GeForce Experience – The Easiest Way to Get the Best Gaming Performance on Your PC

GeForce Experience makes getting optimal gaming performance on your PC easier than ever by automatically updating drivers, optimizing game settings and recording and broadcasting gameplay – giving you all of the tools to achieve maximum gaming performance on PC!

Also included are exclusive features like Instant Replay and Broadcasting, along with Freestyle Game Filters and NVIDIA Ansel for photorealistic image capture mode.

Driver Updates

Nvidia drivers are at the core of your GPU; they keep it ticking smoothly. That’s why we maintain them long after you purchase your card to give you optimal performance and stability, often by updating with new features or bug fixes – either through Windows Update, Device Manager or GeForce Experience; with just two clicks you’ll have access to all the latest Nvidia drivers for optimal gameplay!

GeForce Experience does more than simply update drivers; it also optimizes your game’s graphics settings to deliver the optimal gaming experience. Because no two PC gamers are alike, GeForce Experience uses our vast cloud data center to test thousands of hardware configurations until we find one that suits you perfectly.

No matter if you prefer big-budget blockbusters or classic arcade classics, GeForce Experience has got your gaming needs covered. It can optimize any resolution or framerate so that you can fully experience them on both large screens or at home; additionally it enables NVIDIA Ansel to capture stunning screenshots or livestream your gameplay – everything in one package!

GeForce Experience’s gaming optimization software, which automatically identifies optimal settings for each of your games, is another key element. It makes optimizing games simple – be it on an RTX GPU or GTX GPU – while giving you access to NVIDIA Freestyle filters which enhance gameplay dramatically post-processing filters for added visual flair.

GeForce Experience also features a fast-start experience, game launcher, and in-game overlay to facilitate capturing video, screenshots and uploading them directly to YouTube/Twitch while communicating with other GeForce gamers. Furthermore, GeForce Experience includes NVIDIA GameStream and ShadowPlay streaming technologies that give gamers even more ways to stay entertained during gameplay.

Game Optimization

Nvidia’s Gaming Optimization feature takes into account your CPU, GPU and display to automatically apply optimized game settings that maximize image quality and framerate. These optimal settings have been determined using data compiled by thousands of NVIDIA users and research projects, making them accurate and up-to-date as possible.

GeForce Experience’s Game Ready Drivers provide features such as Direct Lighting Substitution System (DLSS) and Ray Tracing, enabling you to achieve higher framerates and image quality in games. Therefore, keeping your drivers updated so your system can take full advantage of all these new technologies is vitally important.

GeForce Experience app makes it easy to locate and download the latest drivers by providing access to them in its “Drivers” tab. Simply click “Check for Updates”, or download via “Download” when available.

GeForce Experience’s optimization feature lets your PC run games more smoothly by rendering frames at lower resolution before upscaling for better image quality – helping improve performance while decreasing image artifacts in games that feature intricate details. This can reduce performance issues as well as eliminate image artifacts for enhanced gaming experiences.

The app also allows you to monitor and tweak your system’s latency, or the amount of time it takes for actions to appear onscreen, which can have an effect on how responsive game play can be and make it hard for characters to connect with one another. By decreasing system and display latency, you can increase reaction times while improving aim accuracy.

GeForce Experience also includes tools for those wishing to stream or record gameplay for YouTube, such as recording and encoding in-game footage, taking screenshots, or creating video collages of game play. In addition, NVIDIA’s NVENC hardware encoding technology provides offloading computation burden while streaming/recording and can reduce lag by up to fourfold!

Nvidia provides this app free of charge on their website, though to install it correctly you will require an Nvidia graphics card installed in your PC. Once it’s up and running you can launch the program to begin taking advantage of all its features.

Game Recording

Game recording for GeForce Experience is an extremely useful feature that enables you to quickly create GIFs, upload them directly to social media like Facebook and Weibo, or record high-quality videos of your gameplay – made possible thanks to Nvidia GPU hardware encoding capabilities. Simply press “Record” within GeForce Experience Overlay.

GeForce Experience hotkey (Alt+Z by default) to open an overlay and capture gaming moments more easily. Furthermore, using this overlay you can use YouTube and Twitch broadcasting directly as well as recording in-game performance for later analysis.

Highlights is an automatic recording feature for more games, including recently released titles like Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Call of Duty: WWII and Tekken 7. Highlights can then be converted to GIFs for upload to websites like Facebook, Weibo or Google Photos; optimized files will play back optimally on smartphones or tablets so you can share your best gaming achievements in high definition with friends!

NVIDIA Highlights can be customized in the settings menu of GeForce Experience Overlay, providing access to streaming service accounts, changing HUD layout, configuring video capturing quality settings, changing recording save location settings and more.

If you are having difficulties recording games for GeForce Experience, it may be that your audio volume is set too low. To increase it, click the speaker icon in your taskbar and open up the sound mixer before trying Game Recording again.

The new Gamma settings option in the Overlay makes calibrating your monitor easier than ever for optimal gaming experiences. Gamma is usually set as the standard color balance setting on most displays; but with this feature you can fine-tune it to suit your specific monitor type and screen resolution – providing more accurate colors and brightness levels within games, creating a more engaging gaming experience overall.


Nvidia GeForce Experience makes streaming your gameplay simple and accessible for the world to see. Use its Broadcast LIVE feature to stream directly to services like Facebook, Twitch and YouTube without impacting performance impact or compromising video quality. Kepler GPUs have been optimized with this feature in order to reduce stream performance impact as much as possible without compromising video quality.

As soon as your gameplay video is recorded to file, take advantage of Nvidia In-Game Camera image stabilization software to reduce blurring in your videos and edit later if needed. It is an invaluable asset if you plan to record high-quality gameplay videos to edit later!

GeForce Experience makes one of its chief features possible by enabling users to capture screenshots of their game, which is great for recording or streaming, but especially useful when in-game and want to show off your hard work online. Capturing screenshots can be done simply by pressing Alt+F1, but there’s also the ‘Photo Mode’ in the overlay that captures entire screens; even adding filters using Nvidia Ansel technology makes screenshot taking simple!

GeForce Experience now provides advanced gamers with a feature to allow them to stream and record gameplay without needing additional applications like OBS Studio or Streamlabs if needed. However, GeForce Experience makes an excellent starting point if no existing streaming solution exists on PCs already.

GFE offers another great feature – automatically recognizing and optimizing nearly every game on your computer. Although there may be exceptions where some titles don’t get detected properly or may even become unplayable in certain scenarios, GFE usually finds what needs doing and gets it right most of the time.

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