GFI Kerio Control Review

GFI Kerio Control is an all-in-one unified threat management firewall, offering security, bandwidth management and activity reporting features. Furthermore, it serves as a DHCP server, automatically providing networking parameters to network devices automatically.

Real-time activities are displayed in an intuitive web interface for viewing by authorized users, who can then gain access to statistics information as needed or receive reports via email.

Unified threat management

Kerio Control provides comprehensive security protection to small to mid-sized businesses. Its integrated UTM features include next-generation firewall and router protection, gateway antivirus software, intrusion detection/prevention features, virtual private networking (VPN) functionality and content filtering; additionally it also provides usage reporting granularly.

UTM solutions work by automatically detecting malware in your network and responding to it automatically. They can be preconfigured to recognize known threats while also being capable of detecting new ones through heuristic analysis, filtering data streams to filter out malware before blocking its entry into your network.

This solution comes as both a hardware appliance and virtual machine for VMware ESX/ESXi environments, making its software-based deployment straightforward across 32- and 64-bit x86 servers and workstations – in either IPv4 or IPv6 networks, connecting with multiple DNS servers for improved resilience.

Your remote network access should remain safe from hackers using its VPN feature, providing two-step verification to protect sensitive communications and files of your business from being intercepted by criminals or thieves. Industry standard encryption protocols protect traffic against interception from potential hacker threats while supporting 2-step verification to keep any unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive information about it.

UTM’s integrated gateway antivirus protects computer systems against viruses, worms, trojans and spyware by blocking malicious URLs and phishing sites as well as providing Internet and application usage reports to admins for employee online activity monitoring purposes. Reports contain details such as number of visited websites per employee per day/time of day when each site was visited as well as search terms entered by users; administrators can easily access this information on demand via a web interface or weekly reports sent directly via email.

Bandwidth management

Kerio Control is an industry-leading security solution featuring industry-leading web content and application filtering, gateway antivirus protection, VPN tunnel connectivity, bandwidth monitoring capabilities and bandwidth management features – all easily manageable through one web-based console for network administrators.

Advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs) from our company monitor inbound and outbound communications to detect and block attacks before they take place. It uses Snort-based behavior analysis to detect malicious activity on servers while protecting them from unauthorised connections; additionally, their regularly updated database identifies new threats automatically and blocks them without manual intervention.

Bandwidth management with Kerio Control allows you to prioritize and screen network traffic to ensure the most critical data reaches its destination in an expeditious manner. Furthermore, this feature limits low priority traffic while optimizing high priority traffic for maximum throughput. Lastly, Kerio Control helps manage bandwidth-hogging applications or services such as streaming video or peer-to-peer networks so as to provide maximum throughput at maximum throughput.

Another feature is the ability to set bandwidth caps for specific users or groups. For instance, you could allot 20 Mbit/s to your sales and support department to ensure each member can upload and download files without exceeding their monthly upload/download cap.

Hybrid Cloud Observability allows you to set alerts based on custom bandwidth thresholds for your network and receive notifications when these thresholds are reached. This enables you to quickly get to the source of bandwidth bottlenecks and resolve them. Furthermore, its centralized dashboard enables flow data analysis from multiple sources that helps identify causes of congestion, so that appropriate steps may be taken to alleviate congestion and enhance network performance.

Content filtering

Kerio Control empowers network administrators to filter applications and websites in various ways. For example, they can limit access to certain FTP servers, enforce safe searching practices, eliminate P2P networks, set limits across network layers as well as set limitations through Web Filter & Application awareness or Content Rules table within administration interface based on detected applications, URLs, worldwide website classification databases, forbidden words and filenames.

Software also empowers them to monitor traffic and implement bandwidth shaping policies for users and groups, making it simple to identify top users or applications while preventing unnecessary traffic from overusing network resources and leading to costly data leakage issues. This feature makes identifying top users or applications even simpler while optimizing network resources while preventing costly data leakage issues.

UTMs stand out as an invaluable way to detect and block malware before it reaches users’ computers, which gives an extra level of protection over antivirus software that only inspects files after they’ve already been downloaded onto a system. They can even prevent the spread of such threats similar to email spam filters.

The software uses several techniques to categorize web pages, such as its proprietary malicious website detection approaches and several hundred external feeds. Furthermore, its database can be updated on an ongoing basis so as to not overlook any clean pages – an advantage over content filtering services that don’t regularly update their list of safe/unsafe pages.


GFI Kerio Control is an easy-to-administer unified threat management solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It features next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS), gateway antivirus protection, VPN server functionality and application filtering – providing comprehensive cyberattack defense as well as providing secure Internet connections. GFI Kerio Control has been certified by ICSA Labs – an independent division of Microsoft. Furthermore, its powerful GenAI module automatically analyzes configuration settings before suggesting adjustments that enhance both security and performance.

Kerio Control’s IPsec VPN feature enables users to securely access their company’s private network over the internet without risking exposure of sensitive information, making it ideal for connecting remote offices. To setup a VPN connection, an administrator first creates and assigns a preshared key; users then install a Kerio VPN client on their computers which authenticates against this shared key; additionally an administrator may enable persistent connections by checking off “Persistent” in its properties.

Administrators should utilize two-step verification for all connections in order to prevent unauthorised users from changing network settings without authorization. This step may be especially important when employees work remotely as this feature can help keep corporate systems from becoming available to them.

Kerio Control provides administrators with an easy and accessible means of managing their systems, with its central interface making it simple for them to keep an eye on both incoming and outgoing traffic, network monitoring capabilities, bandwidth control features and QOS controls as well as providing flexible security policy tools. Plus it’s quick and simple deployment; simply install or configure on any desktop computer in minutes!

DHCP server

Kerio Control allows you to configure the DHCP server manually or automatically. Automatic mode automatically creates and updates address scopes based on network interface groups like Trusted/Local Interfaces, Guest Interfaces and Other Interfaces. Or use its Interface Template option, where parameters have already been predefined based on an interface of your firewall.

Kerio Control’s DHCP server can be configured to reserve MAC addresses of devices connecting to its network for added security, filtering MAC addresses to prevent unauthoritative entry into its internal networks – ideal for small business networks that need extra protection against unwelcome MAC addresses.

Kerio Control’s DHCP server also boasts another useful feature; it can send an error message back to any DHCP client requesting an IP address, informing them that either their request was denied or an invalid parameter was provided, helping thwart hackers who have compromised DHCP protocol. This feature helps mitigate attacks from attackers trying to exploit its weaknesses.

To enable this, the DHCP server needs to be configured so it sends appropriate messages when asked for. This can be accomplished using the DHCP Server Configuration Dialog found within the administration interface – simply click on its link! – with settings for parameters like reserved addresses, default gateway and filtering; additionally you can decide if your DHCP server provides a list of available DNS servers or not.

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