Geek Uninstaller Review

GeekUninstaller is an efficient program for uninstalling software, available both free of charge and as a paid Pro edition.

Portable and consisting of one EXE file, it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems with ease, featuring both clean removal and force removal features.

Easy to use

Geek Uninstaller is a free program that makes uninstalling software easy, fast and portable – providing complete removal without leaving any traces behind. With its user-friendly interface and fast operation speed, plus force removal option for stubborn programs. Plus it’s even portable so it’s easily transportable!

GeekUninstaller can efficiently track and remove leftover data from Windows registry, files, folders and other locations on your PC. This feature can help identify and eliminate malware that could cause errors within the system, making the free and PRO versions of GeekUninstaller both capable of this capability.

This program also boasts several additional features, including clean removal and native x64 support, uninstalling Microsoft Store apps on Windows 8/8.1/10 and its intuitive user interface makes it simple for novice and professional alike to use. Furthermore, users can use this software to remove software from a USB drive for convenient portability.

Although this program offers many useful features, it lacks more advanced ones like backup/restore functions, help files/manuals and customer support services. Furthermore, its user interface resembles traditional Windows apps which may irritate some users.

GeekUninstaller is an efficient and dependable program for uninstalling software from your Windows computer. With its clean removal feature performing deep and quick scanning after an uninstallation to remove leftover files, it ensures your PC runs efficiently while remaining free from clutter and leftover files. Thanks to its fast performance it serves as an ideal alternative to the standard Add or Remove Programs applet of Windows OS.


Geek Uninstaller is an efficient tool that makes uninstalling programs without leaving traces easy and can find and delete hidden files and folders, as well as locate unused registry entries. Designed for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, it even removes Windows Store apps which cannot be uninstalled via standard uninstall programs.

This software is portable and doesn’t require installation; simply run it from a flash drive or external hard disk, taking it with you wherever you go. Best of all, its free to download with no ads present – plus you can even save it to your desktop as a wallpaper!

Launching the program will display a list of all applications installed on your computer and allow you to search by name or app ID. In addition, this program has the capacity to detect and delete all leftover programs not removed by Windows Add/Remove Programs applet as well as repair damaged or incomplete registry entries or files associated with them.

Geek Uninstaller goes beyond traditional uninstallation options to detect and delete hidden applications not listed in the Start menu, or those installed using more unusual means like Steam, Big Fish gaming platform Ninite or Chocolatey. Furthermore, it can locate remnants of programs installed using Microsoft’s new AppLoader utility and delete these accordingly.

Once you select an application from your list, Geek Uninstaller offers the ability to quickly uninstall it by right-clicking. When asked, Geek Uninstaller displays additional Registry entries you may also delete – along with offering “force removal” as an extra measure should any stubborn programs remain.


Geek Uninstaller is a more comprehensive alternative to the Windows “Add/Remove Programs” feature that helps you uninstall programs more thoroughly without downloading additional software programs for this task, saving both time and money. With its simple minimalist interface and ability to detect stubborn programs or broken applications quickly and reliably. Furthermore, this free tool can run without installing on your system like other third-party uninstallers such as IObit Uninstaller Portable, Wise Program Uninstaller Portable and Bulk Crap Uninstaller.

Geek Uninstaller stands out from other uninstallers by thoroughly clearing away all associated files, registry entries and folders associated with an application or program that remains after uninstallation. Furthermore, its search function enables it to locate settings associated with that program – making this an excellent solution for anyone seeking a cleaner computer experience! It features an intuitive user interface supporting over 40 languages!

GeekUninstaller does more than uninstalling programs – it also detects and uninstalls Windows Store apps! Plus it shows all programs installed on your computer sorted by date of install so you can quickly find programs which have recently been added or changed on your system – its list contains names, sizes and installation dates of applications!

Geek Uninstaller stands out among other aftermarket uninstallers as it provides more effective and comprehensive removal capabilities, along with several useful features like file shredding and an option that prevents programs from installing automatically on startup. Furthermore, this tool supports multiple languages and runs as portable application – essential tools for any PC user! However, one downside may include its lack of backup/restore support – although most users won’t require this function anyway.

Clean removal

Geek Uninstaller performs clean removals by deleting traces left by programs after uninstallation and also uninstalls obsolete registry keys, files and any junk that might still remain after uninstallation – making it an excellent alternative to the standard Windows Add or Remove Programs applet.

Geek Uninstaller stands out from similar programs by being both portable and free; no installation is necessary; simply run it from any USB drive or external storage device and follow its simple interface on most computers; plus it supports removal of Microsoft Store apps which isn’t usually offered in software uninstallers.

GeekUninstaller can identify every installed program’s website, installer folder and registry entry to facilitate an online search of Google to determine whether the software contains malware – an invaluable feature for IT support teams that saves both time and effort!

GeekUninstaller’s primary advantage lies in its ability to uninstall most programs at once, saving time and preventing multiple file deletions from taking place on your PC. But keep in mind that GeekUninstaller cannot promise it will completely delete every last file – some folders or registry entries might remain.

Geek Uninstaller remains an effective tool for managing and uninstalling programs on your PC, with easy user controls and a wide array of features to make life simpler. Plus it’s lightweight, fast, minimalist-designed interface makes removal faster. Plus it can even remove stubborn programs by using Force Removal!

Force removal

Geek Uninstaller is an essential application that safely uninstalls software from your PC without leaving any traces behind, with an optional force removal function for stubborn programs that won’t budge. The user interface makes Geek Uninstaller accessible even to novice PC users – its free download makes this an excellent way to ensure a clean PC!

GeekUninstaller stands out with its context menu shortcuts, providing access to files and programs’ installer folders (a File Explorer window opens), Registry entries or Google searches for them. While this might seem like a minor feature, it can help users quickly identify suspicious software and malware.

Geek Uninstaller is an EXE file, making it lightweight and portable across Windows devices, making it the ideal tool for anyone working on multiple computers without access to the internet. Furthermore, IT professionals who require maintenance on multiple PCs may find this utility particularly beneficial.

This app can be easily downloaded from the developer’s website for free use and runs on USB sticks or external storage devices, being compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. After uninstallation, it performs deep and fast scanning that deletes any remaining leftover files – perfect for IT professionals looking to troubleshoot issues or uninstall persistent software which won’t uninstall properly with native Windows uninstallers – while its simple yet functional user interface offers 40+ languages!

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