Genshin Impact Game Review

Genshin Impact has taken gaming by storm, offering an eye-catching free-to-play title with action packed real-time combat and captivating visuals. Furthermore, Genshin Impact boasts a cast of vibrant characters who all add something special.

Explore Teyvat with Genshin Impact’s massive open-world fantasy RPG. Featuring seven regions to discover and a diverse cast of characters to meet, this immersive experience is definitely one worth experiencing.


Genshin Impact offers stunning graphics, from Mondstadt’s lush grasses to Liyue Harbor’s rugged mountains. Each nation in this game boasts its own aesthetic; even minor characters such as Adventurer’s Guild receptionist Katheryne have voices that highlight their individual personalities.

Alongside its beautiful world, Teyvat features various gameplay systems that enhance its playability. The elemental magic system allows players to combine their character’s strengths and weaknesses for powerful combos; player characters have access to stamina bars and cooking activities; plus there are seven statues scattered throughout Teyvat that allow teleportation back and forth – keeping players immersed in Teyvat!

The game’s action-based combat system is equally satisfying, allowing the player to choose among an assortment of weapon types to fit their playstyle. Furthermore, its extensive skill tree allows the player to upgrade their character’s abilities with Primogems; an attractive feature.

Version 4.7 is currently under development, and recent leaks indicate that Genshin Impact will soon feature an in-game Hide UI function. No matter the method of activation (pressing the backslash key on PC or another), this feature enables players to hide the user interface while they play games – potentially greatly improving the player experience. This new feature could also make taking clean screenshots simpler without pausing and accessing Photo Mode. Furthermore, Emilie will join as a 5-star character using Dendro Polearms; leaked gameplay footage reveals she can make four consecutive hits using normal attacks before transitioning into her elegant entry animation with spin feature.


Genshin Impact features a vast selection of characters to select, each boasting their own set of skillsets and abilities. As this is a free-to-play title, completing quests and challenges earns rewards and raises players Adventure Rank to unlock more items and play through more challenging dungeons.

Genshin Impact’s elemental mechanic is an integral component of its gameplay, with each character possessing their own element that allows them to react differently depending on which enemies appear in battle. This encourages player creativity as teams are built to take down powerful monsters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact offers more than its main storyline; there are also a variety of side quests that can have a significant effect on player progression, such as cooking and crafting quests that unlock dishes as well as Character Development Items to boost health, attack defense and stamina.

Many side quests are tied into the story, giving players an opportunity to further develop their favorite characters while earning valuable ascension materials. The game also features Wishes that can be unlocked through various events and significantly boost a character’s strength.

Genshin Impact’s character lineup is constantly shifting, with newcomers appearing regularly. A recent arrival of note is Tighnari – a five-star Dendro character who brings players a fresh approach to Genshin Impact’s meta. Her reactions pair perfectly with Electro, breathing new life into characters like Kuki Shinobu and Fischl.

Nahida, a Dendro Archon who lives up to her reputation, recently joined our roster and quickly made waves in parties across all levels of difficulty. Her unique synergy with Dendro class offers unparalleled benefits. Plus her damage buff is an effective way to strengthen existing ones!


Weapons are an essential element of Genshin Impact for any character’s arsenal, providing unique buffs that enhance combat abilities. Each weapon type offers different strengths and weaknesses; therefore it is important to find those most suited to your character’s combat style.

This game offers an assortment of weapons – swords, bows, claymores – from swords to bows and claymores – that provide different sub-stats, which play an integral part in which builds it can fit. Furthermore, each weapon comes equipped with its own passive skill that grants additional bonuses during battle.

Additionally to its stats, each weapon can also be upgraded through forging. This process takes place through a smithy and requires certain materials in order to complete successfully. Forging provides significant advantages to players as it increases weapon power while making weapons stronger than they currently are.

Genshin Impact weapons can be upgraded at the smithy using special materials obtained from various sources – these materials can be bought using Mora currency. To create new weapons from scratch, players will require both appropriate blueprints and necessary materials.

Genshin Impact weapons can be divided into four distinct groups: swords, claymores, bows and polearms. Swords are the mainstay weapon used by most characters and come equipped with unique effects to increase damage output.

Swords feature secondary stats which can increase defense or attack damage for players. Claymores and bows boast passive properties which increase elemental damage. Once acquired, weapons can be forge by blacksmiths into useful weapons for use by their owners.

Genshin Impact’s most recent update introduced several new weapons, including a 5-star sword called Absolution and 5-star catalyst bow called Lightning Strikes. Also introduced were Crossing of Fleuve Cender as a 4-star sword and two weapons related to Fontaine — Polearm ‘Engulfing Lightning” and Claymore “Luxurious Sea-Lord”.

Epitomized Path is a special weapons banner that can help players obtain five-star weapons through careful work, guaranteeing them when they take a weapon out from it. Furthermore, Fate Points earned from Epitomized Path can later be redeemed for additional weapons.


Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG where players explore the fantastical world of Teyvat. Players have access to an expansive character collection and variety of weapons; switching characters mid-battle allows for maximum tactical flexibility. There are also Story Quests players can complete for experience points and rewards; unfortunately many of these fail to deliver as expected, leaving players dissatisfied and feeling let down with their overall experience.

Genshin Impact does provide some ways of getting around these shortcomings and making the most of its features. One such solution is its in-game photo mode, which can capture memorable moments or locations within the game and save them for future reference. To take pictures with this mode, players need only equip the Kamera gadget (available during certain events) found under Event Gadgets on the gadget menu and take the picture; then save to an image folder specifically.

The camera can also be used to take selfies, which are an effective way to share the game’s breathtaking landscapes with friends and family. Furthermore, players can access their PS4’s ‘Capture Gallery’ in order to view all their captured images at once.

Genshin Impact’s appeal lies in the flexibility it affords players: not having to complete all Story Quests can allow for more focus on character development while still taking advantage of a wide variety of gameplay options.

Genshin Impact keeps players engaged with its content and events by regularly adding fresh updates that keep players excited to play more of it, keeping Genshin Impact fresh and up-to-date. Thanks to these regular updates, players never feel that the game has outlived its usefulness or relevance.

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