Getting the Most Out of uTorrent


uTorrent boasts numerous power-saving and customizable features, but has many ads. Furthermore, VirusTotal frequently reports results showing it could spread malware.

Use uTorrent Web to access torrent files (with file extension.torrent), which contain instructions that uTorrent uses to download actual files.


As one of the leading torrent clients, uTorrent boasts numerous useful features, such as speed caps for different periods and shutting off when files have downloaded completely. Furthermore, its lightweight system usage makes uTorrent suitable for older or less powerful hardware.

uTorrent features a simple and user-friendly user interface, making torrenting accessible even for newcomers to torrenting as well as experienced users. Furthermore, its highly configurable settings and layout allows users to personalize it to their needs; multiple downloads at once are supported as well as the option for prioritizing certain files so important documents or media download before other files complete downloading.

uTorrent also provides numerous security options to safeguard users against malware and phishing attempts, including an anti-virus scanner which detects downloaded files for potential viruses before opening them, as well as offering VPN service that helps further prevent hacking or data theft.

Customers can further personalize uTorrent through an array of add-ons and plugins available, offering features like antivirus scanning, RSS feed integration and remote control via various protocols. No matter your torrenting needs – antivirus scanning, RSS feed integration or remote control via various protocols – the uTorrent add-ons catalog offers something suitable.

uTorrent stands out from the competition thanks to its support for various protocols, such as DHT and Peer Exchange which allow peers to communicate about available downloads with each other for faster downloads and reduced bandwidth usage. Furthermore, uTorrent supports UPnP/NAT-PMP port forwarding which may prove useful on shared local networks.

Finally, uTorrent allows users to stream music and video torrents while they download, saving time by streaming high-quality content such as movies or TV shows in real time. Users should remember that these streams may only ever provide as good an experience as the original source material itself.


BitTorrent protocol accounts for an impressive portion of all Internet traffic. It works by sharing files amongst peer to peer (P2P) networks and allows users to download multiple files at the same time in small pieces – this reduces centralized server load while providing faster download speeds. Furthermore, its lightweight nature requires less memory and CPU resources than other file sharing applications and supports various operating systems and languages – though while great for large file transfers it may consume too much bandwidth when multiple files download simultaneously – an issue especially relevant for those on limited data plans or those downloading copyrighted material via torrent.

uTorrent has earned itself an outstanding reputation when it comes to security and features, but even it cannot escape malware attacks. In 2015, for example, it was accused of autoinstalling Epic Scale cryptocurrency miner software without user knowledge; furthermore it has also been plagued with adsware, bloatware and privacy concerns.

While uTorrent cannot control what files its users download, downloading content that violates intellectual property can be illegal and cause issues with your ISP or even lead to lawsuits by copyright holders. To avoid these problems, make sure only downloading files from reliable sites with good reputations; check for file extensions ending in.exe as they could contain viruses.

Torrenting may not be illegal per se, but in certain countries it can lead to fines or legal action. A virtual private network (VPN) can help protect your identity from being discovered by your ISP – and uTorrent includes one as an added layer of security for devices and PCs alike.

uTorrent is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux and comes complete with both a remote app and web interface. The free version of uTorrent comes equipped with ads; to remove these simply upgrade to its professional edition which includes one year of CyberGhost VPN subscription service and supports up to five simultaneous device connections – also sold by third-party sellers on its official website and via third-party sellers.


uTorrent and other BitTorrent clients do not guarantee 100% safety. Even if you only download copyrighted files, torrenting still exposes your IP address to hackers who could geo-locate you and spy on you, attack your devices, or steal your identity if using torrenting applications like uTorrent and others. Therefore it is recommended to always use a VPN service when torrenting applications like these such as uTorrent are utilized.

While uTorrent may not be perfect, it does come equipped with security measures to help safeguard you against threats. Seedboxes are server farms which offer dedicated storage space and upload/download speeds for users’ torrenting experience – typically cheaper than traditional web hosting and designed to ensure you make the most out of your uTorrent installation.

An effective way to protect yourself is through the use of firewall and antivirus software. These programs can identify dangerous content such as malware and prevent it from downloading it; additionally, some anti-virus programs even provide a VPN compatible with uTorrent that can keep you secure while downloading files.

Bundled software can be an issue when using uTorrent, as it installs McAfee WebAdvisor and Adaware Web Companion without your approval or knowledge – some antivirus programs consider these applications potentially unwanted software (PUP). If using it on a business computer, be sure to run an uninstall program after installing uTorrent to remove any unnecessary applications that might arise.

VPN services can also be helpful for uTorrent users, as they provide private connections and prevent their ISP from throttling bandwidth or cutting off download speed. However, not all providers support torrenting; thus it’s wise to do your research before choosing your provider.

With some care and maintenance, uTorrent can be an ideal torrenting option for anyone wanting to enjoy all its benefits without dealing with censorship or privacy concerns. Unfortunately, its only drawbacks include being somewhat slow at times and not as user-friendly as other programs, like qBitTorrent; nevertheless it remains one of the most widely-used torrenting clients outside China.


uTorrent is one of the world’s leading torrent clients, boasting an intuitive, user-friendly interface and using minimal system resources. Furthermore, it boasts several features to help speed up file downloads such as movies, music, books and even malware files – as well as including an antivirus scanner to scan all downloaded files against threats and ensure an uninterrupted experience with uTorrent. For an optimal uTorrent experience consider upgrading to its premium version!

To use uTorrent, the first step is obtaining a torrent file. These small files contain information on where larger files can be found; their name comes from their instructions for how uTorrent should download them. When you have one in hand, open it in uTorrent to initiate its download process – this should take only minutes! Once it has finished its task.

uTorrent’s unique ability to adjust its bandwidth usage based on time of day can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule or wish to limit data usage. Simply click the settings icon and select “Bandwidth mode,” with four different hour options available each weekday.

If you prefer, uTorrent also features DHT and Peer Exchange features that reduce reliance on central trackers to speed up downloads, as well as local peer discovery (which may be useful on shared networks), but please keep in mind that doing so increases the risk of downloading malware or viruses.

uTorrent not only offers desktop clients but also online apps and remote control features for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux OS platforms – you can download a free uTorrent WebUI link from its company website to use in any browser that supports HTML5 with an active internet connection – making managing torrents from anywhere easy! However it has some restrictions and compatibility issues which should be kept in mind before making your choice.

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