Geek Uninstaller Review

GeekUninstaller is a program designed to scan your system after software uninstallation for any remnants that remain. Once found, GeekUninstaller quickly and thoroughly eliminates them from your computer system.

This program works similarly to standard uninstallers; it displays all programs based on their name, size on disk and installation date.

GeekUninstaller also features a Force Removal option to easily uninstall stubborn applications. It is free and user-friendly.


Geek Uninstaller is a free Windows program designed to quickly and efficiently uninstall programs from your computer. It does this by scanning for leftover files, folders and registry entries before providing a list of items found with deletion options – much easier than the standard Add/Remove Programs utility! This tool makes removing programs that don’t install completely or that no longer serve its purpose much simpler.

Launching the program reveals a simple and compact user interface, listing all programs installed on your PC as a list that can be sorted alphabetically by name, size or installation date. From the View menu at the top you can also filter this list to show only desktop or Windows Store apps; additionally there is even an integrated search function to quickly locate an app you wish to uninstall.

Once you’ve identified an application you need to uninstall, select it from the list and either click on Uninstall or press Del on your keyboard to launch its standard uninstallation process. This may require following some instructions or clicking certain buttons; once complete, Geek Uninstaller will scan for any leftover items on your computer and create a list displaying them; this can sometimes be difficult as it requires searching through an extensive list for something specific – sometimes accidentally selecting items you don’t want!

Geek Uninstaller is an outstanding free program for Windows, offering quick and simple use that works well to uninstall programs that other programs cannot. Portable, it works in both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows without ads displaying. Unfortunately, however, its Pro counterpart offers additional features such as tech support and real-time installation monitoring compared to Geek Uninstaller free edition.


GeekUninstaller is a lightweight and portable third-party uninstaller designed to help users remove programs without leaving any files behind. Ideal for PC enthusiasts looking to keep their PC clean, GeekUninstaller offers features such as Force Removal and an HTML report of installed programs that make this an excellent way to stay tidy!

This software makes uninstalling Windows Store apps and even some of the toughest broken programs easy and straightforward, supporting over 40 languages and featuring an intuitive user interface with features like an auto-filter search feature that displays installed programs quickly.

Right-clicking programs in the list provides three options for uninstalling them: “Uninstall,” which performs the standard uninstallation procedure; “Force Removal,” and “Remove Entry.” Force removal provides an enhanced uninstall experience by scanning file systems and registry for any leftover entries and removing them permanently; while Remove Entry provides support to those who already know how to uninstall a program but need extra assistance in doing so.

GeekUninstaller stands out from other third-party uninstallers by being both free and portable, meaning that it does not require installation on any particular computer or flash drive. Unfortunately, however, some advanced features such as autostart management and backup/restore capability are missing from GeekUninstaller.

GeekUninstaller is an invaluable application for anyone who wants to ensure their computer remains fast and clean, including corrupted programs that cannot be uninstalled using standard uninstallers. Plus, its cool features such as HTML reports of installed programs and exporting your list for comparison are invaluable tools for keeping their PC in top condition.

Easy to use

Geek Uninstaller is one of the easiest programs of its kind, featuring an intuitive design reminiscent of familiar Windows applications. Once launched, you will be presented with a list of your installed applications, with each link offering options such as “uninstall” or “force removal.” Select either option and Geek Uninstaller will begin to remove them from your computer permanently.

GeekUninstaller performs deep and rapid scanning post-uninstallation to eliminate all leftover files and registry entries left behind by other uninstallation programs, keeping your PC free from clutter. Plus it includes Force Removal functionality for stubborn programs that refuse to uninstall normally!

This free tool can help you maintain a clean computer by eliminating unused files and programs that linger, cluttering up the hard drive and diminishing system performance. Plus, its small form factor and lack of installation means it can go wherever you do – laptop PC or desktop PC alike!

This software offers a versatile solution to remove many programs ranging from the familiar to obscure. It even makes system application removal simple with its user-friendly interface and thorough clean-up of all remaining traces from your computer.

It can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows from XP to 10, and as it’s a lightweight EXE file it takes up very little space, it makes a perfect candidate for flash drives or USB sticks allowing for portable access wherever you may go.

User interface of Uninstaller Pro is straightforward and user-friendly, offering filters by name, size, installation date and more. Filters include Windows Store apps with search function at bottom allowing quick retrieval. Ability to completely uninstall apps without leaving behind leftover files is another big plus that makes Uninstaller Pro an excellent choice for anyone.


Geek Uninstaller is an efficient program for uninstalling applications from your computer quickly. This program scans deeply into your system to locate any lingering files, folders, and registry items; once found you can choose to either select them for removal or leave them alone as desired. Furthermore, its “Force Removal” feature offers extra assistance against stubborn programs.

GeekUninstaller is a lightweight maintenance solution with no installation necessary that makes for a perfect portable maintenance tool for PCs. It can remove programs not listed by Windows Add/Remove Programs applet; find leftover bits of programs previously installed; as well as locate and fix broken programs.

This program features an intuitive and user-friendly user interface that’s simple and straightforward, plus portable functionality allowing it to fit perfectly on a flash drive or other storage device and be used at any time. Unfortunately, however, its only drawback is not being able to select multiple programs simultaneously for removal at once.

Another beneficial feature of this program is its capability of uninstalling Windows Store applications, providing an effective means to delete unwanted or unnecessary applications from your PC and keep everything running smoothly. By eliminating unneeded or outdated Windows apps, this program helps free up space while keeping things running efficiently on your system.

GeekUninstaller stands out among other uninstaller programs with its lightweight, portable nature and zero installation requirements. Compatible with any version of Windows and free to use – GeekUninstaller offers plenty of great features – including its force removal option for stubborn programs!

This program can also remove programs not installed through their official installer, making it a valuable resource for software developers who wish to test their code. Furthermore, it repairs programs by replacing missing file parts. IOBit Uninstaller and Wise Program Uninstaller offer similar uninstallation solutions; IOBit is available as a single EXE file which runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems for download.

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