G Lock EasyMail Review

G Lock EasyMail

Successful email marketing is key to expanding your business. G-Lock Software offers an array of opt-in email marketing solutions.

EasyMail7 makes creating fully customizable email drip campaigns simple with one click. Compliance, bounce and unsubscribe management are automatically taken care of for you.

Email Marketing Software

G Lock EasyMail is an affordable email newsletter software solution, which makes managing opt-in email lists and creating bulk email campaigns simple on any computer. This software comes equipped with features such as secure data storage, contact list management, autoresponders and role-based permissions – perfect for small to midsize businesses, non-profits and individuals.

This software features an HTML editor to allow for effortless email creation directly within the program, or it can import an already prepared HTML file from either your local computer or from an SMTP-capable remote server. With an array of pictures and links built-in for customization purposes, creating attractive emails has never been simpler!

Through an ODBC connection, subscribers’ details can also be imported directly into the program from remote databases for easy email newsletter creation and distribution. Furthermore, using Bounce Handler ensures bounce messages are automatically processed to keep your mailing lists accurate – helping prevent your IP address from getting blacklisted by sending repeated emails to invalid addresses.

Utilizing the automated email series feature, you can automatically send pre-written follow-up emails to subscribers over time – an effective way to enhance reader engagement and convert more subscribers into customers. Furthermore, this software also enables you to set a customizable CAN-SPAM compliant automated response for unsubscribe requests from subscribers.

This software provides real-time tracking features, including open and click rates. Additionally, you can monitor campaign performance as well as email delivery results in this program – plus test deliverability before sending emails out!

This software features an FTP client, allowing you to upload all images used in your email message directly onto a web server, then replace local paths of these images with their respective web paths for optimal sending speed, lower message size and ensure recipients can see every image included in your message – saving both money and effort when sending via third party services such as Amazon SES that charge data transfer fees.

Email Newsletter Software

G Lock EasyMail is an innovative email newsletter software that can automate marketing campaigns, sending email announcements, newsletters and special occasion messages directly to subscribers. Designed specifically for professional use with features like an intuitive user interface, built-in email server/client functionality, unlimited groups/subscribers support, customized message design capabilities as well as being fully compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations – G Lock EasyMail makes your marketing more efficient than ever!

Import mailing list data into its own internal database or connect it from an ODBC compatible one, while using an encrypted connection between server and client to protect your privacy – unlike many email newsletter programs which use 3rd-party servers and do not protect privacy.

G-Lock EasyMail allows you to customize the structure of your messages and design a fully responsive HTML email template for newsletters. Multiple HTML files can be loaded directly into the program for maximum flexibility; an automated feature even converts standalone web page HTML files directly into email messages! Plus you can add pictures resized, cropped or compressed so as to reduce message size, speed up sending times and reduce both your bandwidth consumption as well as the recipient’s internet loading times!

Schedule your campaign to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly to ensure it reaches subscribers without being put into spam folders or overlooked entirely. It also helps ensure consistent marketing efforts and establish brand loyalty with subscribers over time. Plus you can automate follow up emails sent sequentially to new subscribers over a period of time to convert them into customers!

Software such as Mad Mimi or Constant Contact that charge monthly subscription fees provides an effective means to increase ROI while saving both time and money. With its 256-bit AES encryption protecting personal information from hackers and keeping business data safe. It’s an ideal alternative.

Bulk Email Software

G-Lock EasyMail is a professional email software program that enables you to automate newsletters, announcements and special occasion emails. It features its own built-in email server and client, providing unlimited groups, subscribers and recipients. In addition, its advanced features such as Amazon SES signup signup tracking tool automated bounce handling provide G-Lock EasyMail an edge over its competition. Finally, its 14 day free trial period gives users the chance to test out this email software prior to purchasing.

G Lock EasyMail allows you to import and send messages simultaneously to multiple contact groups at the same time, making large lists more manageable. Its message editor makes creating HTML code easy; templates included with the program allow for effortless creation and editing; the advanced image wizard enables resizing, cropping, compressing pictures before inserting them into messages – decreasing delivery times while saving money by decreasing image bandwidth usage among subscribers and load times.

Our software features a Bounce Handler which automatically retrieves and deletes bounce email addresses from your group list, to ensure deliverability is kept high, saves you time, and helps prevent IP addresses from getting blacklisted due to sending to invalid email addresses repeatedly. Furthermore, it updates external CRM databases as needed while simultaneously clearing away unnecessary space on their servers – saving both money and effort when it comes time to send.

G-Lock Software’s bulk emailing software is fully compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations, offering multiple delivery options – from using your own mail server to third party services like MailGet SMTP, Amazon SES and Mandrill. With its easy user interface and powerful features – making G-Lock a top choice for anyone wanting to optimize email marketing campaigns. In addition to bulk emailing software G-Lock also provides G-Lock Analytics free HTML email templates as well as their Opt-In plugin for WordPress websites – making G-Lock a top choice among marketers looking for maximum email marketing campaign success!

Mailing List Management Software

G Lock EasyMail is an efficient email program that allows you to both send emails and track how recipients react after clicking links within them. With an intuitive ribbon style reminiscent of Vista applications and templates to help create messages quickly, as well as HTML code import, HTML editing can be completed directly from browser or within the app itself, Google Analytics integration and Piwik analytics tracking, plus its advanced Bounce Handler, it enables you to send only valid emails out.

G-Lock EasyMail allows you to easily create and automate drip campaigns that nurture contacts into buyers. The software enables you to stay in contact with prospects who aren’t quite ready to buy, reengage dormant leads, provide helpful hints and tips for current customers as well as serve as the front end for email delivery services such as Amazon SES, Sendgrid or Mandrill.

EasyMail7 software is simple to set up and integrates seamlessly with existing CRM databases so that contact details such as emails addresses and names can be extracted directly from them without exporting and importing back. Furthermore, EasyMail7 can replace local path images in email with their web server paths, thus decreasing message size and speeding delivery time.

G-Lock EasyMail7 comes equipped with an FTP client so that you can upload images used in your emails directly to a web server via FTP, further decreasing message size and increasing sending speed. In addition, you can manage your hourly or daily sending rate according to ISP SMTP limits while the unique Merge feature makes the message look more personalized while boosting its chances of being received and getting responses from recipients.

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