secure surfing, as well as a password manager which stores all your passwords automatically when visiting websites and fills them in automatically for you. In addition, you can encrypt files, prevent USB keyboards from acting as virtual keyboards, and improve PC performance with this suite.

BankGuard safeguards online shopping and banking transactions by recognizing fraudulent sites, blocking their content and replacing it with original pages. Antiransomware helps defend against ransomware Trojans while its backup component can securely back up data in encrypted format.

Performance Tuner

G Data stands out from its competition with exceptional malware defenses, being one of only a select few suites to have blocked 100% of threats in tests conducted by AV-Test and AV Comparatives. Furthermore, its selection makes an attractive option for security-conscious users looking to cut costs on antivirus software while increasing protection via anti-ransomware protection, parental controls, parental password management tools, performance tweaking tools and USB device access control features.

Their client uses a charmingly old-school aesthetic for its main pane, featuring bright colours and plenty of information. However, its power doesn’t lie hidden behind complex submenus – its vibrant red dashboard and icons provide you with an overview of its core modules.

G Data’s browser cleaner and Performance Tuner are useful, yet lack the impactful offerings from some competitors. Our in-house PCMark 10 benchmark tests revealed that having G Data installed significantly slowed downloads while having limited impact on web page load times; similarly noticeable when we tested its disk optimisation tools; which could put undue wear and tear on SSD and NVMe drives. Parental controls offered are outdated; with options that do not improve upon Windows family safety features.

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