GiliSoft RAMDisk Review

GiliSoft RAMDisk

GiliSoft RAMDisk allows you to easily create a disk on your computer that bypasses the system drive, giving your applications instantaneous performance benefits. It is simple and light on resources.

The virtual disk created by this application resides in RAM but can still be accessed by Windows Explorer and other applications as any physical drive would. Furthermore, its data can be regularly saved into an image file for easy protection should power be lost or shutdown occur.

Easy to use

GiliSoft RAMDisk is an easy and straightforward tool designed to maximize system performance and security. Creating a RAM-based disk partition, you can use it just like any regular drive – saving files there, browsing it for browsing or sharing via network connections as usual – but due to not being part of your hard disk’s structure it offers faster performance with greater versatility.

Once launched, RAMDisk prompts you to create an image file, after which it can be used just like any hard drive to store files. Furthermore, you can set it to auto-save and reload on shutdown or at predetermined intervals – this way your memory won’t get cleared out each reboot but RAMDisk will still keep all your stored information safe!

The interface is extremely user-friendly and can even be utilized by those without prior experience with partition creation tools. Simply choose your RAM disk size (limited by RAM in your computer), a drive letter and file system before copying files to and from it like you would any regular drive. Keep in mind though, all data stored will be lost upon reboot as it resides solely within system memory – an inevitable consequence when dealing with memory-based solutions like these.

RAMDisk is an invaluable tool for both home users, small business users, and enterprise clients alike. It can help speed up internet load times, reduce disk-to-disk activity and accelerate databases/compile times; while also helping increase system stability by decreasing power consumption and eliminating hard drives or boot drives.

Alongside its basic functionality, the program also features advanced features like a scheduler and backup feature that allow users to set how long they would like their RAM disk active, whether or not it should automatically reload at startup or specific intervals, and which image file should be added as a load file.

Easy to configure

Gilisoft RAMDisk is an intuitive computer software program that enables you to create a virtual disk drive in memory, making any program faster to use while also safeguarding data even when shutting down or restarting.

Your RAM disk can be customized according to the amount of available RAM on your computer, complete with drive letter and file system selection for ease of copying and moving files to and from it. Furthermore, it can even be shared across networks so other computers can gain access.

Virtual disks located within your RAM can be accessed by Windows Explorer and other applications just as physically mounted disks would. They can even be saved as image files for safekeeping if your computer goes missing – saving yourself the hassle of data loss! Likewise, these virtual drives can automatically load or save when powering off or restarting, with data preserved even during Sleep or Hibernation modes.

RAM disks differ from traditional hard drives in that there are no moving parts to generate noise and heat, enhancing system performance by speeding data access while eliminating the risk of losing vital files or programs. They may also enhance programs which process large volumes of information efficiently such as databases, compilers and graphic design programs.

Your privacy and security can also be enhanced with external hard drives by protecting sensitive information like passwords or personal details from being revealed to third-parties. Furthermore, they can store web browser caches to help prevent junk data being written back onto original websites – helping prevent online tracking and spying.

RAM disks can be an excellent way to enhance the performance of your computer, but they can also be risky solutions. If multiple programs write data directly onto it, this could put unnecessary wear and tear on your hard disk reducing its lifespan; additionally, keeping data safe from malware may prove challenging.


Gilisoft RAMDisk allows PC users to quickly create virtual disks in memory, significantly faster than physical hard drives and improving application performance for applications using large amounts of data. Furthermore, this app helps secure sensitive information against hackers and spyware.

Users can quickly view information on their RAM disks directly in the main window and access files and folders saved there with just one click. They can also configure this software to automatically load images at specified intervals or save changes made in files at specified points; power loss could trigger shutdown/restart of their PC – saving users both time and effort!

RAM disks can also be used to store files that are frequently accessed by applications and to hasten the loading of web pages. Furthermore, they can help improve performance for complex programs that strain a CPU’s resources such as databases, compilers and graphic design programs.

RAM drives differ from traditional mechanical hard disks in that they don’t experience vibrations and heat that could impact its life expectancy, making this type of storage highly reliable and helping lower maintenance costs for your computer.

Gilisoft RAMDisk’s ability to increase system performance and access to important information makes it a useful tool for both home and business users alike. Furthermore, setup is simple as no installation on hard drives is necessary – meaning less system resources consumed and perfect for computers with limited storage space.

RAMDisk can be downloaded from getintopc, although users should take care when downloading from illegal sites as these could contain spyware, adware and trojans which could compromise your system and compromise your privacy. Furthermore, such illegal websites could contain keygens or cracks which open backdoors onto computers and allow hackers to steal sensitive data. To minimize risks users should only download RAMDisk from reliable sources which have been tested by experts and confirmed free from malware or viruses.


Gilisoft RAMDisk is an essential Windows tool, offering users a way to leverage their computer’s memory efficiently. By creating a virtual disk that bypasses system hard drives and speeds up app performance significantly. Furthermore, its light usage reduces system resources usage considerably while remaining easy-to-use.

GiliSoft RAMDisk can be utilized by both personal and professional users alike. Software developers may find its use particularly advantageous; video producers and audio engineers use it to render files faster while database administrators use it to quickly query databases quickly – plus, gaming enthusiasts use it too as it provides easy access to more memory within games thereby increasing framerate!

Once installed, this program will create an image which serves as your disk partition. This image will reside in memory and be accessible to your operating system as any other hard disk drive would. With it comes all of its command access allowing for copying, moving and deleting files as you would expect on any hard drive drive – sharing can even enable other computers on a network to use this space!

Apart from being used to store files, RAM disks can also serve as temporary storage space for the operating system and other programs running on the same machine. They can even be accessed directly by other programs running on that same machine – providing faster application performance due to providing access to fast and stable disk storage space. Unlike hard drives or SSDs however, RAM disks don’t lose data during system shutdown and reboot; you simply reload them instead!

RAM disks differ from hard drives in that there are no moving parts that generate noise or heat, making them ideal for storing large files created by video and audio production programs. They help minimize write counts that would otherwise slow performance down and eventually lead to bad sectors on hard disks; additionally, RAM disks can run programs requiring large amounts of RAM such as CAD/TEAMP applications that consume large amounts of memory; they may even speed up browsers, optimize database performance and lower memory consumption.

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