Getting Started With Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is a cloud-based collaboration solution suitable for in-office, remote and hybrid teams alike. This platform features video and audio conferencing, persistent messaging, file sharing capabilities and more – all from one convenient interface.

The platform also provides engagement features such as virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, gestures and reactions that enable employees to feel more at ease while giving the company a professional edge.

Easy to set up

Starting Cisco Webex is easy; no special applications need to be installed for you to join or host meetings. Simply sign in from any computer, or click Join from a meeting invitation email, then join through a video conference call, phone, or by selecting Record Meeting from the menu; after the meeting concludes you will receive an email with a link back to it or visit User Hub’s recordings page and find it there.

If you choose the video conference call option, enter your name, meeting number and password provided in your invitation. Before starting the meeting, you can also adjust any necessary video settings as well as whether or not to greet all attendees when joining.

Add participants during a meeting by clicking on the Add Participants button in the menu. A simple panel opens where you can enter email addresses of those you would like to invite; these individuals will receive an invitation email, with a link for them to join the meeting. You can also cancel meetings from the Meetings page should the need arise; doing so cancels both Calendar and Outlook automatically so no accidental scheduling issues arise.

If you’re hosting a meeting, you can switch the default video camera view by clicking on the Camera button in the menu. Likewise, audio devices can be changed using the list provided. Pull-down menus located on the upper left also provide useful options such as handing over hosting roles or sharing transcripts among hosts.

Easy to use

Webex Meetings is an invaluable tool for businesses that wish to host virtual meetings that simulate in-person ones. Attendees can work collaboratively on documents, spreadsheets or presentations while participating in an online meeting – the host can control what applications attendees can see or use and take advantage of whiteboard functionality so attendees can write or draw during an eventful meeting session.

The software can be accessed from a computer, mobile phone or tablet and is designed to provide high-quality audio and video. The interface is user-friendly with simple access to various features via clicking an icon. Furthermore, setup is straightforward with minimal training requirements needed – Android and iOS compatible apps available as well.

Cisco Webex makes meetings simple to initiate and join for people without dedicated video conferencing devices, especially mobile users who lack one. It offers one Join button per participant while the browser and desktop apps offer similar functionality; additionally, mobile users may dial-in over phone connection – an especially handy feature if internet connectivity is an issue.

Cisco Webex provides numerous methods for optimizing video content during meetings, from automatic optimization, optimizing text and images, and optimizing motion and video. By default, Webex sets its quality level at maximum; you may modify this as required for optimal results.

Cisco Security Software for Enterprise provides industry-leading protection, integrating with multiple business applications. Its global architecture and network ensure speed and performance while supporting remote worker collaboration as well as hybrid team meetings on an expansive scale.

High-quality audio and video

Webex Meetings’ audio and video quality is of particular significance for companies with many remote employees, using HD VoIP technology for crystal-clear audio calls with up to 720p video quality. Furthermore, it features noise suppression as well as automatic echo cancellation to further improve both audio and video quality.

This software is tailored for text and image content, automatically optimizing for the best resolution based on available network resources. Furthermore, motion and video optimization allows users to share higher-resolution videos and animations as well as provide better frame rates when sharing dynamic applications such as CAD or medical imaging.

Contrary to Zoom, Cisco Webex features a dedicated phone number for business calls – making it easier for remote employees to join meetings remotely and assist with collaboration efforts. Furthermore, breakout rooms enable larger meetings to be broken up into smaller sessions for more productive meetings.

Cisco Webex stands out as an in-meeting customization platform due to the level of personalization it allows. You can resize video panels, blur your background, create virtual backgrounds for a unique appearance, as well as integrate other platforms like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and GitHub seamlessly into meetings.

Webex free users have limited recording options while paid users have full access to both desktop and mobile device recordings, saving locally or to the cloud depending on which device is chosen to record from. In addition, before joining meetings or webinars you can change audio and video settings via Options menu > Audio settings or Camera settings.


Today’s workforce requires intuitive meeting solutions that fit seamlessly with how and where employees work. Cisco Webex meets this need with its robust infrastructure and multiple layers of security; its scalable design easily accommodates growing businesses; HIPAA/GDRP/FedRAMP certification ensures it can help meet regulated industry needs.

Webex allows participants to come together for meetings that combine video and audio, apps, whiteboards, file sharing and file attachment. Phone call participants can join as well, with all meetings automatically transcribing for future reference. You can create separate spaces for projects and departments within an organization’s organization by streamlining workflows with drag-and-drop file sharing, virtual whiteboards and integrations with major applications – perfect for streamlining workflows for projects and departments alike!

Webex Meetings is a cloud-based solution capable of accommodating up to 1,000 participants simultaneously. Participants can join through VoIP, direct dial-in number or being called by the host. All meetings are recorded in HD quality with annotation capabilities so participants can annotate on shared content during recordings.

Optimize for All Voices is a new feature designed to ensure everyone’s voices can be clearly heard during video calls. Utilizing artificial intelligence, this feature uses microphone settings so every participant is clearly heard – creating an equal experience regardless of where they sit in the room or their preferred communication method.

Mobile Camera Share is another innovative solution created specifically to support meeting participants, enabling them to livestream the view from their mobile devices into meetings and annotate over it real-time. This is especially helpful for frontline workers needing to communicate with remote colleagues such as construction workers or retail staff in distant locations – the feature can be found both iOS and Android devices.


Cisco Webex makes collaboration easy for teams. Meetings can be hosted anywhere – in the cloud, on-premise or room systems – as well as supporting mobile devices, desktop computers and unified communications solutions. Webex features include videoconferencing, voice/video calling, screen sharing and chat capabilities for team collaboration.

Webex is an advanced collaboration tool offering high-quality audio and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants, featuring virtual backgrounds, noise removal and breakout rooms. Meetings can also be recorded and transcribed instantly using HD video and audio technology, in addition to sharing content like whiteboard apps like HD video. Users also benefit from personalized screens as well as various in-meeting personalization features.

Cisco Webex supports an array of media codecs and bandwidth adaptive technologies, such as real-time network path and bandwidth availability analysis and an adaptive response technology like Opus for an enhanced meeting experience, even on unimpaired networks. Furthermore, its broadband speech codec offers more superior sound quality compared to narrowband codecs.

Service features include cloud recordings and end-to-end encryption, customized screen designs for meetings and an array of in-meeting tools such as gestures and reactions for in-meeting personalization options, plus automatic muzzing. Furthermore, the app allows anyone involved in the meeting to mute it without manually pressing its mute button – adding another level of convenience and safety for all participants involved in meetings.

Webex is designed to accommodate organizations of various kinds. With various pricing plans available and upgrades/downgrades possible at any time, if needed. If additional capacity is needed simply add extra quotas; alternatively buy network-based recording storage space in 100GB increments.

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